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Mike Murdock
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Default Will Ant-Man have a Flash problem (spoilers for Flash S1&2 and Ant-Man)

This thread will have spoilers for Ant-Man, the Flash TV Show Season 1 and what's been reported as of this date (July 19) for Season 2, so fair warning:

Ant-Man is a character who can shrink and this movie effectively created a rival in another character who can shrink.
Flash is a character who is faster than everyone else, so to ensure his villain is a threat, they used Harrison Wells as Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash. It worked so great that it created a question: How do you create another big threat now that you've already used a speedster. Well, apparently the answer is to use another speedster in Professor Zoom.

In an Ant-Man sequel, do you think they'll have the same problem? The only way to effectively create a rival for Scott Lang is to have someone else who shrinks?

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Default Re: Will Ant-Man have a Flash problem (spoilers for Flash S1&2 and Ant-Man)

I think they're gonna focus on him growing bigger instead of smaller.

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