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Default I dig this show.

I never read the series, but I think I will now.

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Mike Murdock
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Default Re: I dig this show.

I'd recommend it. The characters feel very true, but the exact plot circumstances are quite different. At least so far, I don't think there will be any spoilers, although episodes nine and ten might prove differently.

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Default Re: I dig this show.

I liked the show too. Say what you will about some of the faults but it was a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

I haven't read the series either so mainly judged the show based on it's own merits. From what I've read, the comic creator himself said he felt rushed while writing the series initially so why he couldn't spend as much time as he would've liked in terms of developing the kids relationship with their parents which I think helps the show appeal to a wider age range. It's a good drama with some bits of action and interesting sci-fi elements thrown in to create something that feels unique and not redundant.

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Default Re: I dig this show.

Only just started on this, three episodes in, but yeah - pretty solid so far!

Loving that ambient synth score too, really nice. Sets the mood perfectly even if it is a bit anachronistic with all the uber-modern millenial-y vibe of the kids. The music's full-on 80s Depeche Mode type awesomeness.

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Default Re: I dig this show.

I hope they do a season 2.

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Default Re: I dig this show.

Finished the series yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Loved the parents more than the kids. Nice change of pace from the MCU films and the Netflix series.

I know of the comic, but haven't read, it has been on my read list, probably since I joined the Hype...

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Default Re: I dig this show.

I actually enjoyed it. Probably not at the top of my list of MCU shows. Very interested to see where their story heads to next.

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Default Re: I dig this show.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
I hope they do a season 2.
They are. It got renewed.

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