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Default Synopsis depository...anyone?

Hi to all,
I'm thinking about creating a special blog site where folks can punch in their synposis idea for a sequel...let's just call it Superman 6 for now. There would be access to different plots, room for comments and folks can enter their links to access scripts on line (don;t forget to copyright your stuff).
Would anyone be interested to participate and make it a fun site to read and post comments?

Why am I doing this? Thought SR was okay but not great, left me starving for a lot more on the human relationship level, excuse me for saying this but what were they thinking when casting Kate Bosworth...well anyway, I've talked to some people and they pretty much agree that a stronger story is needed next time around, perhaps the fans can unite and let their voice be heard.
what do you think? Are you in?

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Default Re: Synopsis depository...anyone?

This is the best I got...

Despite his heroic actions, there will always be those who will never trust Earth's greatest protector. A top secret underground organization known simply as Project Cadmus is jumpstarted by military ordnance tycoon Lex Luthor.

With top genetic scientists on board, the ultimate weapon against Superman is designed: Metallo. Using the mind of former criminal John Corben and powered by a pure Kryptonite heart, Metallo wreaks havoc on anything that stands in his path to get to Superman and ultimately kill him.

Lois Lane and Richard White's relationship has hit some hard times and the two have since split since the events of Superman Returns. Lois, concerned about Jason's well being, decides not to tell Jason that his true father is Superman, that it would ruin his life. After all, she sees Superman almost everyday, but she has no idea who he is at all.

Using his knowledge of Jason, Lex Luthor decides to put his "mind over muscle" theory to the test by endangering all those dear to Superman, namely Jason and Lois.

In Superman's greatest battle yet, he must gather all of his strength and courage to fight two of his most powerful opponents of all time. It is time for The Man of Steel to face The Man of Metal.

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