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Ultimate Josh
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Smile What do you think of my take on the sequel.

Ok guys I havent been here for about a half a year. So i am back,(although nobody remembers me, i think)

I really cant wait for the movie. I have made a detailed summary, and if you guys want I will work on a story.

SR 2
-Lex Luthor
- Superman (obviosly)
love interest
-Lois Lane
Summary (detailed summary)
Lex Luthor finds some type of super computer data on a meteor, after a few months of anylising, he awakens Brainiac. Slowly Braniac starts gaining intelligence. Superman and Lois are slowly getting back together, they are friends. Luthor is out for revenge, and Brainiac remembering baby Kal-El, (He was gaining so much power on Krypton, Jor-El, used the newly invented phantom zone to try and destroy brainiac, but brainiac happened to escape, but his body was destroyed, and left with his super memory chip. Brainiac out for revenge too, helps Luthor gain even greater technology. Lois still in love with Richard, and still loves Superman. Richard goes off to a military base, to help out. Then he becomes friends with John Corben. John Corben then gets badly wounded somewhere in training and forgoten (thought dead). Luthor finds him half dead, and helps him. John Corben hates Superman, so when Brainiac helps Luthor build a super android body, and is put in John. John thinks people didnt like him and forgot about him so he go's to try and destroy.
Then the rest of the Story, the characters, the intense action, ect.
nearly at the end John had enough with Supes, so he tries to finish him off.
Richard tries to talk him out of it, but metallo doesnt listen.
Metallo in a very bad mood kills Richard. Superman tries to escape the kryptonite radiation. He escapes final showdown (really intense) Superman bleeds.
character, story progressing ect.
What did you guys think, I spent awhile thinking it up. If you want to tweak it a little, go ahead.

To be clear with you guy's/gal's,Brainiac is given very, very few shots, maybe like two or three. Lex is given a few shots through out the movie. Metallo, is the main villain, so obviosly he has the most shots throughout the movie (regarding bad guys)

I also am planning the third movie
-Lex (minor)
-Bizzaro ( a stalling villain not the real one)
-Brainiac V2 ( fully powered and gives Superman a REAL Challenge, Im talking about Superman all out raged)

Anyways can you please comment on my SR2 sroty (Detailed summary).

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Default Re: What do you think of my take on the sequel.

not bad. superman's sequel with a physical vilain will be amazing.

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Ultimate Josh
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Default Re: What do you think of my take on the sequel.

Originally Posted by Excel
not bad. superman's sequel with a physical vilain will be amazing.
Thanks man!

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