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Default Sr Sequel Premis Just In!!!

I can see the whole premise for the sequel to SR and it will give everyone the super battle that we all want to see Superman engage in. In this epic struggle Superman will be up against the most foul, the most corrupt and the most hideous monster that he or any other superhero has ever faced and I am unsure if even Superman, with his great powers, will be able to win the day.
Lois Lane is forced to confess to Richard, that little Jason is really Jas-El. Richard become suspicious when Jas-El sucked through 47 inhalers during a recent super asthma attack and asked Lois if there were anything she wanted to tell him.
Richard feeling betrayed, demands Lois and Jas-El leave the mansion and calls his uncle and confides with him that Lois is a trollop with a bastard son, which isn’t his! Perry not fearing any legal ramifications, fires Lois on the spot, especially easy considering that Metropolis is located in an at-will state.
Having no place to go, she turns to Clark Kent for assistance. Clark unwilling to disclose his secret to her a second time, considering it went so smoothly the first time around, decides to allow Lois and his super tot to move in and take over the fold out. Lois desperate for money since her 401K tanked in the Enron debacle, feels she has no other alternative but seek out Superman for financial assistance.
Superman feeling the need to protect his secret tells Lois that he is in no position to provide financial assistance, he accepts no remuneration for his acts of heroism and suggests that possibly Clark would be willing to fill in for him. Lois’ disdain for Clark is evident as she suggests that Superman take a long flight off a short planet.
Lois is forced to take a hack job for Star Magazine and this only fuels her anger over Superman’s inexcusable behavior, so she turns to Maury Povich to set the record straight and bring the Man of Steel to justice. Maury employs his arsenal of standard tests, DNA, polygraphs, but finds that Superman can defeat them all most as easy as lifting a continent of kryptonite into space.
However, since Superman never lies, Maury tricks him by asking him a straight question, “Are you Jas-El’s father?” Our beloved superhero is forced to tell the truth and admit to the world, or at least to all the white trailer trash that watches Maury, he is indeed a lecherous Kryptonian that implanted his man seed and then fled, not only the jurisdiction, but also the entire planet.
Once again Metropolis’ crack legal system steps in with super speed and a subpoena is issued for the Man of Steel to appear in Family Court, seems the mayor campaigned on a platform of cracking down on dead beat dads. Unlike the Luther hearing, Superman appears for this court appearance and the media are having a field day. Court TV, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC are all present in the courtroom. Star Jones is filling in for Joan and Melissa with the TV Guide channel as both were currently undergoing elective plastic surgery on one part or another.
Superman elects to represent himself, however, in a surprising turn of events, Lois has hired long time Superman hater Lex Luther to represent her. Lex having taken a long Caribbean vacation used his time to take a Law School home study course and has only recently passed the Metropolis bar exam.
Superman’s weak defense is that he is an alien and is unaccustomed to the cultural demands of this planet. He points out that he comes from a broken home and his father shot him out in space without either planet and he’s managed for 35 or so years on his own. The judged, (played in a cameo by Jeff East) is not swayed by Superman’s testimony and finds in favor of Lois and Jas-El. He orders Superman to turn over the keys to his fortress of solitude and immediately turn over all his new styled super costumes, so that Lois can sell them on Ebay! Additional he is to provide bi-weekly monetary support to be decided at a later hearing and visitation is questionable since Superman is considered a clear flight risk!
Superman is devastated, his bachelor pad is gone, his new vogue suits are gone, forcing him back into the old style, which smell of mothballs having sat in storage for so long. Still unwilling to give up his secret, Superman takes a job at a local 24 hour Wal-Mart as a super speed stock boy, while efficient and cost effective for the store, it leaves 78 other red-blooded Americans out of work, which in turns forces them into lives of crime, but that is for another movie sequel.
The end of the movie finds Lois vindicated for having sired the Man of Tomorrow’s spawn out of wedlock and Lex Luther gloating that he finally beat Superman legally! We see our downtrodden superhero pondering his fate as he sits atop the Wal-Mart on his federally mandated lunch break. We fade to black as we see him using his supervision to scan the heavens searching for the kryptonite continent and the way to end his misery.
Oh yea, Clark gets the same amount of face time in this one too!

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Bad Superman
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Default Re: Sr Sequel Premis Just In!!!

"There’s no need to "modernize" Superman in order for the character to be appealing to the new generation. Superman is not a brooding angst ridden conflicted hero. He is a beacon of hope and his mission is to fight for Truth, Justice and the American way. Superman doesn’t need to wear an armor suit. He’s THE Man of Steel. There’s no need to “modernize” the suit for it to be more “dark” and “edgy”. If today’s generation can’t accept the character’s roots and essence, then they’re not true fans."
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Up Up & Oy Vey!
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Default Re: Sr Sequel Premis Just In!!!

Originally Posted by Bad Superman
Superman vs. Hulk?

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Dope Nose
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Default Re: Sr Sequel Premis Just In!!!

jesus. see this thread titled Design your own Story Concept(s) for the Sequel to Superman Returns?

here's a tip - if you're going to post, do a search first. and if you're going to create your own thread, try not use misleading titles. otherwise you're just going to piss people off.

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Default Re: Sr Sequel Premis Just In!!!

He can do what a guy here in Australi did and change he's name legally to Mr.Piss On The Family Court

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