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Default In VS....Why is it?

IN VS.Matches

Why is it that in VS I have a hard time seeing somethings.

let me give you some examples.....
Why can't some people fight the opponents of their opponents???
Even if they can hold their own or even beat their opponents????

Why is it that I can see Wolverine vs Hulk
and Hulk VS Thor but I can't see Wolverine vs Thor????

Why is it I can see Thing vs Hulk
and Hulk vs Avengers but I can't see Thing vs Avengers???

I can see Solomon Grundy vs Superman and Superman vs Hulk
But I can't see Solomon Grundy vs Hulk.

I can see Batman vs Spiderman and Spiderman vs Venom
and Batman vs Bane and even Spiderman vs Bane but I can't see Bane vs Venom????

I can see I can see Ulton vs the Avengers and
thge Avengers vs Hulk but I can't see Ultron vs Hulk.

Captain America vs Daredevil
Captain america vs hulk but I can't see Daredevil vs Hulk.

Hulk vs Spiderman and Spiderman vs Venom
but Hulk vs Venom??????

I can see Superman vs Doomsday
and Superman vs Hulk but I know Hulk would tear Doomsday apart.

Wolverine vs Hulk
Wolverine vs Sabertooth but Sabertooth vs Hulk????
Superman vs Batman,Batman vs Bane but Bane vs Superman??

You see my point how is it possible for some of them to be able to hold their own but it seems impossible to hold thier own against the opponents
of their opponents and yet I can't see them holding thier own against the opponents of their opponents.
Can someone else put up some examples.

Every day is new beggining.
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i m not desperate
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Default Re: In VS....Why is it?

Grandparents dead - please no jokes

Make mine DC, if you please.

every1 says im 2 aloof but idc
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