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The Queenmaker
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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

I'm glad to see Elektra being introduced in DD S2 and Jessica Jones with her own show.

I'm not familiar with Jessica Jones, but I might end up liking the show afterwards.

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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

I know we're no where near casting for Iron Fist, but I really, really, really need Knight and Wing.

I think that while, yes, Marvel films could use some more diversity, they have done a good job at having a variety of woman. Hope is different than Pepper even though both are strong woman working for a huge technology company. May, Skye, and Jemma are all very different types of people (and the TV side doesn't get enough credit whenever the lack of female presence in the MCU is brought up). That' one of the reasons increased representation of woman and minorities is so important. If you've only got one female character she has to represent half the population. But the more and more woman you have the more you can do with the character.

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Full Blown Murdock
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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

I really would like to see Shulkie, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing join the MCU. Given what Netflix is doing, the chances of Misty and Colleen showing up are pretty good.

She-Hulk? I really like this character and find her much more interesting and entertaining than her cousin. But I'm not sure the general audience is ready for what will most likely be perceived as a "girl Hulk rip off." I think for a She-Hulk movie or series to work, it would have to be flawless to attract the general public.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Tigra, Jessica Drew, and Black Cat. With the whole HYDRA/SHIELD takeover thing that happened in the MCU, it seems perfect to bring Jessica Drew into the fold. It might be too late to make it seamless now though.

And I think Echo, Lady Bullseye and Typhoid Mary could fit into the Daredevil Netflix show.

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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

It's early but I'd like to see White Fox pop up at some point.

Really hoping on Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in Iron Fist. Is Devon Aoki doing anything?

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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

I was watching IM the other day and it surprised me how dumb Pepper becomes at the end of the movie. It's actually cringe-worthy. It seems intentional but I dont see why it would be.

Anyway, I hope to see Jessica Drew soon played by Sharni Vinson of You're Next fame

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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

No love for Dotti? Black Widow's training ain't got nothing on the old-school Soviet training methods. I bet Natasha doesn't even handcuff herself to her bed just to sleep comfortably.

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Default Re: Women Of The MCU

However, it’s only what looks to be the beginning of what’s to come, as Feige promises more “announcements” regarding female directors are on the way — though he doesn’t necessarily specify as to when those announcements will come.

“We’ve got announcements that we’ll be making at some point revealing that,” Feige said.
I assume he means a possible announcement on who is directing black widow but it sounds like there might be some other cool choices too. I wonder who he’s been chatting to?

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