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Default Anyone else think that Cerebro in X-Men, X2, and probably X3, has been a big waste ?

of money, shooting days, and screentime?

I think it's the perfect example of unneccessary CGI. It actually cost alot more than many people realize. They had to sacrifice, among other possibilities, the Danger Room, something that is actually in many ways actual CGI in the storyline, as in, images to the characters created by computer technology (if it's the more modern representation of the Danger Room).

Cerebro was never some massive, conspicuous, earth-mother eye candy fest in the comics, not the classic comics anyway.

Atleast in the first 2 movies, they never even used it for some of the reasons they intended to use it for, and therefor it becomes even more of a waste, a cause for a reason that went nowhere. They both intended to have a battle inside of it (Toad vs. Nightcrawler) and they also atleast so far, haven't done a whole lot explaining the (movie created) revelation that Magneto helped Xavier build it. Maybe in X3 they'll do the second thing but obviously without Nightcrawler or Toad not the first.

I just don't think anyone can say anyone would have had a problem with an understated, incospicuous comic-book-based representation of Cerebro.

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Default Re: Anyone else think that Cerebro in X-Men, X2, and probably X3, has been a big waste ?

It just gets repetative when PrefessorX gets kidnapped all the time. He could actually stop all the evil mutants if he wanted but that is the point why he is kept away from the action. its a bit annoying and no doubt he will go missing again. So what is if for then Cerebo...

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