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Flint Marko
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Default Re: The Positive Thread

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Thanks. But wouldn't one situation where you might not use drop shadow as subtly be where you're just writing ordinary text (eg narration text) for a comic book picture where you want the writing still in white, but don't want to put the yellow box around it because it will obscure the picture below? There you might want a darker drop shadow behind it to make the white writing stand out, but with the shadow obviously not so far back as to make the writing confusing. Don't know if I'm explaining myself very well without a picture as an example.

Not that it's the case in that FF picture we saw, but I'm just talking generally.
Oh sure, I think I get what you're saying and that could be fine. Once again this is all my own personal opinion, I just don't like using drop shadows in what I design but then again I don't design anything that looks like comic book panels.
Originally Posted by Willie Lumpkin View Post
I certainly hope it's all fake, because for the few bright spots there are several things that don't sound good at all.

If true, Doom gets powers and looks pretty much like he did in the leaked photos. There's some unspecified, unexpected romance, and that can only be bad.

I also don't like the idea of a good part of the movie and the final battle taking place in 'Dimension N'. If that happens, it will be all about Doom Vs. the FF as opposed to the FF protecting people from Doom . . . as superheroes do.

They don't become heroes by battling for their own lives - that's what anybody would do. Superheroes become heroes by risking their lives to protect others.

My sense is this is fake, but I'm afraid even if it is, we're hearing enough about various elements from various sources, that we're likely to get some or all of the flaws mentioned.
I wouldn't mind if it was just Doom vs the FF, I think that could work. Maybe they're stopping him from carrying out some plan that will effect others. I'm not going to defend anything else that we're hearing though lol, because its sounds pretty awful from top to bottom, but that one aspect I don't have any qualms with.

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Marvel Spider
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Default Re: The Positive Thread

Originally Posted by OriginalMiles View Post
I was browsing through reddit and found this...

I seriously doubt it's real... but who knows at this point.
LOL that is so fake.

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Default Re: The Positive Thread

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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