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Default Official Batman Beyond Appreciation Thread

By the late 90s, the original "Batman: The Animated Series" and it's follow up "The New Batman Adventures" had changed the face of comic book characters in media; not only taking the genre for it's own...but achieving a level in animation that to date had been contested but never passed as far as visual richness and in depth character development.

By 1999, a new extension of the Animated DCU enacted by Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett and Eric Radomski was greenlit and released...

The show focused on the premise of an older Bruce Wayne, worn by age and sensibilities that conflicted with his nightly crusade, thusly giving up the mantle of Batman forever...only for his spirit to be re-invigorated by an other-side-of-the-tracks teen named Terry McGinnis.

The show...was "Batman Beyond"

And after three television seasons, one direct to DVD feature and a slowly gaining fan base, "Batman Beyond" has become almost as beloved in its own right as the original Animated Series that began in 1992.


I personally feel that this series doesn't recieve nearly the amount of praise that it should.

As the premiere was gearing up on KidsWB I had my reservations and doubts; I'm sure we all did.

How could they take Wayne out of the costume? Just who does this McGinnis punk think he is? And why isn't this "Batman" fighting "Batman" villains.

But as the show progressed, I came to respect and love it.

It's one thing to take on such an intimidating task after 60 plus years of comic book history...But it's another to do it with such bold style and to not fall into that all too easy trap that "Spider-Man Unlimited" did by taking the original characters into a future setting.

It would've really been something to see this show continue and to see it have the illustrious decade long run of the oriignal TAS.


So basically in this thread, you can reminence about "Batman Beyond."

What you liked, what you didn' on and so forth...

I'm actually surprised there wasn't a thread here already...


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