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Default The superman returns sequel rundown.

Doomsday is famous for killing superman , so i doubt in the movies he wont be able to or he wont kill him at all. This wont work in the next superman movie because, he just got back from a 5 year absence just to be killed and gone again. I think they should make 4 more movies and a spinoff. The next SR2 should have superman batle lex and brainiac, SR3 should have superman fight darkseid, SR4 should have superman battle doomsday and die, Then if jasons still around have him take daddy's job for a little bit ( as superboy) and have darkseid return and invade earth (now its eaiser because superman isn't there) , jason cant do the job right and then in SR5 The worlds greatest hero comes back and him and his son beat the crap out fo darksied.

what do you think?

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Default Re: The superman returns sequel rundown.

That is ok, but the idea of killing Superman in the next movie might be good to do. It will finally show that the world needs a Superman. Have Jason taking his father job for a while but towards the end of the movie you will see Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw, which he would be introduce earlier in the film of course and he dies but returns as Cyborg). He takes over as Superman and letting people on that he is Superman back from the dead then in the next movie have the Eradiacator be introduce and he steals Superman's body to get his power and Superman springs to life and with the help of the Eradiacator kill Cyborg. Then in Superman the fourth sequel have the Trial of Superman. Put him on trial for killing the Planet Krypton just like you see in the comics.

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Default Re: The superman returns sequel rundown.

I doubt we will see a "death of Superman" movie.... Singer has already- in a way- done this with the first film.

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