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Default The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

This is the "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” Season V
similar to The World of Heroes: DC Style Season IV in the DC Comic Board.

This season takes place One Year After Season IV.
Knock off of DC you say?'re RIGHT! But this time it's going to be bigger and better than anything that has ever been cooked up before!

Where is Spider-Man?
Who is Rogue's baby's father?
How's Scarlet Witch's and Hawkeye's first year of marriage?
Who's the new Scarlet Spider *and why does Iron Man wanna see her in lingerie*?
Who's this lunatic in Times Square calling Thor a "false god"?
Why has Jarvis been acting strangely?
How many presidents will die this season?
"What? No one cares if Siryn agreed to marry me or not?"

NO, this isn't a promo for The View OR Jerry Springer!

This is:


  • You can choose to be any superhero or super villain in the Marvel Universe, as long as they:
Are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Death. People like Thanos and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel and Galactus are okay, though...

Are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as no Cyclops moving planets with his optic blasts, Dazzler defeating Galactus, or Aunt May as Galatus's new Herald...
  • This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such...
  • You can reside in any place in the Marvel Universe. You can also travel off-planet, to such places as the Skrull homeworld...
  • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...
  • Don't be killing people without reason. You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Dazzler will lose against Thanos one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...
  • If you want to take part in this, just PM BNKRPG or any of the mods or list your name and character here and I'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve...
  • New RP'ers must start playing on Earth unless said so by any of the mods.
  • You can form supervillain gangs, superhero teams, alliances, the works...
  • You should have a hideout of some sort, at least in the beginning when your not traveling...
  • If you get killed, re-spawn somewhere else like in a hospital or morgue or whatever. Keep playing...
  • There can be a number of stories going on at once, using different people...
  • Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...
  • There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...
  • There are limits to time travel, do NOT time travel unless you have talked to one of the Gamemasters…
  • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
    There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.
  • No obscene topics!
  • People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the last thread...
  • If a player decides to kill off their character, new players must have permission from the previous player (if he is still in the RPG) to resurrect that character

For more of the ‘rules’ see- RPG Etiquette

Now here are the players and their characters (alphabetized in each group):

HAVE FUN PEOPLE!!! This is as good as I can do.....

Hero watch over, protect whence Av. haraiti, (he) protects, watchman.

"Now with Deadpool captions! Because I care."

Daredevil/Matthew Micheal Murdock
Master Bruce
“Twy’s online crush”
"He wishes."

Electro UK *
"HA! Electro's dead! Now I get the caption! Ahem, "Likes to say bloody hell" I'm so proud..."

Dr. Strange
Foggy Nelson

Ghost Rider
"Pffft, purely movie buzz."

Iron Fist
The Iron Fist

Luke Cage
Bryd Man

Moon Knight
"Batman's a scientist"

Mr. Immortal
"Oh look, he changed..."

The Punisher
The Punisher
"Didn't see that one coming did you?"

Purple Man
"4 issues in 616 and yet he's already in the Ultimatw Universe and an RPG. What does Bendis do to people?"

Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly

Scarlet Spider/Sarah Stacy
"Thinks she's so clever with her little comments. "
"Oh..but I am. Am I not?"

Spider-Man/Peter Benjamin Parker
Master Bruce *
"New guy! Move down! Clean cup! Clean cup!"

Silver Surfer
"Oh! He's about to get a movie! I'll make friends with him so he puts in a good word on the Deadpool movie. I'm thinking Johnny Knoxville for me."

War Machine
Electro UK
"Wants Deadpool's caption"
"Get in line pal."

Captain America

Spider-Man9x17 *
*Insert NPC(s)*
"Marries off and makes fathers of all his characters...."
"Don't bad mouth Pink! He's my bestest friend in all the wide world aside from Johnny Storm, Bullseye, Taskmaster, The Falcon, Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-man, Daredevil... I could go on."

Iron Man/President Tony Anthony Stark
Red X*
"Yes, after this RPG's history of Presidents, he actually took up the job. Lemme just go fetch my rifle... aw shoot War Machine beat me to it."
"You stole my caption, hence, I killed Stark."

“Ol’ wazzhizz name.”

MST3K 4ever

Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Spider-Man9x17 *
"The dude meister as I like to call him in my dreams. Yes, dreams. I have no shame in admitting it."

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
Byrd Man*

The Invisible Woman/Susan Storm
"Milf, milf, milf."

Due to the destruction of the Mansion by Polaris and the following invasion of Thanos. Professor Xavier decides to remove the Students from the mansion and streamline the team into a more reactive and proactive unit.

Many of the students have been moved to 'seed' schools through the state of New York, along with various X-Men, leaving only a few select students and teachers at the Mansion to form a core group of X-Men. Emma Frost has become headmistress of all the satellite schools and Psylocke and Gambit have been relocated to one of the schools for teaching while Kitty has retained as a teacher at the newly rebuilt Xaviers Mansion for the remaining 5 students.

The X-Men Team now consists of:
Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Beast, Storm, Gambit, Colossus and Wolverine

Nathan Dayspring Askani'son Summers/Cable
"Looky! I remembered his name! No wonder we're in the same book!... okay Electro Uk looked at a recap page, shut up."

Cyclops/Scott Summers
"Sweet CHRISTMAS! He's not Spidey anymore!"

Midnight Ice
-Insert Caption Here-

Jean Grey
Charlie No-One*

Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner



“Flower YOU!”

"Best. Name. Ever."

Red X*
"Electro UK's secret online crush... oh god!"


Villain: a person guilty of commiting or likely to commit great crimes; evil or wicked person; scoundrel

Keyser Soze
"He's back baby!!!... well you didn't really think he was gone... did ya?"

"I did, I was about to go kill Daredevil over the matter thinking about it."


The Shocker


“The Manager of the Redundancy Department Manager”

Spider-Man Villains

Doc Ock
Doc Ock
"Redundant, ain't it?"

The Green Goblin

"Its a mouthfull, I know."

Fantastic Four Villain(s)

"No FF villains? Well aside from Dr. Doom and Super Skrull who else is there to be? Mole Man?"

X-Men Villains

“Da NEW Man in Purple.”

Charlie No-One*


The Dead List
Because YOU demanded it!

Electro UK
*Killed in a bomb explosion*

*Killed in the Ultron attack at her and Deadpool's wedding*

Charlie No One
*Died being metalized*

Mr. Immortal
*too many times to count*


** means that the character is pending. In other words, the rule is that if you don't post in two weeks without prior notice, you are scrubbed from the roster...

* Means that this is a TWO character player. The player has asked special permission to RP two characters...

* Means that this is an attached NPC...


Need some examples of RPing? Why not look at


Season The First:

The Death of Mary Jane

Deadpool finds the X-jet

Bullseye Watches Mary Jane's Funeral

Season The Second:

Jamie Madrox Breaks Down then Up Again

Electro turns on Bullseye

Classic Johnny and Ben

Season The Third:

Deadpool joins the Avengers (joint post between Spider-man9X17 and Electro UK)

Mr. Immortal Interviews Carnage

Daredevil comes close to Death

Deadpool and Deadpool Jr. Go Christmas Shopping

Captain America alone with his Memories

Season The Fourth:

Electro's Last Stand

Bullseye Cheats Justice

Deadpool thanks the Avengers for taking him in

Season The Fifth:

Hawkeye Battles an Ultron Wave

Deadpool One Year Later

Tony Stark is Blackmailed

Deadpool's Wedding


Screen Name:

Character you would like to play on Earth:


Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you think you can bring to the RPG:

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:


New to RPGing?

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V


From out his Penthouse Tony gazed at the recently rebuilt BrooklynBridge. The brisk air banked him in a moment of relection. Times had been hard for the Golden Avenger recently. In the aftermath of the invasion Stark Industries stock had fallen 25%; he and his girlfriend of 7 months were “on a break” and the latest modifications to the Iron Man software were loaded with bugs. Yet he was surprising upbeat. That was because today everything would change for Tony Stark.

After months of letting people down, he could finally explain himself. He could explain his tardiness for the board meetings, his absence from the Ultron war. All the lies would be worth it just for today.

”We’re ready for you Mr. Stark” called his new personal assistant Megan nudging her head through the door.

Tony responded with a smile and slight nod. He straightened his tie one last time, and then checked his greased back hair in the mirror; brush down any imperfections. With that he made his away down his Penthouse to his conference room. Camera’s flashed as Tony dressed in his most expensive Giorgio Armani suit paced out to the podium and to address the armies of reporters and news camera’s.

“First I would like to thank everyone for coming today.”He paused for a second taking a final browsed through his notes and then continuedAs I’m sure you are fully aware, there have been a surge of rumors concerning myself recently. Some of which are true, other’s merely fabricated by the Press. Today I hope to explain the truth. But before I do that I would like to say a few words; I stand before you all as an American and as a citizen of our great country. Last year as an American I watched in fear as our way of life came inches from annihilation. And even though humankind survived and the invasion was averted. Lives were still lost and many people hurt. In short ladies and gentlemen that’s why I’m standing here today, I don’t want to the country that I love to be hurt anymore. As such after much thought and discussion with those close to me; I can official confirm that I will be running for President.”

The crowd erupted in a collective look of astonishment.

“Any Questions?”

Originally Posted by Charlie Boy View Post
Ya know, I bet Geoff Johns respites the Lantern's oath while he's climaxing. And if he doesn't, he's reading this now and putting it in his day planner

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V


Wolverine perched upon the highest tree in a moonlit forest. His costume was in tatters and blood coated his stern face. The wind cast a cold breeze and his hair billowed as he surveyed the area.

Logan glimpsed a few deer in the distance and grunted; they were small prey, nothing worth his time. He sniffed the air catching the sent of something, a human. Suddenly the patter of footprints found its way to his ear and his gaze fell on a young redheaded girl, no older than 6 or 7, sprinting beneath the tree.

Acting on instinct alone, he lunged forward, catching her off guard and forcing her to the forest floor. Logan witnessed her squirm and struggle, before licking his gleaming fangs and flashing a grin. She was just a kid, probably not old enough to spell her own name. There was no chance of her fighting back.

“P—Please mister, don’t hurt me,” she cried.

Wolverine hesitated for a second from her pleas then gleefully extended his claws. They pierced into her stomach and blood spewed onto the ground. As the child’s life slowly faded and the light left her eyes, with her last ounce of strength she grasped Wolverine’s arm and whispered in his ear.

“Animal. . .” then she was gone, a kid with a whole life before her, stolen by the savage act of a beast. In a moment of sympathy, Logan moved in to clutch her in an embrace. He cradled her in his arms, rocking her back and forth.

Logan awoke and found himself in his bed, his face alive with sweat. It was the dream again, the god damned dream. Logan had been having it continuously for the past few months. Each night reliving it, each night having to witness himself kill that same girl. What got to him most wasn’t her blood on claws or the sound as they punctured her flesh, it was the feeling it gave him, the adrenaline high and the lust for more. That’s what made it hurt the most, the utter disgust he felt for himself that he enjoyed it.

He buried his head in his hands. “Who is she?”

Originally Posted by Charlie Boy View Post
Ya know, I bet Geoff Johns respites the Lantern's oath while he's climaxing. And if he doesn't, he's reading this now and putting it in his day planner
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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

(IC: Peter Parker: One Year Later)

"...And that, Class, is the skeletal properties of the average human body. In a nutshell, no less."

The students stayed quiet, as he finished writing on the chalkboard. Some were writing, others were snoozing. And while he was duty bound to say something about that, He'd be nothing short of a hypocrite. So he silently stood, until, a second later, the bell rung.

"Guess not. Make sure to re-read pages 66 through 74 for next week's test. And... you know, have a good weekend, and all.", He told them, as they gathered their things and walked out of the classroom. Making sure everyone was gone, He slumped in his chair, exhausted. A full lesson on the human anatomy in a single afternoon. It should've been against the law, honestly.

Though, Peter Parker had to admit... There wasn't much else to do, these days. Not for... what, a few months, now? Peter counted in his head. His eyes widened.

A year. A full year, tommorow. Wow. I should buy a cake. Heck, even a candle with a big '1' on it!, Peter chuckled to himself.

He couldn't believe it. A year without donning the tights. Peter still had the same physique, which he chalked up to the radioactivity in his blood... But he had spent a year devoid of that kind of action. It was almost unreal to think, after all those years of doing it. And now? He had a normal job. A normal set of responsibilites. A normal life, for once. Sure, he had quit before. Numerous times. But ever for a full year? He didn't know. And part of him didn't care, because it wasn't his life anymore.

He missed it. The abnormal part of his life. He had to get used to it, in those early days, when he made the decision. Always halfway rushing off to change in an alleyway everytime the back of his neck tingled. It was maddening, at first... But Peter eventually got used to it. It was a big step... But he felt pride in knowing that he hadn't fallen off of it yet. He walked back up to the chalkboard, adding some notes for the next day of class. Looking back at the empty room, it reminded him of the fact that he was doing this, now, instead of doing that. Peter smiled.

It was good to be normal.

* * *

It was sundown, and Peter had only just finished grading exams. He was more than ready to get home. Walking down the street, Peter was determined to get a subway train home just before the night crowd got in. God, he hated the night crowd. Nothing but skinheads (Or as he called them, Cosmotology school rejects), elderly New Yorkers, and hobos. Not particularly the best bunch of people to ride home with. Especially regarding the smells.

As Peter crossed a corner, He could spot the lights coming on in the now rebuilt Times Square, just a few blocks away. He sighed, looking away from it. Being near the area only reminded him of the incident more than a year ago, when-

-Whoah. Whoah, Whoah, Whoah, hold it, Petey. You just broke a record for yourself. Looking to the past is the LAST thing you should be doing, now.

Not wanting to argue with his subconcious, Peter decided it was best to keep walking, and stop thinking. If he was going to avoid getting a subcar with a bunch of people with mohawks, leather jackets, and adult diapers, He needed to hustle. As his Aunt May used to tell him... "The less you interact of those types of people, the better".

But as Peter walked away, He couldn't help but look back. He could've done something... They would've never had to have rebuilt it if he had acted quick enough. What could have been, if he had always acted quick enough...

* * *

That last part had taken a toll on him. It was all he could think about, on the way home. How he could've acted quicker, in so many situations that haunted him to this day. The situation at Times Square. After it, The death of Aunt May. Before it, The death of Mary Jane. The kidnapping of their child. Harry's dive into insanity. The death of the Stacy's. Uncle Ben...

It was the first time, in a long time, that he had remembered all of it. All of the turning points in his life. All of the pain, the torment that he had to endure. He couldn't imagine what his life would've been like without it, unfortunatley.

Peter rolled over in bed, looking at the framed picture of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, his late wife. He had lived for more than a year without her warmth. Without her touch. Without her, in general. It had been torture, but somehow, Peter managed to survive. He spent nights, wishing she was still there to comfort him, when he got the devastating call that May Parker had suffered a heart attack on the streets in Queens, months ago.

He turned back over, looking away from the picture. Why? Why did he have to think about all of this? The past year had a point, after all. It was to move on. Leave the past behind, and hope there was something in the future. For him to dwell on it now would just be proving the entire year a waste.

And that was when the phone rang.

Peter looked up, in bed, with a raised eyebrow. No one ever called him anymore. Why would they start now? However... Peter still didn't want to ignore it. After all... Someone had finally taken the time to call. The least he could do was answer the thing. Getting up, Peter yawned, as he picked up the phone.

Gee. Now I get tired...


The first thing he heard was a sigh on the other end of the line.

"Hello, Parker."

Peter looked at the phone in disbelief. It couldn't have been who he thought it was. There was no way...

"... Mister... Jameson?", Peter asked.

"Yeah, Yeah... Shocking, I know, kid."

Peter had severed his ties with The Daily Bugle not long after giving up his 'other' job. With nothing to photograph, there was just no work for him. It was a waste of time. They had parted respectively, though Jameson had been very much bitter at the situation. To hear him sound even slightly calm after the last time they had spoken was surprising in every sense of the word.

"But let's cut the smalltalk and get straight to the point. I know you quit, but you quit because there wasn't any work. There's an opening at the construction site tommorow morning. High profile event. And, as luck would have it, all of my best photographers are out at that time."

Peter couldn't believe it. J. Jonah Jameson... ASKING him to come back to work?


I must've been out of the loop longer than I thought. Maybe the world's gone mad, in my abscence. Or JJ's just flipped his funny looking lid.

Regardless, Peter had to take it into consideration. He wasn't making alot of money on a teacher's salary alone. Especially with the finances he had to cover on May's funeral, awhile back. He had been struggling for awhile...

"So, yes, much to your 'joy', I'm sure, I'm asking you to cover it. That Wall-Crawling menace to society may be gone... supposedly, I might add... but you can't tell me that he's all you know how to take pictures of."

Peter smiled. Same ole' Jameson... Never taking the final word on anything.

"This must be... so devastating for you..." , Peter said, trying his best not to laugh.


"Hmm... Depends, Jameson. How much are we talking, paycheck wise?" , Peter asked.

"Freelance Fee. Take it or leave it."

"Freelance? Gee, I don't know..."

"...Fine. Plus that bonus I never gave you."

Peter intentionally stayed silent, for about a minute.

"...PLUS ALL THE BONUSES I NEVER GAVE YOU! There! Do you want it or not?!"

"You've got it, Jonah." , Peter finally said, feeling a sense of nostalgia as he did.

"Oh. Well.... Good, then."

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it, big boy?"

Peter braced himself as he heard the loud, but predictable and rude slam of the reciever on the other end. He smiled, hanging his own phone up. Even after all the time he had spent away from the Bugle, Jameson hadn't changed. Peter deduced a long time ago that he never would, but he was glad, in a way. Seeing J. Jonah Jameson as anyone else but himself took away the uniqueness that made 'Ever lovin' JJ'.

Going over to his closet, Peter dug through a few boxes before he found what he was looking for. His old camera. Blowing the dust off of it, Peter took out the rolls of film required and placed them inside.

Sometimes... The past wasn't an easy thing to revisit. Other times? It was the greatest thing in the world. Peter honestly couldn't wait to start working for the Bugle again. He couldn't wait to start balancing two normal jobs, now.

Yeah. 'Normal'. Just what I want... I guess...

* * *

That feeling of nostalgia? It was growing. Fast.

Peter couldn't help but feel like he was sixteen, again, as he snapped shots of the workers, as they put the finishing touches on the finished building that they were making into a new mall.

Right. Like we need any more of those..., Peter thought to himself, as he got in a clear shot of another part of the still discreet building, as everyone at the event talked amongst themselves, waiting for the owner to come out, and cut the standard ribbon, signifying it's opening. Peter had been to alot of these, over the course of his career, working for the Bugle... He knew the order of events inside and out.

First, there'd be a small amount of applause as the construction workers announced the new building. Then they'd try, and fail, at a joke. Some people would laugh, others would mostly stay silent. Then...


Peter thought about it. Then... a supervillian would pop out, and... destroy said building. He sighed.

Come on. Be realistic. Not every one of these events scream 'HEY! BAD GUY! BLOW ME UP! QUICK!'...

In all honesty, he was just trying to ignore the fact that he even thought about it. That wasn't his life anymore... As he had told himself thousands of times, each day, this past year. It's not as if this kind of stuff followed him everywhere. It was a mall opening, for god sakes. No one cared about that. The only reason Peter, and probably everyone else here came, was because doing so would put food on the table and pay the bills. Provided... and it was doubtful... that Jameson would keep his word about the extra bonuses...

Peter watched as the owner walked over to the entrance of the place, which had a podium and microphone set not far from it.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, Good morning.", He said, with a smile so obviously fake that Peter was almost put into depression, having to witness it. Peter then looked around, hearing it.

Yep. There's the applause...

"I'm sure you're all bogged down from the ups and downs of the life our city has to offer. But hey, that's why we have five different floors.", He said, with a slight chuckle.


Yep. There's the failed joke...

And, just as Peter suspected would happen, there were a few laughs. But only a few. But Peter remained optimistic. The rate of Supervillian sightings, in this part of town, had decreased in the last year. There was no way that one would come to the area. Besides, if there was something to go wrong, His-


... His Spider-Sense...

Peter's eyes widened, as he realised something. That feeling in the back of his neck. It was the tingling sensation. There was no way...

Um... Maybe... I... uh... stepped in some gum. Yeah, that's it. I just stepped in some...

It was at that moment that everyone heard a loud crash. Turning their attention to the side of the building, One of the cranes had smashed into it. Glass and steel flew, as the driver of the crane pulled back, trying to regain control of the machine. As the wrecking ball was pulled from the building, everyone could hear it. Screams. Muffled calls for help.

"What the hell is going on up there?!", The owner shouted, as his walkie talkie came on. "What? Hello? Yeah, I heard it. Everyone within the block did, I... What?! The fifth floor is going to collaspe?! That'll level the building! I-... ... Oh my god!"

Peter looked from the owner, to the area where the crane had crashed in. Workers were dangling off of the edge, as more cries for help came from the building.

Oh boy. This is bad... This is really bad...

Peter looked around, in the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of Iron Man. Or Thor. Or Daredevil. Or The Fantastic Four. Hell, even Mr. Immortal would suffice. But none of them were around. No heroes were there to save those people. Peter looked back at them. They were going to die, and he couldn't do anything about it. Well... He could... He just didn't want to. That type of life wasn't his anymore... He wasn't a hero. He was just an average, ordinary...

Suddenly, everyone heard it. The girders, inside, bending. The floor was going to collaspe.

"EVACUATE THE AREA!", He heard one of the security guards yell.

Those people would die. And no one would save them. No one. Peter looked at his hands. He could still vaguely see the small, tiny spikes on the tips of his fingers. The ones of an arachnid. He still had it... He just didn't want it.

Okay, I can either go home, and tell myself nothing happened, just like all the muggings I've avoided over the year. Just like all crimes I've witnessed. Yeah. I can do that.

Peter heard the cries, once more. No... He couldn't do that. In all those instances he witnessed... No one had the risk of dying. But here... It was almost a definate. People were going to lose their lives, just because he wanted to be normal again? That wasn't very responsible...

Peter's eyes widened.


"With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."

His Uncle Ben had taught him that. And he had forgotten it. How could he have? It was the greatest... and hardest life lesson that he had ever went through. And now he was just going to abandon it? Peter looked up at the building. Either way, he didn't have much time.


Peter sighed to himself.

"Well... it was good while it lasted."

* * *

Inside, the workers scrambled to get to the escalators, only to realise they had been taken out by the crane. They looked up, hearing the girders tumble.

"We're going to die!", One yelled. "This place is going down!", another yelled. And it was all true to them. They were going to plummet to their deaths, as the floor around them cracked. Each one of them had a life that flashed before their eyes, as the floor gave way, and all of them flew, heading to the crashing ruins below. It would be an event that would make all of the headlines of each newspaper and program. Unfortunatley, they'd all be famous for it.


...But for a different reason then they suspected. They'd be famous for witnessing what they were seeing now. A spider's web, shot from the hole in the building, expanded below them, as they all landed on it, individually, like little flies. As they landed, and realised they weren't, infact, dead... They looked up, to see something. Some couldn't believe it. Others had heard of him. Most thought he had disappeared for good. But none expected his appearance here, on this day.

Above them, He was perched on the wall, securing the web that held them. As he did, He waved, with his other hand. A strange gesture, but a familiar one, from him.

"Hiya. Maybe you've heard of me. Maybe you haven't. Or maybe, just maybe, you recognise me from that skit on SNL that you never watched. In any case, I'll be saving your lives, today. Free of charge, too."

The workers looked at him, in amazement. He had just saved their lives. No Daredevil, No Avengers, No X-Men... It was him. He had cared enough to come out from whereever he had been hiding in the past year to save them all from an untimely death. It was slowly, but eventually, that some responded with claps. Applause, really. Something he hadn't heard in quite some time. Or even before that, really. Sure, some weren't... And he expected it. He had been gone for a year... and even before that, He wasn't really well liked anyway. But he'd take what he could get. And what he was getting was good enough.

It was then, at that moment, when he realised the extent of his triumph, that he came to the conclusion. Sure, it was good to be normal. But he wasn't normal. And while it was good to be that...

It may have been, even if for only in that instant... better to be The Amazing Spider-Man.

He's back. But is it for good? Find out, in the continuing saga of...

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Quasar ~ One Year Later: Prologue

Lisa Vaughn. Devoted wife and mother.

I’ve always hated funerals. Now I’m standing here while my mom is being layed to rest.

Gayle was the one who contacted me. Using the quantum-crystal I gave her and mom before I left Earth she was able to reach all the way over in the Delta Quadrant. I was busy fulfilling my duty as Protector of the Universe. Nonetheless, I was home in the blink of an eye.

The tears are at the edge of my eyes, waiting to fall. I’ve been through this before, when I had to bury my father. Another person that I couldn’t save, a person that died while I was playing Protector.

What kind of Protector am I?

I couldn’t even protect my parents.

Next post: Quasar is back on Earth and he has only one thing on his mind. Finding the person responsible for the death of his mother.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Doomstadt, Latveria

Castle Doom looms menacingly over the quaint medieval village. Ironically some of the most advanced technology on the planet lies within. Today the citizens of Latveria gather around the market and trade goods and art. Today is the Celebration of Cynthia. A daylong event celebrating the life of the Emperor's mother. Many foreigners are allowed day visas on this day alone. The bazaar is alight with the language of over twenty different countries. Artifacts centuries old and artistic endeavors of pure genius line the streets. Life is good in Latveria. Simple. Perfect.

It had better be.

Within the bowels of Castle Doom sits it's unchallenged monarch. A shift at the threshold heralds the entrance of his most trusted servant. Boris bows before his master.

"Milord. The archaeolgical contingent from Norway has arrived."

Doom shifts his gaze toward Boris.

"Do you have it?"

Boris reaches into an attache and pulls out what seems to be a rare and archaic cistern. He takes the vase and places it before Doom. With delicate grace the Lord of Latveria lifts the artifact and begins to examine it.

"What a beauty. It's symetry is reminiscent of times long gone. The artisanship is exquisite."

Suddenly Doom crushes the piece with his armored hand.


"'But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.'"

The debris from the cistern falls away revealing an object of platinum design.

"The Seal of Buri. I believe I know someone who is looking for this."

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

There arn't any jokes. Cause its just not funny anymore. I'm Wade Wilson. Some know me as Deadpool, most of these people are meeting the end of myblade right now. I say people... I mean robots. Around a year ago now, the Terimnator/Robot type thing named Ultron declared war on the United States of America.

Since that day, my life has been nothing but a living hell. Take those days in Weapon X, and throw them in the bin. That's nothing compared to what I'm going through right now. At the Brazillian border, me and a coulpe o army guys are fighting off an incoming wave of Ultrons.

Most of my men are already dead.

Those who knew me a year ago would have realised that I should have made about 30 bad jokes by now. But I can't joke at this. I can'tjoke while some moronic machine is launching itslef into a full throttled attack against innocent men, and they won't back down.

We all knew it. Judgement Day was unavoidable... Arny said himself in T3. But when it came, I didn't kknow it was going to turn into this nightmare. After we'd fought off Thanos, there wasn't much time for rest. The day after Clint Barton's wedding, the Avengers were called up for war.

They're not all here now. Some are on leave... some are dead. But I swear on my life, no more will fall. No force on Earth will stop me from pushing these bastards back.

I'm blown forward by a huge explosion, hitting the floor around 30 meters from where I stood. Screams of men who perished, fill the air. An Ultron Aims to fire at me, I roll out of the way and let several smallish knives fly into its armour.

But they just keep on coming, no matter how hard we try, you can't defeat an emotionless enemy. They. Won't. Stop. Coming. I pull out my AK-47 from my back and scream as I let a barrage of bullets into the crowd of muddy metal. They. Won't. Stop. Coming.

Damn them. Damn them all. I am not letting them win this. "Alright guys, start to fall back. We've cut through a decent amount of them. I'm gonna stay here and hold them back for a while."

The boys start to slowly trudge back. Its not until they're fully out of sight that I snap. I drop my guns and storm into the nearest unit. "Come and have ago then! Just try and get past! I may not be Thor, or Galactus, but when I'm angry, I'm just like you. I'm not gonna stop.

They can't kill me... I'm not Jesus or anything, I'm not gonna come back to life. But no matter what the pain, I'm gonna get through it and destroy all these machines. Flinging one Ultron into another, I toss a few grenades over their heads, give me some breathing space.

One Uzi in each hand. I empty both magazines on anything that's silver and moves. A few ninja stars here, a bullet or two there. All for nothing. They. Won't. Stop. Coming.

I'm surrounded. They've just crowded round me. "Okay, I've seen this scene. You're all agents, jump on me and I'll batter you off in a second. I am the one after all." a little joke? that makes me feel a tiny bit better, and anything you can do to make yourself feel better in this place, helps. Maybe its time I found my sick, twisted sense of humour again. Just maybe.

One Ultron leaps, followed by a thousand others. I quickly take my blade and push a few off, but there are too many. Its not long before I'm buried in the thick of it. I'm not Neo. I'm not the one. This is it... they've got me... too many. I've failed...

Huh? What's that, the loads getting a little lighter... I can start to see day light. Somethings Smashing them off.

Oh Jen. For once in my life, I'm happy to see her for more than just sexual fantasies. I remember when we walked down the isle at Clint's wedding... that was nice... man, I can almost remember the good days. But they're just memories now. Memories that feel like they're never going to come back.

"Need a little help?" she asks, pulling me out of the pile. I look around. The wave's ended. We must have got em all. "Your guys back at base sent me after you, said you were facing impossible odds. Looks like they were right."

"Thanks for the help Jen... hang on. Why arn't you stopping the 10th division?" she pauses for a second and hangs her head.

"Bad intel. They came when we weren't prepared. I just escaped with my life, the rest of my men are dead." I turn my hand into a fist.

"DAMNIT!" pulling and M16 I empty the weapon into the pile of robots.

"Wade... its alright... we're here for you."

"No one is here for me!" I scream "You don't understand it... any of you! I am winning this war Jen. The Ultrons are not going to get on foot closer into this land."

"Don't blame yourself for what happened."

"Do you think I do? I'm not some manic depressive who thinks its all my fault. I'm not emo! I don't even have hair. God, I don't even have hair Jen... you can't understand this pain... no one can. If could, I would put a bullet in my brain right now. But I have to deal with it." there's a cold silence between us. "Come on, let's get back to base."


My quaters are gone apparently. Blown up by some long range weapon. No lives lost, base got the shield up just in time. But now I have to join the unlucky few that are sleeping outside, next to the dead. I sit down in the mud, trying to find some way to vent my anger.

Another set of troops are coming back... carrying their squadren leader over their arms. Who is that? That can't be... Tigra? Dead? Oh this is too much. Every day there's one more to join the death count. The dead... I have somewhere to be right now... and its hard going there, but I have to do it.

I get up and walk past the base. Behind it is a field. Decimated of course... but filled with bodies. Buried of course. The sheer number of them makes me sick. Graves for miles around. They don't even have proper gravestones. Just sticks shaped into a cross and their name scartched on the side.

But one of these sticks is far more important than the rest.

Theresa Rourke Cassidy


Rest in Piece

There are no more jokes. Cause it just isn't funny anymore.

"That's what you think, Judge!"
"That's what I know, creep!"

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Quasar ~ One Year Later: Part I

His name’s Gabriel Maine.

He is the one that killed my mother, and now I feel like I should return the favour.

Thing is, I can’t. Not just because I lack that killer instinct my S.H.I.E.L.D. instructors were always raving about, but because Gabriel Maine is also killing himself. He’s been in a coma for the last week, ever since he got into his car drunk, and rammed into mom.

“Are you a relative?” is a voice that I suddenly hear as I look over to the woman who has just opened the window in the hospital room. I must’ve been floating there for the last ten minutes, just looking at the man as he fought for his life.

“I’m not.” I finally manage to reply. She gives me a startled look, and I can see her pondering her next course of action. As the appointed nurse of Maine she probably isn’t allowed to let anybody in but relatives. Especially people that have been levitating in front of the widow for quite some time now.

“You want to come in?” Her question surprises me, but I decide that it might be best before I arouse anymore suspicion. I wave to the little girl in the room above Maine’s, who is able to return the gesture but with her mouth wide open. As soon as I enter the room through the window I also figure it would be wise to change my attire.

I make it a simple business suit. The nurse is visibly impressed.

“Now, Mr. …?”
“Quasar will be fine for now.”
“Okay, my name is Kayla.”

I involuntarily respond with a soft chuckle. I just happen to meet the nurse with my ex’s name.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Where is Spider-Man?


I drop the paper and look over it as Beth comes running up.
“Neil wants you down town. There’s a guy calling for Spider-Man.”

I drop my feet from the desk they were on and fold the paper up. It’s been weeks since the last sighting of Spider-Man and three months since the invasion. Yet the world is stuill wound up tighter than a ball of yarn. The rebuilding from the invasion stretches to all countries. And what did NYC have as headlines?

The ‘disappearance’ of Spider-Man

“Again?” I say boringly as I pick up my camera and flick my computer off.
“You’d think this:” I pick the paper up and wave it pointing to the headline.
“Would get them to stop.”

Beth shrugged.
“Apparently the ‘newest’ trend among criminals is to try to be ‘the one’ to bring Spider-Man out of retirement.”

I walk past her.
“Try a little less ‘retirement’ and more running away.”

She turned and watched me leave.

““Okay..okay…stay THERE!”

The man waved the gun and his partner moved to his side, the bags stuffed with money and and jewelry. They slowly backed out of the store while keeping their guns trained on the employee’s and patrons still huddled in fear on the floor. One of the women shifted slightly and the man spun around on her holding the gun steady.

“I said don’t MOVE!”

He gazed down the sight of the gun at her as they walked out of the store and onto the street.



He jumped and stared at his now empty hand.

“Now, this doesn’t look too friendly.” A female voice came from the rooftop.

The men looked above and spun around looking for the origin.

“Oh…no..” the partner breathed.

“Over here.” the voice came from directly behind them.

They spun around and found themselves eye level with an upside down person. Who happened to be wearing a red body suit, mask and a blue pullover adorned with a black spider. The partner’s mouth opens in shock and he drops the bag of loot.”

That is how I’ll have it written in my autobiography. Title pending…

I stare at them men as they stare at me. Strangly the lack of action is refreshing, I cling to my web line upside down and hold out the gun I’d taken.

“This yours?”

*de de de de dede dedede dedede de de de de de*

The sound of a cell phone causes the men to look at each other and they start patting themselves down looking for their respective cell phones.

I pull mine out.
“Opps, that’s me.”

They look up dumbfounded, their jaws slack….Geez..I wish I had my camera with me. My smile at their look is lost under my mask and I reach a hand out emitting strands of webbing onto them. Leaping down I flip in mid-air and land on my feet. I pick up the dropped bag and toss it into the store, giving the slowly rising employees and patrons a thumbs up.

“Don’t forget to alert the local authorities.”

*thwipp* I cast out a line of webbing and flip onto the roof before pulling off my mask. I shake my head to let my long blonde hair loose from the confindes of the mask. Flipping my phone open I punch in for the last number called.

“You rang?”

“WHERE the )&^ ARE YOU?”

I pull the phone back from my ear as John’s voice booms out of it.

“You’re LATE! And we’re all waiting for you! Get your &%# down here! Stark’s already started!”

I sigh…

“On my way…”

I slip the mask back on and call for my glider. Hopping on I race towards Manhattan, stopping on a rooftop near the Alternative I quickly change clothes and leap off landing next to my motorcycle.

“Sarah..? What are you doing here?”

I spin around at the sound of a co-workers voice, Tom stands there half a dozen lunch bags in one hand.

I smile and loop my camera around me and plop my helmet on my head.

“You’re supposed to be at the Stark-“

“I know Tom...I got caught up downtown. Here-“ I toss him a roll of film.

“Get that to Neil…he’ll be interested in it.”

Tom looked at it for a second as I straddled the bike.

“Scarlet Spider?”

I nod and give him a thumbs up. He smiles and gives me one before bouncing the Film in his hand.

I let the throttle loose and weave my way to the Press Conference.

My cell rings agains and I just know it’s John. Geez..I’m blowing first assignment with him and he’s already mad with me.

Reaching the building I jump off my bike and toss my key’s to the valet who gives me a confused look. Waving my press pass in front of security I walk into the conference room.

”As I’m sure you are fully aware, there have been a surge of rumors concerning myself recently….”

*%$# he already started! I glance around looking for John, finding him I slip into the empty seat he saved, feeling conspicious as the only person standing.

“Nice of you to come.” He hissed in my ear.

I gave him a beguiling smile.
“I’m here now.” I say as I start snapping pictures.

“I know your old ‘partner’ put up with this but I won’t.”

For once in my life something pulled me away from my self termed ‘zone’ and I glanced away from my camera at the mention of Parker. How could he possibly mention Parker? Though I was seated squeezed in between two people I suddenly felt alone, the warm body next to me wasn’t the one I’d come to rely on, or one I could joke around with. I stare at John, as he gazes intently at the podium where the handsome Tony Stark recites a well rehearsed speech, his profile clear without a camera in front of it. For a moment I replace it with a mental image of Parker.

“-as a citizen of our great country. Last year as an American I watched in fear as our way of life came inches from annihilation. And even though humankind survived and the invasion was averted.”

Tony Stark’s smooth voice cut into my thoughts and I return to snapping away pictures, more for self preservation instead of job preservation.

“ Lives were still lost and many people hurt. In short ladies and gentlemen that’s why I’m standing here today, I don’t want to the country that I love to be hurt anymore. As such after much thought and discussion with those close to me; I can official confirm that I will be running for President.”

*insert gasp here*
My jaw dropps and my first instinct is to laugh.

Tony Stark? The womanizing, drunkard millionaire for President?
If he is elected it’ll be by the million housewives, ****s and wishful women the country around who’d want to have him in the press more than he already is.

“Any Questions?”

I look around at the people in the room, the silence lasts for a moment before hands started going up and the flashbulbs on cameras start going off.

“Mr. Stark, what will your platform be built on?

“-address the Hero concern?”

“-nature of your ‘break-up’?”

I've got only one:

What is the world coming too?

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twy knows in the first five minutes whether she's going to marry you, bed you, or just be friends.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Quasar ~ One Year Later: Part II

Kayla is a good person. She called security.

Flashing my old Avengers membership card makes them apologize quickly and leave. I haven’t been on Earth in so long, so I’m not surprised they didn’t recognize me. It makes me wonder though if the Avengers even still exist, but for the time now, I’m here, back on Earth.

I’ve fought long and hard to be where I am now, to be the Protector of the Universe I was destined to be. Had to face suicidal Watchers, a crazed avatar of Oblivion and my own personal Angel of Death.

I still couldn’t save mom.

Kaylee sees the tears stinging in my eyes, but again, they don’t come, and even though this is probably the weirdest day in her life, she still comes and puts her arms around me. An unshaven and complete stranger with two strange bracelets on.

She’s a good person.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

I stood in the city I had once known. Everyone was either dead or run out of town since the battle had begun. Only the X-men stood.

With myself in command. It was not an easy job or a fun one, but someone had to do it. For some reason, it usually ended up falling to me.

Not that I was going to say no. This was NYC, and it now laid in ruins.

The robots that had razed the Empire State Building and several other sky scrapers were still here, searching for us.

Unluckily for them, we had found them first.

"Storm! Get in the air, give us some cloud cover! Collosus! Cover my right! Rouge, you and Nightcrawler cover my left! These machines won't get us now!" I shouted, all the while keeping focus ahead of me. There were others in the group with us, and although I hadn't called out any orders for them, they knew what they had to do. This would take everyone we had.

I could see their glowing eyes coming for us.

Right about now you're thinking that they're sentinels. No. Sentinels were nothing compared to this.


He had declared war on the USA a year ago, and was being held back so far. No one knew how long the Avengers could hold them off though. We had to be prepared.

"This is it everyone! Let's get to work!" I shouted as I fired an optic blast from my visor. It hit one Ultron in the chest and pushed him backwards. The blast then bounced off of that Ultron to hit several others in a similiar manner.

It wouldn't stop them, but it would back them up a bit.

With teamwork, we could overcome them.

At least, I hoped so.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Jarvis stood in the wings of the Conference Room.

"I can official confirm that I will be running for President.”

"President. This is working out better than I had hoped."

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

Rogue punched an oncoming Ultron knocking him back and through a brick wall, his now exposed circuits sparking as it shut down. She flew and grabbed another one by the head and squeezed her hands together crushing it.

She let it drop to the ground and remained hovering in the air.

"I think they need to be more of a challange ifn' they plan on takin' over the world." She commented before diving into a wave of three.

Parts seemed to fly out from them and they collapsed around her.

She stretched and flew up above the carnage, all of the previous year's worry behind her as she focused on the battle at hand.

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twy knows in the first five minutes whether she's going to marry you, bed you, or just be friends.
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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

This is it everyone! Let's get to work!"

Cylops yells and that's my cue, There bigger than the avearge Sentinels and a lot harder to destroy.

One locks on to me and starts coming my way. My skin feels cold as it starts to harden into it's steel shell. The same armor has saved me and other people before. The Ultron sends it's scanner over me analyzing my skin thinking of ways to defeat me,

I don't give him time. I pick up a nearby car, a junker if there ever was one, and throw it as hard as I can towards him. the car hits his right leg which collapses and tthe robot falls to the ground.

Suddenly the legs break off it starts to walk on it's hands tiny machine gins pop out of the sides of it's head shooting at me. The bullets ricochet off my skin into the area. I pick up a nearby manhole cover and sling it at the Ultron's head.

It decapataes him with a thump.


"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

One Year Later)

"Court ajurned."

I grit my teeth, hearing the Judge slam down his gavel. That's the eleventh case I've taken on in an entire year. And the tenth I've lost. My client's heart nearly stops, as she tries to contemplate what just happened. What happened? Her attacker is going free, that's what happpened. The Justice system proves it's inaccuracy, once again, and let's another mugger back onto the streets.

"Mr. Murdock... What does that mean?"

These solo cases are becoming even more tiresome by the weeks that pass. I used to be able to walk into a courtroom with confidence. Now? I expect defeat. And it's only going to get worse, if I don't start improving my tactics. I can't keep fixing my errors out at night, on the streets. Either they've got to get better, Or I've got to get better.

"Mr. Murdock?"

I lower my head. I feel I've failed her. How do I say that?

"We... lost, Sharon."

I can feel the statue of Lady Justice looking down upon me. I feel even worse.

"We lost."

She came to me for help. She had hit a mugger in self defense, but the mugger counter sued and lied his way through the entire proceeding to make her look like the attacker. Now she's going to have to pay a fine, on his behalf.

I've failed. Again.

* * *

The air is silent, as I've come to expect after every case. Years ago, we'd be out celebrating right now. We rarely ever came back to silence. Yet... Without him here, It just isn't the same as it was, those good years ago.

I sit at my desk at The Law Offices Of Franklin Nelson. It used to be the Law Offices Of Nelson and Murdock... But after Foggy died, I felt it to be appropriate. He had put so much time into making our dreams of being attorney's a reality, while I hunted for my father's killers. This was his law firm more than it ever was mine.

I feel the cherrywood of my desk as I move my hand along it, and pick up a non-glass framed picture that I always kept. I rub my fingers on it, feeling the ink print.

It's a picture of the three of us. Foggy, Karen, and myself. In the good days. The better days. When more than one of us were alive. Now? Those days are long since gone. It's a year today that I said goodbye to the last person I'll probably ever consider a 'loved one'. And it's been showing, in my cases. I can't do my job, like this.

I hear a knock on the door. Putting the picture down, I raise my head towards it.

"Come in, Jennnifer."

The new intern walks in. I can feel her confused expression, as she does.

"How did you... Oh. Right. How I knock on the door. I keep forgetting that.", She says, walking over, and putting something on my desk.

"So what is it this time?"

"Hate crime. Some Pro-War veteran was attacked by another street gang. Just got the brail copy of the report in, for you."

I sigh, taking it. But I manage a grateful smile... Though it isn't really all that sincere.

"Of course. Thank you, Jennifer."

It's almost strange, calling her by that name. Especially when I know an old associate by the name of Jennifer aswell. But then again... that Jennifer goes by another name, aswell. She-Hulk, if I recall correctly... It's been so long.

I feel her walking out. Then I feel her stop. Her pulse tenses, a little, before turning.

"Are you okay, Mr. Murdock?"

A question even I can't answer, now. Am I okay? I don't know. I don't know the correct answer to anything anymore, it seems. Especially a failed trial case. I manage a nod.

"Nothing for you to worry about."

"Are you sure?"

"I am."

I can feel her nod back, before turning.

"Oh, and Jennifer."

She turns back.

"You can have the rest of the night off, if you want."

I can already feel the smile, from the sunlight bouncing off of it through the windows.


As she walks out, I sigh to myself.

"No. Thank you..."

She brought up a question that I do need to think over. Am I alright? Maybe not. My best friend of many years... Practically a brother... died, a little more than a year ago. By the hands of my worst enemy, who also died a little more than a year ago. They left me alone in the world. And now I can't even win a simple mugging case.

I turn around, in my chair, feeling the sun on my face. It's lowering. As does my head, as I realise what's about to come next.

The Justice system failed in the courts, once again. It's an injustice I've been fighting for over half of my life. Now, I take matters into my own hands. Not as Matt Murdock, the blind, now solo lawyer. No, He can't put the fear of god into the guilty. Hell, He'd make them laugh. No...

It's time The Daredevil was due in court.

Think that's the only change that the Man Without Fear has endured, One Year Later? You've seen nothing yet...

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V


Warren flew high above the rest of the team. He looked down at everyone for a moment, and thought about how different it seemed. Things seemed so much easier a year ago before he left the X-men...but now with all the things that have happend to the world, the X-men seemed much more aggressive. Either way, it felt good to be back...much better then the year Warren spent at Worthington Industries.

A laser beam from one of the Ultron's suddenly flew past Warren's head, snapping him out of his daydream.

"It's been too long since i've been able to let out some serious aggression!" Warren said as he swooped down towards a group of Ultrons. He flew down between two Ultrons with his wings fully spread out. His razor sharp wings sliced the two Ultrons in half. The halves fell to the floor and shook violently with electricity.

"Hmph, I wonder if my wings will be as effective against the real Ultron's" Archangel thought. He then flew higher into the air, and unleashed a barrage of razor sharp wing blades. They shredded through 2 Ultron's leaving them wrecked and useless.

"I thought I would have gotten rusty since I haven't actually been in combat for over a year" Warren thought. Just then he got blasted in the back by an Ultron. "Damnit! I can't ever let my guard down, not for a moment" Warren thought as he began to plummet to the ground...


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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

I wake with a start. The cool night air is drifting in through the front of my home, but I have become used to it during my stay. Nightmares have once again plagued my sleep, and I find uneasiness threatening to overtake me if I remain as I am, slumped on my bed. As such, I rise to my feet and wearily trudge outside. The wind caresses my back as I take to the air.

I've always loved flying. I have been called many things - windrider and weather witch among them - but I've always seen myself more as a bird, more than anything else. Free-spirited, following the winds, supporting my own. At least, in this past year. Right now, I'm not sure what I am, nor what I want to be. When I see my reflection, I don't see me. I see a stranger.

I touch down near the lake and avoid gazing into its ripples. I do not wish to deal with my appearance at such an early hour. As the "mother" of my tribe, I should look me best at all times to set an example...but, as of late, I have been neglecting both my tribe and my appearance. I wander towards the oh-so-familiar slab of stone and my thoughts stray to the motionless form beneath it.

The stone is crudely emblazoned with her name:


I didn't know what she would want said about her, so I left it unmarked in that respect. My hand rests against the stone slab, the coolness of the substance sending a shiver down my spine. A single tear breaks free, trickling effortlessly down my cheek. I don't want to re-live the memories of her...passing. For only one chord strikes in my mind, the saddest tune of all: I forgot her surname. My best friend died, and I didn't even know her well enough to remember that simple fact. I make a promise to myself to find out, before turning away from the simple grave.

My name is Ororo Munroe.

But I don't know who she is anymore.

How did Yukio die? What happened to Ororo's teacher position at the Institute? Why is she back in Africa? So many questions, and to answer those...Storm: One Year Later!

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

London England, 4 months ago

Standing over his hospital bed Erik Lehnsherr hunches over placing his hand at his chest and with a loud thump hits the floor.

An orderly runs in.

“Mr. Lehnsheer, Mr. Lehnsheer”

The orderly begins to help Erik get up when Erik pushs him away.

“Off me you fool.”

Erik lays on the bed as the orderly checks his chart.

Patient B5
The patient sustanded three broken ribs and internal bleeding from unknown means. His ribs are nearly healed and all internal bleeding has stopped though needs time to heal properly. Patient must stay anyway from any strenuous activites for four months to ensure bleeding does not restart.

“Careful, says here you can’t exert yourself, what were you doing?”

For the first time in a months a smile comes to Eriks face as he stares over at the knocked over coke can on his tray.

Present Day

Erik looks out the window at Genosha as the plane lands, it had been far too long.

“Sir the car is waiting.”

Erik steps off the plane breathing in the air.

"It's good to be home."

"Good to have you back sir."


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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V


The shaky junky waved his gun in front of the poor old woman at the register, and she reluctantly began to fill his paper bag. Tears streamed down her wrinkled face as he taunted and badgered her.

"Her up you old cow and give me my **** money!" he yelled.

The poor woman frantically stuffed twenty dollar bills into the paper bag with her head hung low. He shot the cieling with the gun and her quiet crying became loud uncontrolled sobs. Everyone present in the store looked down at the ground in a combination of both pity and fear for the own lives. The man's cursing and screaming seemed to be getting more frenzied as the situation continued. It was clear he was going to shoot somebody, the current customers at the store just didn't want it to them.

With a pair of goggles in his hand, Thomas watched the scene from across the street in a phone booth. A couple of cop cars had been parked in front to stop the burglar from coming out the front, but what were the chances he would with the cops wating for him there? The real appeal to Thomas came from the crowd of on-lookers watching the scene. The best way to become the next Spider-Man was through gossip and stunts, and a crowd was needed for that.

Thomas put the goggles on and did a few small stretches inside the small enclosed space. He was still sore from the last time he used his power, and he needed sometime to go over his plan of attack.

When he was ready he exited the phone booth in his home made costume and took a deep breath.


In a quick burst of speed, Thomas dashed pass the cops and the on-lookers into the drug store. The old woman saw him first, but the burglar was too late to react. With a simple punch, Thomas sent the burglar flying through several aisles of goods. Thomas followed it up by pouncing on the man after he landed on his back, but forgot that when not moving at super speeds he had the same strength as any other teenager.

The man, in all of his confusion, fired three times into the air. Thomas watched in panic as the bullets went flying into the air, and let himself get suckered punched in the face. Not wanting to have casualities in his second attempt at superheroics.He leaped off of the burglar and was able to catch two bullets mid-air.

"Aiiiieee!" the woman screamed while grasping her side. She fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Crap!" Thomas cried.

The man fired several more times in Thomas's direction and then retreated into a corner. Thomas dashed towards the burglar and smashed each bullet as he passed them. When go to the man he stood there and looked at the pathetic man standing before him.

"If that woman is hurt-" he snarled.

"I-I'm sorry man! I just needed a fix! Don't hurt me dude!"

The sound of the police finally entering could be heard towards the front of the drug store. Thomas looked down at the man with a look of total disgust. He thought he had power because he wielded a gun, but now where was he? If something happened to the crook who would stop him or even notice? There was nothing to stop Thomas from hurting the crook like he hurt that poor defenseless old woman....

* * * * * * * * *

Two hours later...

"Today at a mid-town drug store a 52 year old woman was critically injured in the process of a robbery. The shooter and burglar in question was found unconcious in the back of the store. Customers at the store during the robbery claimed that a young man in green pajamas was responsible for the quick rescue. We'll have more to report at our twelve o' clock news cast. This is Maranda Crosby reporting, back to you Steve."

Thomas watched the news report queitly from the back of the diner. He didn't want to be spotted, but he needed a bite to eat after using his powers.

"You ready to order, son?" asked a balding thirty something waiter in a flannel shirt.

" about a milkshake with some fries?" he quietly replied. He shuffled around nervously while the man wrote down his order.

"Sure thing, kiddo." the man said. He walked back to the counter with little questions asked.

Thomas hung his head low and massaged his temples while he contemplated what to do. Beating up a burglar wasn't as simple as he thought. A woman was critically injured because he didn't think every thing through, and by beating the man unconcious he only managed to shift the blame off of the real criminal. It was just like that last time...

"Here you go. I'll be back with you check, okay?" the man said walking off without actually waiting for his response.

He couldn't help what happened the first time...blaming that "incident" on himself wouldn't help anyone, especially not himself. Spider-Man wouldn't have let that old woman get hurt, but it's not like he had Spidey's training and experience. What he needed wasn't more oppurtunities to screw up. What he needed were more chances to be around real superheroes...

One of the waitresses let out a girlish giggle and turned up the tv, catching everyone's attention.

As I’m sure you are fully aware, there have been a surge of rumors concerning myself recently. Some of which are true, other’s merely fabricated by the Press. Today I hope to explain the truth. But before I do that I would like to say a few words; I stand before you all as an American and as a citizen of our great country. Last year as an American I watched in fear as our way of life came inches from annihilation. And even though humankind survived and the invasion was averted. Lives were still lost and many people hurt. In short ladies and gentlemen that’s why I’m standing here today, I don’t want to the country that I love to be hurt anymore. As such after much thought and discussion with those close to me; I can official confirm that I will be running for President.”

"That's goin' to be mah nex' husban'" the waitress said whilst playing with her teased blonde hair.

"Yeah, sure Marge and I'm going to fly to the moon. Can you please hurry up and give me that boy's bill?"

The blonde waitress began to press a few buttons on the register and a small piece of paper emerged from it. She handed it to the man and he walked back to the table.

"Here you go kiddo-"

The man stopped short of the table in mild shock. The booth and its contents were empty.

[Space For Rent]
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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

I see Archangel falling towards the ground and I'm the closest one. I start to run towards his limp body, my footsteps shaking the nearby ground. He get's closer to the earth with each second, I have to dive. He lands in my outstretched arms.

"That was, how do you say? Too close for comfort."

A laser beam nearly clips my ear, I look to see four Ultron's aiming there wepons at me and Archangel

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V


For years after his parents' death, Clint Barton had searched for a home, somewhere to fit and and be accepted.

He'd tried staying with relatives, what few he knew anyway. The reception was never the warmest, however, and he always found himself on the move again.

He'd tried the drifter approach, but that proved to be too expensive.

Then there was the circus. For a good time, it was the clostest place he found to a home. He found a mentor, learned and mastered a trade, created a name and identity for himself. The circus was where Hawkeye was born.

It was during that time that he saw something truly amazing as well. The first of an emerging breed of heroes. He witnessed first hand as Iron Man foiled an attempted robbery.

Suddenly, the circus didn't seem that welcoming anymore.

He hit the road again, this time as a self styled vigilante But like so many other things in Clint's life, the road quickly turned south and he found himself on the wrong side of the law.

He also found love.

Both would prove to be short flirtations though, and his world was turned upside down one more time when he met Tony Stark, who would soon introduce him to Iron Man

The Avengers needed some time off and were looking for replacements. Seeing the good in him, Iron Man was willing to sponsor Hawkeye's membership.

Of course, later on, Clint would learn that Tony Stark was Iron Man. Small world.

The very first time he stepped into Avengers Mansion, Clint felt something. Something he hadnlt felt in a long time. Warmth. Caring. Acceptance.

He had left many times since that first day, travelling the world, looking for new teams, trying to find his place. Somehow though, someway, he always found himself back on the doorstep of the mansion. Found himself...home?

It was those very thoughts going through his mind as he threw a few extra quivers onto the waiting Quinjet. It certainly felt a lot more like home now. He had a wife, two beautiful sons, friends all around, and yet...

...and yet, he still found the urge to go, to explore, to just pick up and hit the road for weeks, months at a time. Maybe it was just exhaustion from fighting this damn war on and off for the past year. Going back and forth between New York and Brazil, trying to lead two branches of the Avengers. Maybe he still had jitters about being a father.

Father. That was another word that unnerved him. MAybe it was because his father wasn't always the greatest, and he was afraid of turning into him. Yeah, that was part of the reason. But something else unsettled him.

That was all for another day. It was always for another day.

"Let's go, Hank. Front line needs reenforcements and I have an itchy trigger finger."

25 Playoff appearances + 19 AFC Central/North Division Championships + 7 AFC Championships + 6 Super Bowl Championships = America's #1 Team*HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!!!
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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

(I.C. Taskmaster)

This past year has been a learning experience. I learned who I really am, what I really do. I am a mercenary, plain and simple. I'll do almost anything for the right price. I will lie, steal, even kill for money. I wouldn't have it any other way.

After the past year I know the rules. My personal and professional lives will be, as they should be, totally seperate. I have to be able to get the job done. Sometimes that is easier said then done. The invasion of earth has shown me that. I was unable to complete the task at hand because of my emotions. I can not allow this to happen again. It ruins my credibility as professional.

That doesn't mean I didn't make the right choice, to stop aiding the invasion of earth. I should've known what I was getting into, what the consequences were. Now, I know how to do my job without repeating past mistakes.

At the end of the day, I have to make a decision. I have to know that I will be able to do what I was paid to. Before for I take a job, I have to make that choice, not after. So, I haven't really changed over this past year. I'll still put a bullet in the back of someone's head, if I'm paid enough. I'm just smarter now. I know exactly how far I'm willing to go. With that knowledge, I think it's time for Taskmaster to rejoin the game.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

"I'm going to die."

Johnny Storm barely ducked out of the way as the projectile rocketed past his head. His heart pounded in his chest as he desperately looked for an escaped. He had been separated from the rest of the team several minutes before, and that's when the attack came. A complete and total ambush. He had managed to slip past the monster that had been sent after him, but he knew that was only luck. This thing was gaining fast, and was only a matter of time before he ran out of places to hide.

He rounded a bend in the pathway...

...and fell flat on his face. Something had tripped him up, and now he felt the trembling of the ground grow stronger.

"Mommy!" he eeked as the huge hand grabbed him by the back of the shirt, hauling him up off the ground and slamming him into a nearby wall.

"Dis id whoa, eben fah u IckHeb."

"Wha...sorry, I can't understand you, you have a toothbrush stuck in your mouth."

"Bats nob fubby!"

Ben reared back with a rocky orange fist, ready to give Johnny the Jack Lambert makeover.

"Ben! Johnny! What are you two doing? You woke the babies up and scared Valeria half to death!"

Reed wrapped a hand, and his whole arm for that matter, around Ben's fist."

"He barted ib."

"What? Ben, I can't understand you. Take that toothbrush out of your mouth."

"I canb."


Ben pulled something out of his pocket and shoved it in Reed's free hand.

"What is this...a tube of toothpa..."

Reed squeezed the tube and a clear, gel like substance came out. He examined it carefully, and took a slight whiff.

"Super glue?! Johnny, you didn't."

Johnny had managed to wiggle his way free of Ben's grasp.

"Truly inspired. One of my best yet, I believe. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Johnny was off like a bolt. Ben attepmted to take chase again, but the Torch reached the window at the end of the hall and took a swan dive out into the open air, streaking across the skies a New York in a brilliant streak of fire.

One year later, not much has changed.

25 Playoff appearances + 19 AFC Central/North Division Championships + 7 AFC Championships + 6 Super Bowl Championships = America's #1 Team*HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!!!
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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

OOC: To all the religious people reading this post, I want to say that you have my full respect and I don't mean any offense by anything written within.

One year later...

More like the passing of moments. What's one year to one who has lived a millenia and more? The mere passing of moments, like a bit of dirt added to a mountain of soil.

Then why am I so excited?


My call is echoed by the crowd. "Praise Jesus!" I stand on a platform in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in the Midgard city of New York, surrounded by scores of humans who hung on my every word. And not an ounce of mind control was being used. Only the slightest bit of magic to hide my true form in the wrappings of a black evangelist.

It's been a long time since I've exploited the faith of others, yet it's like the proverbial bicycle, you never forget.

"Let me tell you something brothers and sisters! Let me tell you something! Jesus spoke to me! Yes, he did, yes, he did!" I pace back and forth onstage frantically. "And you know what he said? Do you know what he said, brothers and sisters!? He told me to beware the false gods! That's right. Beware the false gods and the demons!" Irony, yet they'll never get it. Fools. "The false gods. Like the 'man' who walks like the Spider! Or the Devil that stalks the heretic neighborhood of 'Hell's Kitchen'! Or the pagan messaih Thor!"

"Praise Jesus!" They cry.

"Praise Jesus!" I respond, "Let me tell you, my brothers! Let me tell you, my sisters! Don't believe these so-called heroes! Jesus was a true hero, and he was humble! Humble as you or I! He never walked in robes of bright colors, nor did he grandstand like a buffoon! Don't believe them, for they are Lucifer's minions!"

"Praise Jesus!"

Phase one is underway.

Praise Loki.

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Default Re: The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG” - Season V

I chuckle at Warren's remark. And I turn the dial to raise the density of the "Ultrons" to that of adamantium.

"Thanks for the reminder, Warren." I say over the loud-speaker into the Danger Room.

"Now what now? What now?" I mutter, sending more Ultrons in. The X-Men need to be prepared. Many threats lurk over the horizon, and we need to be able deal with them.

Hmm.... my thoughts are beginning to sound like some sort of foreshadowing. I'd better do something to fix that.

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