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Default The Spirit Returns


Believe it or not, this story started out as a batman story. I just finished reading BATMAN: DARK VICTORY and decided I wanted to do a short story on batman. Nothing big, just a quick look at the relationship between Bruce and Alfred. So I knew what I wanted to write about but I had no idea how. What followed was the worst case of writers block I have ever had. was bad. It lasted for a couple of days until I decided to try something else. I have always found the best cure for writters block is to work on something else and then it will just come to you. But I still wanted to do something original. So I looked around the hype and found that very few people (if any) had written anything on one of the greatest heroes of all time. The Spirit. So I decided that The Spirit would cure my case of writters block.

Well a story started to develope. Then it became mroe complex. Then there was more characters and deeper plot lines until eventually I had given up on Batman and decided to go all out with The Spirit.

The story was easy, it practically wrote itself. But how to write it was a problem. I wanted all the good things of doing a 3rd person. Where you can describe the figure lurking in the shadows and what not. But I also wanted to get inside Denny Colt's head and hear what he thinks. But for that one needs 1st person. Then it hit me. Why not write it like a script? I could describe the setting and the characters but also The Spirit could narrorate over it. I started to write it and it flew off the keyboard. It was like I was 8 years old again and watching 'The Maltese Falcon' for the 1st time with my grandad. It was perfect.

The Spirit is such a great character to write. He has great villains such as Dr. Cobra. But his greatest villain is the Octopus (who's face was never shown in the comics, only his hands). Also he has the best group of femme fatales. Such as Silk Satin, P'Gell, and Sand Seriff (all apear in this story).

If you need the orgin of the spirit go here and click the link in step 2.

And here is a little teaser of what is to come. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

A hero returning to his broken city
A woman fighting the skeletons in her closet
A crime lord with connections everywhere
A master criminal looming in the shadows
A new hero protecting Central City
A crooked police force
and A terrible family secret revealed

Action! Mystery! Adventure! when The Spirit Returns

Action! Mystery! Adventure! when The Spirit Returns
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Default Re: The Spirit Returns

I'm really looking forward to reading this.

By the way, just because you write a story in 3rd person doesn't mean you can't get into the main characters head and express what he is thinking. One of my favorite novelists, Ted Dekker, writes all of his books in 3rd person yet you know everything that is going on in his head and they way he feels.

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Default Re: The Spirit Returns

i wanna read this

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Default Re: The Spirit Returns

I'd like to read this, too.

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