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Default do kryptonians age?

i was watching some superman movies today and in all-star superman lex luthor states that over the years he gets older while superman doesn't age a day. then i looked remembered that in superman II zod and his soldiers haven't aged at all in the past 28 years of them being trapped in the phantom zone. now i'm not sure if the phantom zone has a time freeze ting where people don't age but even in man of steel, the only sign of aging on zod was his goatee, while faora's features stayed perfect after 33 years. i read somewhere that kryptonians can live for centuries but i'm not sure if that's true. any thoughts?

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Default Re: do kryptonians age?

Well, it really depends on the continuity. I always assumed that on Krypton, that they have some sort of way to retard aging. But Superman, having grown up on Earth, never had access to such technologies, or at least never used them.

Kryptonians do generally age much slower though.

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Default Re: do kryptonians age?

Clearly they have to age or Kal would still be a baby.

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Default Re: do kryptonians age?

Originally Posted by Obi-Ron View Post
Clearly they have to age or Kal would still be a baby.
With regards to MOS, I suppose it may be possible to assume that a slower aging process may have been part of the genetic engineering of the Kryptonian race by they time they died. Kal-El wouldn't necessarily have had that attribute since he was naturally born.

OR maybe the slow aging is either just a natural biological trait of the race - or some sort of vestigial aspect of the genetic process that he inherited from Jor-El and Lara's biological makeup - and it wouldn't necessarily kick in for him until he got out of puberty.

I dunno.

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Default Re: do kryptonians age?

It depends on the continuity and the writer. Sometimes, Kryptonians age the same way as humans. Other times, they never age a day as long as exposed to a yellow sun. Other times, they age normally up until around 50 - 60 and then stop ageing (as long as exposed to a yellow sun). Other times, they only live around 200 years regardless of whether under a red or yellow sun.

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Default Re: do kryptonians age?

The Phantom Zone traditionally halts the aging process, which is what makes it an "eternal living death" in the words of the head Kryptonian elder. But if you'll remember, most of the council was comprised of graying old men, which obviously indicates that Kryptonians do age. They may have a greater life span than humans, however.

I think at times Superman has been depicted as near-immortal due to his powers(such as Superman Prime who lived for thousands of years, some of which he spent in the heart of the sun).

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