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Default The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Welcome to Season V of the World of Heroes DC Universe Role Playing Game!
Over the last few seasons we have witnessed the death and return of a hero.
We've seen the brutality of the Dark Alliance and the horror of a world almost over run.
The breaking of the Justice League and the redemption of a villian.

During the painful rebirthing of the JLA we were witness to the death of the world's most inspiring hero.

This season will be one of turmoil and adventure as heros struggled to reclaim lost lives, broken friendships and mourning, while the villians, suffering no such illusions, continue to plague the heros with deeds seen only in the worst nightmares of Arkhams darkest inmates.

This RPG is based off of post-Crisis on Infinite Earths and pre-Identity/Infinite Crisis.

If you want to take part in this, just fill in the application at the bottom of this post and we'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve.

This season on a trial basis only we are allowing two characters per person!


  • You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the DC Universe, as long as they:
Are to be established on Earth, as in, if Lobo is to be involved, he has to reside in a DCU Earth city...

Are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Shazam the Wizard. People like Superman and Captain Marvel are okay, though...

Are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as NO Pre-Crisis Superman, no moving planets, sneezing away the Milky Way, no amnesia kiss... EVERYTHING is set POST-Crisis, and Post-Zero Hour, in the current continuity of the character you are/wish to play/playing.
  • You can reside in any city in the DC Universe; anywhere is fine, as long as it's on Earth. YOU CAN NOW ALSO TRAVEL OFF-PLANET...
  • This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such.
  • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM.
    Don't be killing people without reason.
    Don't randomly kill NPC's.
  • You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Black Canary will lose against Superman one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away. (HA! Yeah ri-ght)
  • You should have a ‘home base of some sort, at least in the beginning when you’re not traveling...
  • Don’t kill a PC unless you have a plan to bring them back.
    Don’t kill your character when you quit the RPG, this rob's a person from playing that character.
  • If there is a problem between you and another player,
    or if you have question's please talk to one of the Gamemasters The list of Game masters is at the top of this post.
  • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
    There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.
  • No obscene topics!
What to do in the RPG-
  • Act like your character; ASSUME their traits and personality...
  • You can form super villain gang’s superhero teams, alliances, the works.
  • There can be a number of stories (or arcs) going on at once, using different people.
  • There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...
People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the first thread...

For more of the ‘rules’ see- RPG Etiquette


For a complete roster of characters currently unavalible per usage by a player, please visit the
"World Of Heroes" DC RPG Signup/OOC Thread.


DC RPG Season V Application

Screen Name:

Character you would like to play:


Group your character is aligned with (if applicable):

Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you plan to do with the character you've chosen (i.e. What are your goals? Will you be doing anything different with the character than is usually seen?):

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

Color and font you plan on using for your characters speech (Might not be applicable but it makes the roster pretty):

Do you have an Instant Messenger? Which one, and what is your screen name?

How did you find out about this game, Recruitment thread/word of post/seeing the RPG OOC/IC thread?

Please provide a small sample post with original content in the style that you plan to write your character in:

Fill out the application and post it in the "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season V Signup/OOC Thread

For those who are new to Role-Playing...

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

*saves post*

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

A Soldiers Story: Part One

September, 1976

Nathan Adams stared at the picture of his family through the cell's harsh light. Chrsitina holding baby Jessica and two year old Nate Jr. standing next to her with a wide grin.

"Adam, you got a visitor."

Barked the guard down the hallway. With a clank his cell door opened and entered a man with salt and pepper hair and a gray moustache. he was wearing formal military wear with a name plate that read

LT. Colonel Eiling

"Who are you?"

The man smiled

"Lieutenant-Colonel Wade Eiling, figure I'd talk to you before...well you know."

He stood infront of Adams and light up a cigar.

"Mind if I smoke? You know these things can kill you but what does it matter to you."

Adam looked at him coldly

"What do you want?"

Eiling chuckled and took a drag on his cigar.

"I just came here to thank you. You see you saved me a whole lot of headaches by volunteering for this suicide mission."

"What are you talking about?"

"See Adams I'm a man who's going places, changing things. People like you might not like what I'll be doing so I have to take care of them, Lieutenant James was one of those people as well."

Suddenly it dawns on Adam

"You son of a *****! You did this to me!"

Adams jumps off his cot and starts to choke Eiling. Two MP guards rush in and restrain him

"I'll kill you!"

Eiling smiled, he reached down and picked up Adams' picture.

"Nice wife, cute kids. I'll look them up, since they will be fatherless."

Eiling laughs and walks out of the cell

"I'll kill you Eiling! If it's the last thing I do!"

That's when the rifle butt strikes the back of his head. The image of Eiling's back would be the last thing Adam would see before the bomb.

__________________________________________________ ______________

And now I sit here waiting for the inevitable to happen. I'm under some sort of strange metal out in the desert, stripped down to my skivves and waiting for the atomic bomb six feet from me to go off. That son of a ***** Eiling will feel my wrath if I get out of this alive. He set me up for this. If I get out I get a full presidental pardon and a promotion to Colonel, and a chance to clear my name.


The only thought that goes through my head as the ground quakes is my family, and how I'll see them soon.

But what I didn't know is that being blown to bits was the easiest thing I'll have to go through.

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

Below The Bible Belt
Southern Hospitality - Delivered Monthly
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V


Officer Richard Grayson.

The title had always been... questionable. Not only to Dick, but to his co-workers. To everyone else, he didn't act on his duty as well as he should. He would constantly disappear, come in late, and sometimes never even show up at all. It was only questionable to Dick himself because it had gotten him fired, once. Before the madness. Before the destruction of Bludhaven. Needless to say, after that, they needed all the help that they could get.

Tonight, Dick was actually in-office. He had already checked the streets... They were clear. Usually, he'd at least encounter looters in the city's still suffering state, but tonight wasn't that night. A little bit of relief, on one hand. On the other, He was a bit disappointed. Because, for all of the trouble it got him into... He still craved more action in the city. He hadn't fought a real threat since the incident in Metropolis, about a month ago. And even then, it didn't last for five minutes without someone else ending it prematurely. Now Dick was on his own. Again.

Getting up from his desk, Dick turned as he heard the door to the office opening. He smirked, a little, as she walked in: Lucielle "Lucy" Vreemond, the newest officer on the force. Training with his former superior, Amy Rohrback, she had graduated with top honors from the Haven Police Academy just last month. Of course, that's not why she always caught Dick's attention. She was around his age, if not only a few months younger... Tall, blonde, and nothing short of gorgeous in all the right places. He had hated thinking that, at first, given that his hopes with reconciling with Barbara had still been very much alive... But in recent weeks, He had given up entirely. Their relationship had been rocky, as any of his relationships were... But the way she had left still left him bitter. At this point, He saw Barbara as a lost cause. It was time to move on.

His smirk growing wider as Lucy walked past him, with a subtle wink towards his way, Dick looked around at his co-workers, making sure they hadn't seen the small exchange between the two. Not only would it prove their points that Dick was, in their eyes, an unfit addition to the force... But it'd mean that Lucy would get fired, aswell. And he couldn't have that. At least... not yet.

Pouring himself a cup of coffee, Dick looked over, noticing Lucy carrrying a file box into one of the storage closets. Looking over once again, seeing that no one was looking his way, Dick quietly walked over to the closet aswell, and slipped in. Closing the door behind him, Dick turned, seeing Lucy as she turned around aswell.

"Miss me?", Dick asked, with another smirk, as Lucy gasped, not knowing he was there.

"Why, Officer Grayson... What would ever give you that idea?", Lucy replied, with a sly smile.

"Oh, it was pretty obvious. The way you fixed your hair. The perfume you're wearing, the kind I specifically told you that I liked...", Dick began, leaning in as their lips touched. "... The way all of the buttons on your shirt were already halfway undone...", He contined, with another smile.

Lucy laughed, as Dick began kissing her on the neck.

"One would think you rehearsed all of that...", She said, kissing him back as he found his way to her face again.

Dick merely laughed himself, as they continued, unbuttoning eachothers shirt's, all while the entire police department was unaware of what was going on, inside their own locked storage closet.

"You insult me, Officer Vreemond...", He replied, with another kiss.

But the truth was... He did rehearse all of that. He would never admit it, of course, but he had memorised every movement... every word or 'line'... as if it were an act. So he wouldn't get attached. For the game... It's nothing but a game. This is just playing the game. Nothing more. Dick couldn't help but think something else, as he and Lucy continued, doing things in the closet that would make Hal Jordan's hair stand on end. Something that almost gave him away, taking him out of the act... but thankfully, didn't.

God, why did I have to make it sound like something Bruce would say?

Hours later, He and Lucy said goodbye, as Dick was called in for a bulletin. It didn't take him a minute to get dressed again, as he rushed to his car, and sped off, towards his destination. From the report, it seemed that there was a disturbance on the East End. Or... the ruins of the East End. In a section that reminded Dick of New York's Chinatown, aswell. Even before he was alerted the more specific details of the situation, Dick knew which gang it was. And he smirked to himself, knowing it... Because he finally had them right where he wanted them.

Arriving on the scene, Dick rushed to one of his co-officers as they crouched behind a squad car.

"What's the situation?", He asked.

His question wasn't answered in words, but in bullets, as they both ducked, hearing them bounce off of the car's roof.

"That answer 'yer question?", The officer replied, in a thick western accent that Dick had mentally mocked too many times to count. "We got an anonymous tip 'bout an arm's dealin' that was goin' down. Said we'd better be prepared fer' the worst."

Dick looked up at the window of the warehouse the suspects were stationed in. It reminded him of an ancient chinese fort... And due to that, Dick knew the officers weren't going to make any progress from out here.

"Why don't'cha make yer'self useful fer' once, Grayson, and follow my le-"

The officer turned, seeing that Dick was gone. He looked, blankly, at the spot where Dick had been crouched.

"Well I'll be..."

Inside, the situation only grew worse. A gang of religious zealots, worshipping a chinese dragon God, had been plaguing Bludhaven's still destroyed state for months. No one knew where they hid, or why they attacked the city, but their assaults had left many of the limited resources to the city crippled. And tonight, they had enough firearms to wipe out the entire police force, if they had to. Many of them uncrating many technologically advanced state-of-the-art guns and grenades, some moved to the windows, opening fire on the police force outside.

"We're throwing ourselves a party!", One yells.

"Hell yeah, we are!", Another yells. "None of those rent-a-cops down there could've seen this coming!"

Except for one. But they didn't know that, of course.

"How much longer do we have to keep this up? I'm getting sick of wasting these guys! It's too damned easy!", Another laughed.

"Not long. We just need to load the remaining crates in the trucks out back. Then we're home free.", Came the reply from the leader of this particular assault.

"Hey, don't listen to him. Take your time! I could never get tired of this!", One of the first ones laughed, firing a machine gun at the cops below.

"Get that **** packed, man! The sooner we leave, the more we can shoot up later!"

"Hate to break it to you colorfully vocal gents, but..."

They all paused, hearing a faint voice behind them. A voice none of them knew... but would come to know all too well. And in a blur of motion, they all found themselves under attack, as he made his prescence known.


Nightwing spun, kicking another across the face as the punk prepared to open fire. Backflipping over another crate, Nightwing wasted little time in slamming his feet into another, before taking his escrima sticks and bashing two that were coming at him. One opened fire, hoping to blast Dick's brains against the wall... But they didn't know of Nightwing's agility, as he flipped, avoiding the bullets, before connecting a kick to the thug's jaw. Elbowing the one behind him, Nightwing took him by the arm, and threw him, slamming him into another one. A last one fired at him, from behind. Twirling his escrima sticks, Nightwing let the bullets bounce off of them once, before flipping into the air, and punching the thug with his knuckle, breaking the coward's nose on impact. There was a difference between them and him. They weren't prepared for this. He was. It seemed, these days, that Nightwing was prepared for anything and everything. And because of that... it took two minutes, flat, for Nightwing to take down the entire gang on his own.

The police force outside were aware of this, because moments later, the entire gang was thrown out of one of the larger windows, wrapped up in a thick, black cord, complete with an attached metallic throwing tool, in the shape of Nightwing's logo. Nightwing watched as they were arrested, from inside.

He breathed for the first time in those long minutes, letting himself know it was over. Well, for now at least. One gang down... One leader to go. Whoever it was... they were in for the beating of a lifetime.

As the arrests were finalised, and the gang members were hauled off in squad cars, Dick walked back onto the scene, back into his uniform. Lucy was there, aswell. Seeing Dick, she ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him.

"I was worried.", She said, as they broke.

Dick smiled again.

"Never be.", Dick replied. "This bird's got wings."

"I guess that's one way to put it.", Lucy responded, sticking her tongue out. "Wanna grab a bite to eat?"

"In a minute.", Dick responded. "Need to talk to Amy about something first."

She nodded, as they kissed again. Dick turned, walking over to his superior, Amy Rohrback, as she arrived on the scene aswell.

"How'd you manage to get inside?", Rohrback asked.

"Um... We didn't, actually.", One of the officers responded. "That one guy... the one they always talk about. He did it."

Rohrback immediatley looked at Dick, as he approached.

"What I don't get is how they knew that we'd be here.", Rohrback said, aloud, thinking to herself.

"I think I can answer that...", Dick responded, before pulling something out of his pocket. A piece of paper. Rohrback took it, and read it, looking up at Dick.

"What the hell is this, Grayson?"

"Tapped phonecalls. From an officer here. It was an inside job.", Dick responded.

Rohrback's eyes widened.


Dick turned, looking at Lucy.

"Who else? The newbie."

Rohrback was speechless, as Dick turned to her.

"I've been keeping an eye on her for the past month. The way I see it, they needed an inside contact to tell them when and where we were going to try and take them down. Because they had that info, they evaded us. And this is the only time we ever even came close to getting them."

Amy looked at Dick, for a second.

"But how do you know it was her?", Rohrback asked.

Dick reached into his pocket, before throwing her a cell phone.

"Look at the calls. Then look at the number on the challsheet I gave you."

Amy looked at them both. They were exactly the same.

"God. And to think I trusted that little..."

"HEY! What are you doing!?"

Dick and Amy turned, seeing one of the officers put cuffs on Lucy.

"I'M AN OFFICER OF THIS FORCE! UNHAND ME!", She yelled, angrily.

Looking at Dick, she put on a sweet face again.

"I think someone needs to lay off the drinks.", She said, indicating her arresting officer.

"Nope. Sorry, Officer Vreemond. He's quite sober.", Dick began. "You're under arrest."

Lucy's eyes widened.


"'Fraid so, sweetie.", Dick responded.

Lucy looked at him, angrily.


"What, everything as in the cheap sex, or everything as in the months' worth of decieving? Hate to tell you this, Luc', but you really have a twisted view on dating.", Dick responded, a little bitterly in his own words, as he opened the door to the back of the squad car, allowing the officer to put Lucy in it. She glanced at him.

"I really did like you, Dick...", She said, as a tear came down her face.

Dick crossed his arms, as the door shut, watching as the car sped away. Sighing to himself, Dick frowned.

"Yeah. I liked you too.", He admitted to himself.

He had tried to make it through the entire situation without getting attached to her... but in the end, he failed. Which made what he just did all the more painful to do. But in the end, it payed off... She was a criminal, behind bars, and he was... well, one step closer to taking down the organisation she worked for.

"You gonna be okay?", Amy asked Dick, as he turned, looking at her.

"Yeah. No sweat...", Dick said, even though his pain was obvious.

"Well, I have some good news. You know that drug binge that you were working on, when you came back?", Amy asked. "We found a crate full of them inside. These guys had connections to the same ring."

Dick looked at Amy, eyebrow raised.

"Really, now..."

It seemed that the arrest had payed off in more ways than one. Now, there was a reopening in a case Dick took to heart... And he could finally bring in the druglords that had plagued the city since the incident in Metropolis.

"I Love Lucy...", He said to himself, hours later, as he placed the mask on his face, and leaped out of an alleyway in the inner city. The drug case wasn't something for "Officer Richard Grayson" to handle. It was Nightwing's time to shine.

"What an irony.", He laughed... still trying to tell himself that it didn't hurt. Even though it did. He was tired of this... Tired of pretending he wasn't missing something in his life. Since Barbara had left, and his relationship with Kory had resolved, Dick's only form of dating had been exactly what he had done to Lucy: It was barely dating at all. But in the back of his mind, Nightwing knew he couldn't go on like this for much longer. He couldn't be like Bruce... alone, with nothing mattering to him except his mission. He wouldn't. He needed something pure... Something meaningful...

The bachelor routine was getting real old, real fast. He needed something real.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

IC: Jesse Quick

I can run at half the speed of light without a second thought, but right now, I'm finding it a challenge just to keep one foot planted in front of the other. I'm riddled with confusion and bemusement - where have I been all evening? where's my other shoe? - but I lumber on, one arm bracing itself against the wall. My head is bowed. If I look up, I may actually throw up, too. What kind of example would that set to Lian?

Wait a I even babysitting that little brat anymore?

I lurch forward, the nausea finally driving my to my knees; trembling, I attempt to rise again, but the gentle evening breeze buffets my fragile form to the concrete once again. Uh...I feel awful.I consider vowing never to drink again aloud, but realise that it's never going to have any real effect on me, so just content myself with laying still for a while. I thought doing that would allow me to gather the last reserves of strength in order to stand.

Unfortunately, it only seems to cement my muscles in place.

"Oh, look at that!"

A voice. Female, I think, though rather...guttural.

"A little blondie, fallen on the street!" a second mocked.

I have a very bad feeling about this...which is why I haul myself into a sitting position using a handle on a garbage bin. It promptly opened and emptied half of its contents over me. But that's the least of my troubles. There are five of the women, all dressed in strange garments - costumes that must have been inspired by the likes of the Joker. All are armed with the usual assortment of 'gang' weapons: chains, baseball bats, etcetera.

"Why don't we see what's missin' between her ears?" they cackled.

The mantra. It's my only chance.

"Three multiplied by, four...wait..." I have to rememebr! I have to! "Three multiplied by two, open bracket, nine...nine...nine YZ, close bracket, two A! No, three A!"

Why can't I remember? Why?! I have to...I thought I'd done it right, but nothing's happening...I cry out in pain as the first attack strikes me across the face in the form of a spiked chain. Blood sprays onto my lips, and the coppery taste lines my mouth. It tastes weird after a night of purely alcohol. Maybe I can take them without my powers: this sole thought drives me to my feet, sending garbage skittering across the concrete. I lunge at one of them, but my movements are painfully slow and sloppy; the girl easily side-steps the assault and brings her elbow down onto the small of my back.

As they continued to beat me, baseball bats and chains hammering down upon me, pain flooded through my frame, causing the whimpering attempts to recite the formula to sputter uselessly out. After a few minutes, though, I can't feel anything. I can hear the dull thumps of the weapons impacting upon my body...I can hear the malice-fuelled chuckles bubbling over their lips...but most of all, I can hear the fading sound of my own heartbeat. The next moment, I can hear nothing. And all I can see is...


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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

The Six Million Dollar Man

STAR Labs, 2100 Hours

"Son," Mr. Stone started, "These are not toys! Don't touch ANYTHING!"

Victor Stone circles his parents' lab. Victor just wanted to know how everything worked. "Dad, what does this do?" Victor asked while holding a small metal device.

"Victor," his father commanded in a loud voice, "I don't have time right now. Now put it down and find something to do!"

Eleanor Stone watched her son put the device down as his head sunk down. "Silas, aren't you being a little hard on him? He's almost an adult, you know," she spoke compassionately, in a way only a mother could.

"He needs to grow up," Silas responded. "And we are in the middle of something here!" With that he pointed his finger at the archway that stood ominously at the end of the room. "If we can just configure it correctly, we might be able to crack this code yet.." Silas muttered to himself. With the push of a few buttons, he made the archway glow as it turned on. "Yes!" the scientist exclaimed. "Finally," he began, "We have tapped into dimensional travel! And this, this portal is just the beginning!"

Victor stood at the other side of the room. He too was stunned by the portal. He slowly started walking over to it. When he was finally in reach, he thrust his hand into the portal.

"Victor, no!" his mother shouted. She ran quickly and grabbed her son.

"That's it, Vic! You've done it this time!" Silas shouted angrily as he stomped over to his son. He raised a hand to hit Victor when a noise echoed from the machine. All three of them turned to look.

That's when Victor saw it. Some sort of monster was coming through the portal. He watched his father race to the control panel.

"No, no, no...what have we done? I need to shut it down!" Silas said to himself. He quickly turned a switch and the portal turned off. But it was too late, the monster had gotten through.

"Victor, run!" his mother screamed as she lay on the floor. But Victor was frozen with terror. The creature loomed over Mrs. Stone. Everything was silent for a few moments, until the monster finally attacked. It slashed viciously at Eleanor Stone's face before ripping at her chest. No one in the room moved as the sounds of Eleanor's screams echoed off the metal walls. Within minutes, she was silent. The bloodthirsty monster now turned to Victor Stone.

Victor was having a hard time realizing that his mother was dead. Then, before he knew it, the monster was moving towards him. Victor stumbled backwards and fell onto the hard, metal floor. The monster was on top of him in seconds. He could feel it ripping through his skin, just as it had done with his mother. Just as the pain could get no worse, the monster stopped.

Silas Stone drop-shouldered the creature with all of his might. The portal was glowing once again. Silas looked at his mutilated son with sorrow and pity. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and used it as a weapon to beat the monster back into the portal. As soon as it was through, Silas turned off the machine and ran over to his son. "Don't worry, Victor, I'll help you. Dad will make it all better," Silas promised as he knelt over the bloody, battered body of his son. Then, for the next few minutes, Silas Stone sobbed...

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Previously in the DC RPG:
Waiting for Dick to respond, Dinah continued to stare up at the sky. She had always loved the way wind felt on her face, Babs joked about all the time she spent on her Motorcycle, just so she could go riding it, and feel the wind in her hair.
Her mother had always hated it, she’d never understood Dinah’s ‘wildness’, because it hadn’t come from her.
Dinah smiled, reaching up to touch the canary shaped pendant on her necklace. It was part of her comm., but Babs had fashioned it to resemble her mothers trademark choker. She was more like her mother than either of them had cared to admit.

“I suppose so.”

Dinah looked at Dick, trying to figure out what he was saying, it clicked, he was responding to her comment.
She nodded.
“Right. Think you’ll be okay for walking?”

“Yeah, think so.”

Dinah let go of his arm and slipped her mask off slowly, breathing in the sweet air. She was glad she wouldn’t have to go around the city having to smell the musty air from the filtration.
She smiled glancing over at the people her and Dick had managed to save. The little girl was snuggled against the woman, with the puppy running around shaking his tail and the two boys….they reminded her so much of Roy and Connor.

Picking up her bo staff from where she’d dropped it she smiled at the little girl receiving no response but wide eyes gazing behind her.

Spinning around she saw a blast energy heading for Dick’s back. There was just enough time..

Dinah lunged, catching Dick around the waist “Wha..” She heard him say before something tore into her.

It burned cold through her body, and while her eyes were closed they felt wide open and dry as tears came.
As her mouth forced itself open in a scream she faintly heard herself scream a scream that quickly turned into a sonic cry she could feel the sonic vibrations through her body.

Her skin felt white cold as her muscles burned hot, she felt each individual hair changing color a slow crawling feeling from the root to the tip, from blonde to black and as her mind raced to comprehend it all, flashes of smiles and tears went through her mind, her mother, father, Ted, Roy, Ollie…..
Through the scream she felt herself gasp, as seconds blurred into eternity.

In a flash it was all over as quickly as it had begin.
Dick barely time to realize something hit Dinah causing her to glow, before a canary shaped pendant fell clanging to the empty ground.

The deep booming noises of the building across the street droned on in the background, the last testament of a canary’s cry.


No, not water. The world. Colors, gold and blue rippled like water, as if looking up from under the water. A light shone from the middle fanning out into deeper tones

The world stretched out in a thousand directions, full of gold. Rolling hills of gold.


A woman sat bolt upright gasping for air as if she was drowning. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed in deep, throwing her head back she stretched out giving her lungs more room to grow. Tears brim her eyes as pain shots through her body in waves, one right after the other, the force of which causes her the shudder uncontrollably.

Her shudders slowly abate and she looks around. She sat, her arms behind her holding her up and her legs bent in front of her, amidst tall yellow grass that was as tall as her shoulders, covering her nudity. Miles and miles of rolling hills covered in golden grass, she looked like a tiny speck of peach and black with golden emptiness all around her. The sky was wide and clear, its blue washed out by the bright sun that hung high in the sky.
A soft breeze pushed threads of her black hair forward and then died, allowing the subtle heat to over come her before another zephyr dance by again, causing the tall grass to roll in golden waves.

She looks around blankly for several minutes before something catches her eye. She tilts her head up to the sky and watches as streams of color, blue, yellow and white fly across the sky. She brings her hand up to cover her eyes and squints, confusion evident before the colors fade in the blue horizon. Letting her hand drop back down she slowly puts her arms to her side, propping her up. Pain again shoots through her body and she arcs back slightly to relieve it. Realizing for the first time she’s naked she sits up straight and brings her hands over her chest, even in the emptiness of the surrounding area.

“Oh my!” A female voice comes.

The woman spins at the sound and looks up to see three people staring down at her.
The woman steps forward, clothed in a long sleeved white leotard that goes down into an attached tight little miniskirt that stops mid thigh; a long blood red cape is attached to the shoulders of a large scooped neckline that shows off the woman’s large breasts. Her straight strawberry blonde hair stops a little below her jaw line before curving under. Her facial shape was one of regal, yet sedated beauty, she could have passed as the beauty of the School in any retro High School yearbook.

“What are you doing here?” She asks.

A man standing next to her speaks, his blonde hair done in a classic 50’s style, his blue body suit covers his form and is accented by yellow boots, gloves and cape. Two yellow lines run down the side of it starting under his armpits and running down till they merge with his boots. A yellow mask covers his eyes.

“Maybe she’s mute?”

The female had come closer and she gave a little gasp, and the man stepped next to her. His eyes went wide and he blushed at the sight of her naked, yet he quickly took off his cape and draped it over her frame in a sincere fashion.

The woman pulled the fabric around her and stared up at the two figures in silence.

“She looks confused, why would she be in the middle of Montana? Naked of all things, something must have happened to her.” The female smiled and reached her hand out.
“My name is Splendor; this is Power and over there is MidKnight.”

She motioned to a third person, previously unnoticed by the woman. A male, his suit in tones of blue and purple, each merging into the other that the woman couldn’t make out from this distance the unique design of it; however it did lack a cape. He leaned nonchalantly against a gold jet-like aircraft.

“We are members of the Justice Legion.”

That seemed to break the confused silence the woman had.

“Justice League.”

Splendor shook her head.
“No, Justice Legion. Who are you?” She asked, her body movements friendly and sincere.

The woman looked up at her confused, Splendor’s face had a friendly smile and the sun reflected off her orange hair. The woman’s face furrowed in concentration as she reached into her mind trying to pull out her name. Finding instead nothing, nothing, no name, no memories.

“I …don’t know.”

Power crouched down, sitting on one heel.

“Well, I didn’t see any wings…” He said smiling. Splendor nudged him.

“Stop while you’re ahead.” She teased.
“It’s a good thing Power spotted you during a scan over the area, you could have been left out here.”

“Where is here?” She asked, her voice flat.

“This…” Splendor motioned “Is Montana, a little territory in the middle of the country. You are in the United States of America.”

“We should get her back to Metro City HQ” A rough voice said.
The heroes and the woman turned to look at MidKnight as he popped open a hatch. The three people exchanged looks before Splendor nodded and turned back to the woman.

“We’ll take you somewhere to get checked out.”

“But what if she’s from around here?”

“We’ll bring her back.”

Power looked thoughtful before smiling and scooping the woman up. He walked her over to the plane and set her down gently next to it allowing her to place her hand on the shining gold surface of it for balance.

A dark blue glove emerged from the hatch way and the woman grasped it stepping inside, where she sat down in the single passenger seat behind the pilot’s chair. MidKnight slipped into it silently and buckled in as the engines slowly came to life with a soft whisper.

The woman looked around, bright displays covered the area around the pilot and clean silver panels lined the rest of the inside, a stark contrast to the shiny gold metal on the outside of the craft. She buckled her seat careful to keep the lightweight cape around her body and protecting her modesty. There was a muted sound of airplane engines starting and then nothing. She looked out the window expecting to see the grass below whipping past as they sped away, however she saw nothing but clouds and a patchwork of fields. Over and Splendor skimmed along the clouds effortlessly in front of the plane. She marveled at the speed and noiseless flight of the aircraft and turned her eyes on the ground below as it whizzed by. The quilt blanket patterns of the farms below turned into sprawling suburbs and then Cities before reverting back into wide open farmland and grasslands. Colors merging into colors, lines into lines. Slowly her eyelids began to lower and her eyes glazed over before her eyelids closed completely.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

It's been a good long while. A few months to be exact. So much had happend, so fast, it came down all at once. The destruction and rebuilding of Star, Dinah coming back, which surprised the hell of all of us, and what happend in Metropolis. It felt like I had died again and my mind was clouded with so many thoughts of the past. Which brought me to think of when I'd get the time to play "catch up" with Dinah. But I decided to wait until she was ready. No matter how long it took.

I turn, and look at the city from here. After all the days, and weeks, everything was still being rebuilt. I remember it like yesterday. Myself and Sinestro coming to help the best we could. Me feeling like I failed countless lives, and seeing all the streets lit on fire, the buildings destroyed and all the people lying there. Dead.

Never again would I let it happen. Never again would I feel the failure running down the back of my neck. Never again was I going to put this city through something like that. EVER. Not while I'm still standing.

I watch and see two kids down below, their parents watching them, as they looked at the near by park being repainted. They were too young to understand the purpose of the repainting. But still. It made me happy to see there was some sort of faith going around. As if some were thinking that it could've been worse, or that they were still keeping strong with whatever they lost, and hoped for a better future.

That's why I was here now. To give them that future. I didn't care what the cost of it would be, so long as every inch of Star was back to it's normal state. Even if I died trying.

I pick up the pen next to me, to fill out a the paperwork left on my desk. I wasn't getting up until each of them were finished. Suddenly, I hear a buzz on the phone, and put on the speaker.


"Mr. Mayor, you have a call from Mr. Davidson of the local contruction company, on line one."

"Patch him through immediately, and please Lilly, call me Ollie."

You'll never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling.
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

A beautiful day in Fawcett City, as Captain Marvel soar to the blue skys looking over the streets and buildings, for any sign of danger. A smile came over his face, when thinking he wasn't needed at this time of day. The smile suddenly vanishes when the little boy in Marvel remembers something...

"I'm late for School!!"

Marvel lowers himself a bit, and watches as the people below start pointing toward him, excited by his presence, knowing that he was watching over them.

When Marvel gives a little wave, and continues to hover over them, he sees smoke rising from a nearby building, and makes his way to it. Once there, he sees people screaming from the balconys, and his eyes widen, when someone is pushed off the side, falling to their death. It was a woman, who screamed from the top of her lungs.

Marvel flew toward her, grabbing her by the arm, as she was inches away from the streets, she grasped his wrist with both her hands, and was in awe by the entire situation.

"Don't faint on me now Ma'am, I've got you, just hang on tight."

She nodded, following Marvel's words, and Marvel himself knew it was her way of saying thank you. Marvel sets her down gently, near a fire truck, and by luck, there had been a few paramedics already at the scene.

"Get this woman, to a hospital quickly. She has a few cuts and bruisers, and is still traumatized from her fall."

One of the paramedics, answers with a bit of a shocked and amazed voice, by the save itself.

"Su--sure thing Cap!!"

Marvel turns around, and still realizes he has a fire to take care of. With people still inside the building, and out, Marvel quickly made his way to one of the fire trucks. He whipped out the hose, then flew to another truck right beside him and did the same. He pushed both trucks so they would aline together, then wrapped each hose under both of his arms.

He flew up, and directed them to where the fire was growing more with every minute. Then turned around to the firemen near both wheels.

"Let the water go!"

"You got it Captain!" Marvel hears one of the firemen say.

The water is unleashed, and at first, both hoses move in a sort of awkward direction, but Marvel is able to control them, and watches as the water makes the fire vanish in minutes. Marvel flys back down, and sets back both hoses near the trucks. The people out of the building begin to cheer, as well as the firemen, and the citizens just happening to watch the whole thing take place.

But Marvel catches something on the very edge of the building's roof, while looking up at the people, and excepting all the handshakes and thanks he had recieved. Before letting the perp get away, Marvel quickly flew back up again, this time to the roof of the building, while the same people watched again.

Marvel wasted little time, and saw the crook running for his life to the other side. He panicked, and even with Marvel watching him, he attempted to jump. No, threatened to, if Marvel even made a small move.

"Y--you ain't gettin' me! There's no way I'm goin' back to the slammer, I--I just got out! I did my time already!"

Marvel remained in mid-air, trying to talk the young man out of it.

"Just calm down, I'm sure there's a way to settle all of this. And believe me, jumping off this building here, ISN'T the right solution."

Calming him down wasn't working, as he himself began pacing back, nearing the edge more.

"Get away from me! Don--don't come any closer, or I swear I'll do it!"

Marvel paused for a bit, looking at the man. A few seconds went by, as the man slowly started to grin. He was mad. Mad out of his mind, it was like he almost wanted to jump. But Marvel wasn't going to let it happen, so, with a blink of an eye, Marvel lowered himself to the center of the building, leaving the crook alone.

"H--hey, where'd he go?" The perp mumbles to himself.

He suddenly lets out a big yell, and realizes that he was now in the air, turning around to see it was Marvel who had taken him down. When the two finally reach the streets, Marvel makes his way to two officers. One of them comes up to Marvel, and takes the criminal from him.

"There's your firestarter officers."

Both policemen looked at eachother in awe, one of them bringing out handcuffs, while the other looks at Marvel.

"How do you know he's guilty of it, Captain?"

Marvel soon responds with a smile on his face.

"It isn't rocket science, officer. He blankly admitted it while I was catching him back on the roof. He also admitted that he had been in prison before."

The other officer takes the crook back to the police car, and Marvel watches as the crook lowers his head. Knowing that he was going back to prison for good this time. Marvel shook the other officers hand, and like before, the people cheered again. But Marvel couldn't stay to celebrate, because once again he was late even more. Billy had been late for school that very morning. So Marvel took to the sky again, and headed for C.C. Binder Elementary School.

Once there, Marvel didn't waste any time with landing by some bushes, making sure no one saw him in the process. Marvel stood tall, then shouted out, "SHAZAM!"

"Holey Moley!!" Billy said.

"I better get to class, or Ms. Winsberg is going to give me detention for the second time this week!!"

For Billy, even if he didn't want to admitted right there, this was just a same ordinary day as any.

You'll never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling.
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

IC: Brainwave

Location: Civic City

"Y'see Mr. King, the building's starting to look quite nice ain't it?"
"Certainly. Improves by the day." Henry King replied with a simple smile as he looked at the foreman. He was dressed in a sharp business outfit, amplifying his natural charisma. His time in Kahndaq had given him a bit of a tan as well, giving him a kind of exotic look. Before him and the foreman, a dozen workers were busy with the remaking of a building that had a special place in America's history.
"Y'know, I still can't believe it. To get the job to rebuild the JSA's first headquarters."
"A dream job, I'm sure."
"Did I ever tell you how Wildcat saved my life."
"Only a few times."
"Oh. Do you have any connection with the JSA?"
"You could say that."

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Two hours after the Battle of Metropolis:


My own people are sneering at me.

Diana bowed her head as the armour-clad guards poised beside her led her on a solemn march through the winding paths of Paradise Island. Disgusted female citizens shot scolding glares at their princess, oblivious to the tears of shame rolling down her cheeks. her body was still encased within a cocoon of pain, the wounds torn open during the fight for Metropolis still fresh. Resisting the urge to tremble, Diana allowed the guards to stay in control.

Even if she had wanted to break free of their grasp, there was nothing she could do after that. Memories of her brawl with the Eradicator echoed through her mind, and she inwardly cursed herself for being so careless. How had she let the android batter her so? Superman had dispatched of it, but Diana felt her performance was nothing more than poor. The skills her mother had passed down to her had dimmed with the time she had spent as a princess, rather than a warrior.

"What have I done?" The words rumbled over her lips with little enthusiasm; learning her crime couldn't make things better, after all. Her voice emerged as little more than a thin rasp, her throat croaking in protest. "My leaving Themyscira is not enough to warrant this arrest."

"That's not why you're here, Diana." That unfaltering tone could belong to only one woman.

Diana raised her gaze as the guards halted, their arms snapping upwards in a salute. "Artemis. Explain all this."

Artemis had changed in Diana's brief absence. Attired in a crisp black robe, a tiara resting atop her head and her fiery braids now short-cropped, her lips were pursed and she appeared unusually alert, even for the hunter she was. "It's not my place," she responded softly. Descending the marble steps, she pressed her lips against her comrade's forehead, and locked her orbs onto the princess'.

The message conveyed was unmistakable - farewell.

"Farewell, my friend," Diana whispered, her tone forlorn.
* * *
Two months later:

"So, mother, you have finally decided to grace me with you presence?"

The manner of the mock enquiry was sardonic and riddled with sarcasm. Queen Hippolyta stepped into view, her olive-hued gaze resting upon her muddied daughter. With a heavy sigh, the mother knelt before the mystically-enhanced bars containing Diana, slowing her escape if she managed to break free of her similarly enchanted manacles. She reached out with a hand, her fingers caressing Diana's cheek.

"I am sorry I have not seen you sooner," Hippolyta greeted. "I was told not to."

"By who?" Diana demanded. She drew back from her mother's touch as if it were infected. "This Oracle I keep hearing so much about? What has she got to do with my imprisonment here?"

"I cannot reveal too much, Diana. I still love you, but there are prophecies --" Hippolyta began tentatively.

"To Hades with prophecies!" Diana interjected, her entire being tainted with rage. "And to hades with you! You are no mother, witch!"

Hippolyta rose, scorn pursing her rouged lips. "Diana...I have to go now. I have business to attend to. Please, re-think your statement. I am just doing a duty."

"Perhaps that's your problem: you are constantly fulfilling your duties as a queen." Diana slumped back into the dirt of her cell. "What about your duties as a mother?"

Shaking her head, Hippolyta turned away, and Diana exhaled in frustration. What have I done to deserve this?


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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

IC: Dr. Mid-Nite

It's all so dark. I c-can't see a damn thing. Get up, damn you. Don't screw me on this, get up. There's this dull ache in my right arm. That, and a huge piece of glass. Clenching my teeth, I pull it out. I'll be alright. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Bricks. shattered glass and dozens of bricks. What is this, rubble? Of course. The bomb. I feel around, trying to find a way out. It's so damn cold... how long have I been out?

I entered into the light. It practically blinded me, again. I tuck my glasses into one of the pouches on my belt. Momentarily, I put them back on, so as to take in my surroundings. Williams Street. G-Georgia? I don't think I've ever been to Georgia... what is going on?

I've got to find Dinah. She can help. She always has. I wonder... how many friend do I have left? I remember the couriers, the Clock, Jack, and the Spirit- I think maybe the Icicle was with us. What happened? So tired.
But I must soldier on. Whoever did this to me better hope I never find out.
Georgia. That's a ways away from Maryland. I hear a voice. It's somewhat familiar. I put my glasses back on- I'll get used to the bright.

"Hey. You survived, too, huh? I always thought you had it in you. Come on, Doc. Let's go home. No worries, I'll drive."

Jack. And here I thought I was rid of you.

MODOK Says: "Release the somna-gas."
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Screams come from every corner of this place. Fear and madness bleed from the walls. What is this place? Is it hell? Not quite. It the dark spot of the Earth. The digusting deformity on the surface of the Earth's face. It is Arkham Asylum. Today in Arkham it is having a very special guest a reaporter, Jessica Taylor. She has just graduated Gotham U. and has came up with idea that would jump start her career. She had gotten through the front gate and was escorted to a an older looking man.

"Good Evening, Ms. Taylor, I am Dr. Jeremiah Arkham" he extends his out. She grabs his hand and they shake.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Arkham. I hope all the arrangements are all set" They all begin to walk and enter a row of cells. All the eyes coming at them.

"Yes but there is something I should warn you with and that is the nature of the patients you wish to speak with well how should put it dangerous"

"I understand Doctor but if..."

"Alright but I'm warning you. I've set you up with one that could actual speak to you and would actually have a conversation with you he has a thing for written material." Arkham then opened another door. "This is where I live you. A guard will be with you at all times so don't be too afraid and one more thing. Whatever you do do not, and I can't stress this enough, approach the Joker. Be careful and good luck on your article"

Jessica and the guard moved down the long corridor. She looked and saw many faces from the television and newspaper. Shouts and screams came from each cell. Closer and closer they got to their destination. A single chair was place in front of the cell. The guard went on tapped on the glass with his night stick.

"Crane! Your guest is here!" the guard yelled

"Jonathan Crane?" she approached the cell but when she got to the cell. She jumped back a little. This is the man that has been terrorized for Gotham for years.

"Did I scare you Ms. Taylor? It's nice to meet you" his face twisted into some kind of evil grin. "Sit down we have much to talk about"

"A screaming comes across the sky. . ."
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Location: Space, International Space Station (ISS)

"Attention, NASA. Pfft. This is Space Station ISS, we have something to report over."
“What is it, Colonel?”
“We appear to be seeing another UFO…Pfft…this ones different, though. We notified Russia Space commission. They believe it to be another failed rocket of some sort. Thought we’d check with you before we did anything, over.”
“Jim, you know we haven’t had any launches since Discovery. Our last two shuttles were grounded, over.”
“No, sir, we aren’t seeing a shuttle…it’s uh, something else.”
“Well can you describe it? Over.”
“Well um…its like a gray box…but it’s really shinny. It’s got some solar panels and uh…its got three glowing dots on its side. Any ideas?”
“No clue. Maybe Luthor has something up there. We’ll check with him.”
“I’d hurry.”
“Why’s that, Jim?”
“Well…it looks like its changed course and uh…headed right for us.”
“Ok. Stay calm. We’ll get Luthor on the phone immediately.” Suddenly, the ISS heard a huge crash in its lower level. Col. James looked out the side window, and lost sight of the mysterious UFO.
“Uh..NASA. I lost sight of the UFO. We got a bang or something down below. Probably a meteor, nothing big. I’ll resume contact in a few minutes. That ok? Over.”
“NASA? Read me, over?”
“Be calm, human life forms. There is no need for alarm.” The monitors in the room suddenly became black with three green dots forming a triangle on them.

“Do not try to resist, you’ll only delay the inevitable. I have now commandeered this vessel.”
“NASA? Mayday. We have a virus.”
“I warned you not to resist, human. will have to accept the consequences of your actions.”

"Anything Worthwhile is Perishable."

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

It has been several weeks since the sacrifice. Many weeks I have traveled this world. After Superman fell, there was a period of relative peace, as if the entire world was taking a long moment of silence. The peace did not last long, but it was enjoyable.

During my travels I helped out where I could. But these last few weeks I found myself spending most of my time in two places: Star City and Metropolis. After the endless night in Gotham I has spent a month helping Star fight the crime that had nearly ripped it apart. Lieutenant Mitchelson and I work well together, and stopped many crimes and gangs. And my presence in Star, then and now, aggrivated Green Arrow to no end. And I must admit, although I am unsure why, it is almost as much fun to anger the Arrow as it was to anger Jordan.

But right now, I am not in Star City. I am flying over Metropolis, his home. Many heroes have been working in this city at various times to make up for his loss. And we have actually done a fair job of it. Today alone I stopped a bank robbery, a terrorist missle attack at the airport, and saved some catlike creature that had escaped from the zoo.

And now, I felt it was time to pay a visit to someone I had been avoiding. I fly up the side of the building to the proper window and tap on it. I hear a ruffle inside and the curtain flings open. The expression on the woman's face is a combination of surprise, happiness, and hope. Upon seeing me, it instantly turns into sadness, with a hidden strength behind it.

I wonder why...oh, she thought I was him.

"I am sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Kent."

"No, no, that's ok. Heroes have been coming to see me ever since..."

"They wish to honor your husband, and you, as do I."

"How did you..."
she says with a look of concern.

"It was not difficult to determine his true identity. The other members of the League called him Clark. And I read about Clark Kents 'death' during the battle. Besides, I have the entire Justice League computer database in my ring."

That last remark makes her smile. "You're...Sinestro, right? Used to be a Lantern? Used to be a villain?"

"Yes, I am, and I was. But I have changed. I am a member of the Justice League now. Probationary, as the Lanterns continue to remind me."

"I see. Would you like to come in?"

"No, thank you. I just wanted to..."

"What is that?" she says, looking at my arm.

I look down at the gold armband with the outline of an 'S' on it. I have been wearing since it happened and had forgotten it was there, I had become so used to willing it into existence. "I understand it is a tradition many humans subscribe to. I felt it fitting, and since I cannot make it black..."

She has tears in her eyes. "It is a lovely gesture."

I nod. "I came to thank you, and thank him through you. He gave me an opportunity to prove myself when others would not. He saved my life and had faith in me. I could not let that go without saying how much it meant."

"Thank you for saying so. I know he'd appreciate it, because I do."

I nod again. "You are welcome. Now, I must go. Good-bye Mrs. Kent."

"Good-bye, Sinestro."

I leave and fly into the heart of his city...

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Hub City...

Well this is it my life has hit a brand new low

"Welcome to Super Burger How may I take your order" This is what happens when you do favors for friends. You see I agreed to stay in America and help my friend No Face out with some Twilight Zone ****, thats what we have been calling it. Although the problem is that living in Hub City is that it's not cheap and one must go out and find a job. Here I am now in America's first ever super hero theme cholesteral palace.

"Ok I'll have two Shazam shakes, three bat burgers and two freedom fries" I cringe at everything he lists. "Oh what accent is that" I let out a sigh one of them wants to talk.

"I'm from England"

"Oh England, I have family out ther...." I turned off the mike I didn't even tell him how much he owed me.

A few mintues later, I guess the guy was talking to himself for awhile. He face is red so now I'm going to have to deal with a piss off customer.

"Hey buddy what the **** is your problem. I've been talking to myself and maling myself looking like a fool"

"Well 'buddy' I guess I just don't give a **** " he looks at me wide eyed. I guess I reached my boiling pointed today with the job. I grab his food and toss it at him and then I proceed to toss his shake at his face.

"That will be $7.75"

"**** you! Let me talk to your manager!" a very portly men walks up behind me and grabs me by my shoulder.

"Constantine What the hell is wrong with you!" I turned around and stick my middle finger right in his face.

"Get out of here YOU'RE FIRED!" I throw off my hat and smock and storm out of the place. Well thats that. No more job I hope No Face has found out any more leads with his case. I open the door to my apartment and crash on the bed, I wish I was back in England. I close my eyes and open them back up and I'm there.

"Haha I'm back"

"Not quite" I turn around and there he is


"Yes it is me who else would I be" Well I guess things are about to get interesting

"A screaming comes across the sky. . ."

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

The Man of Steel

I believe in Metropolis.

I believe it can be rebuilt better than it was

I no longer believe in heroes.

After my city was attacked by villians and a virus. The so called heroes came in and while they saved many, they also destroyed almost a billion dollars worth of property. Homes, offices and schools where destroyed and I'm the only one left to pick up the peices. Clark's dead, Conner's in a coma and I'm not sure where Kara is. Only Sinestro sticks around and helps and I'm greatful for his help.

"Uncle John, We've almost got the Warren bridge rebuilt."

My neice Natasha. she's also a big help here and a damn fine welder to boot.

"Thanks for the update Natasha. From my estimates where almost twenty five percent done."

It's been a little over a month since Rudy Jones killed Clark. The world is still grieving, I suppose I am too in my own way. I wear a black armband with the S sheild on my work clothes. A lasting tribute to the man who showed me what it meant to be a hero.

I put my welding helmet on and get back to work on the once proud city of Metropolis. Apparently it's up to me to be the new man of steel.

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

Below The Bible Belt
Southern Hospitality - Delivered Monthly
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Six Million Dollar Man: Part 2

"Well gentlemen," Silas Stone said, "This painstaking process is complete." He put down the scalpel and everyone backed away from the body on the operating table.

That body was the body of Victor Stone. A week earlier, Victor's mother, Eleanor Stone, had been killed by a monster that came through an experimental inter-dimensional portal. The monster then began to attack Victor before Silas Stone forced it back to its home. The damage had been done, however, and Victor's body was mutilated and heavily-damaged. Being the scientist, Silas developed a plan to not only save his son, but also to put himself on the map. Silas would use advanced prosthetics to make up for what his son had lost.

"Sir," one of the nurses said, "Victor won't be conscious for another couple hours. I advise you to be careful when he wakes up. The shock may be too much for him to handle."

Silas stared at the floor for a few seconds before speaking. "You may not understand this, but I promised my son that I would help him. Sure, he may never get back what he lost, but with these prosthetics, he can be more than any mere man has been before." Another nurse came over and put a hand on his shoulder. Silas started to cry once more, he had been doing that a lot recently.

Several hours later, Victor regained consciousness. He stared at the pure white ceiling above him. Something felt...different.

"Hey, son," Silas spoke softly as he entered. "No, don't get up. You need to rest for a little while longer." Silas's hands were behind his back. He hesitated for a moment, pondering what he should say, "Listen, I knew that I was going to have to be the one to do this. The accident did more damage than I had anticipated."

"Dad," Victor said, barely able to speak, "Am I going to die?"

"No, no," Silas said with a soft chuckle. He rubbed his forehead before speaking again, "Victor, I tried to come up with every method possible, but nothing seemed plausible. In my desperation, I went through with a rather risky plan. Now, listen, the operation was a success, but," he stopped, not wanting to continue. Silas pulled his hand out from behind his back and he was holding a mirror. "Son, I want you to know that I still see you the same way."

By now, it had already clicked in Victor's head. Whatever happened to him had changed his appearance. He slowly grabbed the mirror from his father's hand. He closed his eyes tightly when he raised the mirror. Then he looked at his appearance. Victor thought he was going to faint.


The criminal ran with all the strength in his legs. "Stay away from me, man!" he screamed. He turned his head back and checked the alleyway behind him. There was nothing there. Then the criminal ran into a trash can. He flipped forward and slammed against the ground on his back. "Ow..oh God..." he murmured to himself in pain. Then he felt something brush against his leg. He gasped loudly before screaming, "Please! No! I swear to God, I'll turn myself in, please!" Then it brushed against his leg again, this time he saw it. It was a cat. "Oh Jesus," the criminal sighed, almost laughing at his stupidity, "You scared the s*** outta me, cat."

Cyborg grabbed the criminal around the throat and lifted him off the ground. "You keep hurting yourself, and my job is going to be MUCH easier," Cyborg said coldly. He then thrust the man against the brick wall, still maintaining his grasp. "I'm going to ask this ONCE," Cyborg threatened, "And I want a straight answer."

"Where are the Titans?"

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

(*Post written by LibrarianThorne; Who made us believe a man can fly... even if only in an RPG *)

It took a week for the full news about Superman to spread throughout the globe. The announcement of his death at the hands of the Parasite was a blow to the entire world. The President's shocking revelation further rocked the United States. Stocks fell across the board, and the world entered a depression at the news. Only then was it reported of odd geological movement in the arctic. Strange thermal signatures, odd ice flow movement.

It wasn't until the following Saturday that it was confirmed. The shuttle Enterprise, set to meet with the International Space Station, spotted an odd sight above the arctic. A column of light, shining a familar symbol out into the depths of space. Col. Ronald Finnigan, commander of the shuttle flight. was recorded as saying, "My God. It's his shield, isn't it?" Scientists at NASA and other think tanks around the globe calculate the position of the signal, the exact center of the arctic north. Then, when those findings were cross referenced with the thermal signatures, it was discovered that ther was some facility, apparently recently activated, in the heart of the north pole.

The first to see it were explorers from every nation. These weatherbeaten and determined men and women came upon a sight that they would take to their graves. They made landfall on warm ground, in the midst of a colossal, fifty thousand foot sheet of ice. Glowing S-sheilds lined the walls surrounding the pathway, forever recorded as Temple Way by the Chinese party that first discovered it. These intrepid explorers pushed on into a fantastic world of light and color, and after a fifteen hour trek came upon the breathtaking sight of the Fortress of Solitude itself. It stretched high into the sky, almost monolithic in its imposing stature, but there was a strange feeling of peace that pervaded the structure and surrounding area. They walked under a sixty foot hologram of Superman in flight, and walked through caverns that the Greek team would say "rivaled the halls of mythic Olympus itself."

Then, at the end of their trek, they came to the burial chamber. All were struck speechless at the sight. The room glowed, and above them floated twelve black-clad and silent guardians. Many attempted to record the event, but were vexed to discover that no recording devices worked inside the chamber itself. Cameras, tape recorders, digital cameras, nothing recorded anything more than static.

After the explorerers reported their findings, mourners began making the sojourn to Superman's final resting place. First came the powerful and influential, world leaders and heads of international conglomerates. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, spoke after he saw Superman's body. His speech was televised around the world, and in those places where televisions weren't available, radioes carried his words. Across the globe, millions tuned in to hear or watch the first man to speak after seeing the body of Superman.

"It is a... powerful sight. No man can dispute Superman's impact on all of us, human and metahuman alike. He worked tirelessly to help people who needed him, regardless of race or country or creed. In his example do we see the best in ourselves. However, as powerful as Superman was, he still had his flaws, the same as any other man. President Lex Luthor of the United States provided very compelling evidence that the heroes who protect us are just as human, if not moreso, than we are. I will not mince words, as it is my profession to do. This moment calls for clarity and truth and that is what I will deliver. Superman was, if not our mightiest, then our most noble protector. His loss is now, as it was many years ago, a great tragedy. But after seeing what I have seen, this monument to a hero, I cannot say that I am disheartened. His example will, and should, live on in each of us. WIthout him here, it is up to the population of the world, from the leaders to the citizens, to make this a better world than the one he left. Thank you for listening."

After the announcement from the Secretary-General, scores of people made their pilgrimage to the Fortress. They came from all over the world, for Superman had touched the hearts and minds of millions. They came to honor their fallen champion, some came to pay respects to a man who had saved their lives. Only two, out of all the millions that came, went to mourn a son.

It did not take long for names to be attached to the spectacle of the journey. The Fortress became known by its UN designation: Temple of Peace, a name given it by Annan himself. The shimmering shields became people's waymarkers, and oddly areas around the shields felt warm and comforting. These waystations soon became a haven for another breed of traveler: those that worshipped the Man of Tomorrow as a messiah.

They could be heard at every station, people garbed in blue cloaks, faces bared to the world. Many had his sheild tattooed upon their forehead. John Rickman, an eighteen year old who had been but twelve when Superman fell against Doomsday, was among the most vociferous. He had been saved by Superman from a burning orphanage moments before it collapsed, and in that moment, when a young boy saw a hero so battered, an unshakeable faith was born.

"Do not mourn him! Fear not, in these dark days, and do not despair! He will come again, as he has done before! He survived the destruction of an entire world, and came on wings of fire to this one. Nothing of our Earth, much less one pathetic Parasite, could lay him low! We still need Superman, and he knows this to be true! He WILL COME BACK!"

But, as the weeks dragged into months, despair reigned. Superman had miraculously risen from the dead only five weeks after his death against the monster Doomsday, but as the second month after his passing fell by, many lost hope. The Supermen of America officially disbanded two months to the day after Superman's death. But not all grieved the loss of the Man of Steel.

Deep in Suicide Slum, in one of the few freestanding buildings left after the cataclysmic war that had rocked the city, voices cheering with jubilation could be heard. Once the news of Superman's passing had been confirmed, a mass breakout of Stryker's Island (still heavily damaged from the two previous mass breakouts) was staged. Dozens of newly-freed criminals celebrated at the Prankster's behalf. The debauchery would live forever in the underworld, and its name would be spread far and wide. The Superman's Dead! party was truly epic in scope.

And, finally, lying in a bed in Metropolis General Hospital was the last victim of the Genesis Strain, and one that struck the survivors most dear. Superboy, the young clone of Superman, lie motionless and still. Doctors and nurses, the best from around the world, could not bring the young Boy of Steel out of his coma. Most attributed the strange effects of the disease on Superboy's unique body chemistry. How could they heal a young boy who wasn't fully human? How could they develop cures for a man who had never gotten sick? Despite the medical community's best efforts, Superboy remained lost and alone.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V


What a beautiful day.
A beautiful day in Metropolis. When is there not a day in Metropolis that isn't beautiful? Even during all of that craziness a few months ago, the day was gorgeous.

Is this the right place? Of course it is.
Ambulances, people in wheelchairs, death all around me. It has to Metropolis General. It's even more beautiful than the weather.

I stroll inside. My...look at all of the sick people. It's like an masochist utopia.
I walk up to the counter. Look at all of the nurses and ER doctors rushing around.
"Hello, sir, can I help you?"says the nurse at the counter, in thick New York accent.

"Why yes you can. I'm looking for my brother. He goes by the name of Gog."

"You're his brother...Oh...I see it, yep. I didn't know he had a brother. Then again, we don't know much about him anyway. He's on the third floor, room 12. Can I have your name please?"

"My name is William. Might I ask, what is your name?"

She blushes a bit. She obviously finds me attractive.

"My name's Alicia. Hope your brother feels better after seeing you."

"Why thank you Alicia. I'm sure he will feel MUCH better after he sees me."

I head up to the third floor, and room number 12. I find Gog asleep, on a hospital bed. His spine has been crushed, and is paralyzed from the neck down. His jaw was also broken, and has been wired shut so it can heal. He looks like a worm. A useless, broken worm, that no longer deserves to live.

"Hello Gog, or should I say, William."

He wakes up, his eyes wide because he knows my voice, or should I say, his voice.

"Don't be surprised. You knew this day would come, didn't you?"

I shut the door. There is no lock, but who is going to visit a supervillian with no family in this time.

"You might be asking 'Why do I look so young, compared to when you came to this time?'. Here's the answer. Before our home was destroyed, we were studying about the Metropolis crisis in history class. We read about the battle between myself and Superman.

I saw a picture of you,or me, and I realised, at that young age of 10, that I was you. I was supposed to come back in time, try to kill Superman, and be made a fool of. Then Topeka was destroyed, and I decided to focus my life on becoming you, or becoming me. Instead of focusing my life on killing the man who saved me, I decided to focus on trying to stop the destruction of Topeka.

I developed the armor, recieved the powers you had. For ten years, I trained with my powers in far off galaxies. I never developed the power to time travel, till I realised you did not either. You killed Rip Hunter, an old and dying man.

So I killed him, stole one of his time traveling belts, and came here. To take up the mantle of Gog. To take it from you. So...Farewell William."

I place my hands at my throat and I break it. I look at my heart rhythm monitor, and it is flat. I teleport out of the room. I would have teleported in, but I did not know which room or floor he was in.

I teleport to my home between dimensions. I throw off the trenchcoat, go over to where my helmet sits and I put it on.

Now for phase two. Find Superman and warn him of my plans.
I go to the computer I brought from my time.
It has every single historical record until the day I left. I could go back, but I don't really need to.
Where is he...
This is odd...
Something has changed...
Something has...
He is dead...
But how is he...

It seems that the world is already changing. But with his death brings mine. I can never return to my time, or else I will cease to exist. Good thing I never plan to return.

Seems like phase two is useless. Lets move onto phase three then?

Operation: Annhilation.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Lex sitting behind his desk in the White House's Oval Office.

He is meeting with his advisors concerning an upcoming international summitt. Among the topics: Global warming, the continuing Crisis in the Middle East, and the hearings on the Super-Hero registration act.

Secretary of State Wilson says, "Mr. President as much as it pains me I have to agree with Secretary Powell that there is no way we can remain silent on the issue of the Middle East. We have to say something one way or another."

Lex replies, "Douglas, I repsect your opinion on international affairs more than anyone else in this administration or country. However, at this time we cannot afford to be drawn into a conflict in an unstabe region when we have so many other situations going here at home. I have called the Governor and the Mayor of Metropolis authorizing them to declare Martial Law if they have to. If we turn away from that situation we could be looking at mass-rioting and panic in the streets with so many Rogues holding a Superman is dead party."

He lights a cigar and says, "Besides the summit is over 2 weeks away and if we have to then we will burn the midnight oil right up to the last minute planning and advising, and no I haven't forgotten that the Summit is right here in our own backyard."

His staff looks somewhat concerned and Lex smiles, "Trust me, have I failed to deliver at point thus far in my adminstration."

His staff looks around and begins to look a little more relieved. Lex then says, "Beside I have you all on my staff. You all are some of the brightest and best politcial minds that this town has ever seen. I have every confidence that we'll be just fine."

Lex looks at his watch and says, "Ladies & Gentlemen the hour is getting rather late I suggest we call it a night for now. We've made some good progress, but there's still much more to do. We'll meet again tomorrow over lunch at 12:15 and we'll get some more progress made then. All-right?"

Everyone nods and says, "Thank You Mr. President."

Once they have left the room Mercy crosses over to Lex and says, "The Middle-East situation, you already know how it's going to turn out don't you?"

Lex says, "I have been doing some secret negotiations with both sides. They don't want to be seen as being weak by mentioning the words 'cease-fire' or 'compromise'. However both sides realize that their war of attrition is becoming futile. So to save face they sent secret envoys to me to oversee secret negotiations for them. By the time the summit starts the crisis will be pretty much a moot point."

Mercy says, "Willing to help for a price I am assuming."

Lex turns to Mercy and says, "Anything for...World Peace my dear." He chuckles low.

He begins stairing out the window and says, "I want to believe it Mercy I truly do, but I have been to this party before. I refuse to believe that he's gone yet. Things are well for me, and just when I think things can't get any better..."

He slams his hand on his desk. WHOMP!

Lex says glaringly, "He shows up and ruins it all. Regradless though according to the latest opinion polls over 55% of the cournty is in favor of some kind of registration act. If nothing esle I have given those costumed freaks something to think about."

Lex turns to Mercy and says, "Call Hope and meet me in the gym in half-an-hour. We'll have a sparring match before we settle down for the night and I tuck in..."

He stops for a moment and says, " I still can't bring myself to say it yet. I've been to her grave once a month and I still don't believe it. I think part of the reason I refuse to believe he is gone is that if he isn't gone then maybe somehow someway she won't be gone either."

Lex closes his eyes and shakes his head. He says, "half-an-hour."

Mercy nods as Lex leaves the room.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16
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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Originally Posted by Watchman
Screams come from every corner of this place. Fear and madness bleed from the walls. What is this place? Is it hell? Not quite. It the dark spot of the Earth. The digusting deformity on the surface of the Earth's face. It is Arkham Asylum. Today in Arkham it is having a very special guest a reaporter, Jessica Taylor. She has just graduated Gotham U. and has came up with idea that would jump start her career. She had gotten through the front gate and was escorted to a an older looking man.

"Good Evening, Ms. Taylor, I am Dr. Jeremiah Arkham" he extends his out. She grabs his hand and they shake.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Arkham. I hope all the arrangements are all set" They all begin to walk and enter a row of cells. All the eyes coming at them.

"Yes but there is something I should warn you with and that is the nature of the patients you wish to speak with well how should put it dangerous"

"I understand Doctor but if..."

"Alright but I'm warning you. I've set you up with one that could actual speak to you and would actually have a conversation with you he has a thing for written material." Arkham then opened another door. "This is where I live you. A guard will be with you at all times so don't be too afraid and one more thing. Whatever you do do not, and I can't stress this enough, approach the Joker. Be careful and good luck on your article"

Jessica and the guard moved down the long corridor. She looked and saw many faces from the television and newspaper. Shouts and screams came from each cell. Closer and closer they got to their destination. A single chair was place in front of the cell. The guard went on tapped on the glass with his night stick.

"Crane! Your guest is here!" the guard yelled

"Jonathan Crane?" she approached the cell but when she got to the cell. She jumped back a little. This is the man that has been terrorized for Gotham for years.

"Did I scare you Ms. Taylor? It's nice to meet you" his face twisted into some kind of evil grin. "Sit down we have much to talk about"
"Hey! Wanna hear a joke?"

At the very end of the long corridor in Arkham's darkest recesses - the place that held the most depraved criminal minds in the world - there was one cell that contained the most twisted mind of all. The one individual that Jessica Taylor had been told to avoid at all costs. Arkham Asylum's most infamous inmate.

The Joker.

"Oh, Ms. Taylor! Why do you want to talk to Crane? He's as dry as The Queen's vagina. I'm much more interesting. Why won't you come and talk to me?"

His body was pressed against the reinforced glass of the cell, pasty-white palms splayed over its surface. She had been told to stay away from him, and she wanted to. She knew all about The Joker, what he'd done. It was the stuff of nightmares. But still, something deep inside her made her look round at the demonic figure that knew her name. The Joker knew her name. That thought brought a fresh surge of fear, like an icy chill down her spine.

His face was just like it was in the papers, and on the news. But looking at it in person, it was even more terrifying. His eerie grin hair, often well-groomed on the outside world, hung down unkempt, strands dangling over his face. The infamous grin was present and correct. No matter how many times she'd seen it, she still didn't know how he could hold such an unnatural expression. The grin was inhuman, peeling right back up his face, exposing the yellowing teeth and thin, off-colour gums. It was a smile by name alone. It bore no connotations of happiness or friendliness that a smile is usually associated it. The Joker corrupted it. Made it into something monstrous.

But that wasn't what made The Joker terrifying. Not really. It was those eyes. At first glance, with how wide-open they were - and how they darted around - they seemed wild, manic. But as Jessica stared at them, was drawn in by them, she realised this was not the case. These eyes were cold, calculating. Dead. The Devil's eyes. And looking into them, Jessica could see right away that the crazed, cackling madman was just a mask, just like his ghoulish face was like a clowns' mask. Those eyes told her that underneath, there lurked something far worse. Far more than just crazy. Something...evil...

"Don't you want to chat? I'm ever so lonely, Ms. Taylor. Ms. Taaaaaaaaaaaaaylor? MS. TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYLOR!"


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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Billy ran as fast as he could, passing all the lockers, and seeing the halls empty. A lot of the students were already walking into their classes, and as Billy finally made it to his own, the bell rang, making him safe for the first time that week. Billy entered the class carefully, fearing that Ms. Winsberg would give him some kind of punishment anyway.

Billy took a seat, opening his notebook, and started taking notes of what today's chalkboard had. He looked over at another students desk, wondering what page everybody had been on already. That's when Ms. Winsberg turned around, and took notice.

"Billy? She said in an abrupt voice. "Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?" She continued, while walking up to him.

Billy looked back down on his desk, realizing that he shouldn't have done what he did. Yesterday, Billy was given detention for being late, and not completing an assignment he was given. And spent the rest of the afternoon finishing it, making sure there weren't any errors, so he wouldn't get a poor grade. The last thing he wanted was to recieve it again.

Ms. Winsberg asked again.


"N- no, Ms. Winsberg."

He felt embarressed. Everyone was looking at him in an odd manner, and for that moment, Billy was wishing he was invisible. Ms. Winsberg raised him an eyebrow, then decided to give him a break, by walking back to the chalkboard, and continuing today's lesson.

A few hours passed. Billy watched the clock, eager for school to end so he could write today's report for WHIZ studios. He continued to write his notes, when Ms. Winsberg asked the class a question.

"So class, what was the year George Washington became president, and died?"

Billy hadn't been paying much attention, as usual. But he did however, know the answers to both questions. Afterall, he wasn't spending all that time in the library for nothing.

Another student, and Billy both raised there hands. Billy hoped that Ms. Winsberg would pick him, even with his behavior, and to his suprise, she did.

"Billy, do you know the answers?"

Billy froze for a moment. Reflecting what he had read about the past president. It all came in an instant, and Billy didn't hesitate anymore to answer.

"George Washington became president in 1789. And died in....1799." Billy finished saying with a big smile on his face. Happy that he knew he would be right.

Ms. Winsberg was a bit shocked by his response, and lowered her glasses a little to look at Billy, before pushing them back up again. Then wrote Billy's answer on the chalkboard, and turned back to the students, looking directly at him.

"Well done, Mr. Batson, you are correct."

As soon as Ms. Winsberg said so, the bell rang again, signaling that today's class was now over. Billy at the the beginning first thought it would be another bad day, but couldn't have been more satisfied that he had done well today.

He walked back down the hall to his locker. Opened it, then took his backpack. Billy then rushed outside again.

"Holey Moley, I've got to get to the studio!"

For the second time that day, Billy rushed back to the bushes, then looked to the left and right of him to make sure there wasn't anyone looking. Then, he stood tall once again. "SHAZAM!"


In seconds, Marvel was in the sky, heading for the studios. Flying faster and faster, passing street lights, cars, and all the people below him. The sign of the studio was clearly visible, and Marvel starting slowing down as he drew closer. He landed behind the building, there, there wasn't anyone in sight. "SHAZAM!"

Billy entered, and rushed to begin writing his report. "Captain Marvel stops burning building, and helps police catch crook."

You'll never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling.

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

Metropolis. A city in need of a hero.

A circus of reporters, police officers and random passers-by surrounded the First National Bank in New Troy, at the centre of Metropolis. There was a stand-off. A bank robbery had changed into a hostage situation when the police had arrived. Two innocent civilians had already been violently executed by the robbers. More deaths were threatened if the police tried to interfere. As the frenzied media recorded the unfolding drama, every reporter made sure to mention that Superman's absence was sorely felt, now more than ever.

But then, something appeared in the sky. Distant, but quickly drawing closer. Soon, the mob on the ground outside the bank were abuzz with speculation.

"Look! Up in the sky!"
"Is it a bird?"
"Is it a plane?"
"No, it''s...something else..."

Black Adam had arrived.

He swooped low, sending some of the gaping onlookers tumbling to the ground. Without any hesitation, he burst through the wall of the bank. It was all over in seconds. The robbers didn't even have a chance to think about how to react. Black Adam snapped the neck of the first one, and before his body had even hit the floor, he'd punched a hole through the face of the second one. The Swiftness of Heru. The Strength of Amon. The Wrath of Adam.

There was only one robber left. A trail of urine was already expanding down the leg of his jeans. Under his stocking-mask, he was already crying crocidile tears.


Was that how the man and woman these monsters had murdered begged? Did they cry? Black Adam's face contorted with fury as he grabbed the robber by the back of the neck, and flew out of the bank to confront the people waiting outside. He flew upwards, hovering above their heads with the criminal in his grasp.

"People of Metropolis, my name is Teth-Adam, or, as many have taken to calling me, Black Adam. I am the ruler of Kahndaq. I have come here to America because, with the death of Superman, you need all the help you can get. For quite some time now, I have remained in my home country of Kahndaq, and while my people embrace me as one of their own, much of the rest of the world views me with hatred and suspicion. We fear what we do not understand. It is for that reason that I have done things in the past that I am not proud of. But now, it is time to make amends."

Black Adam was aware of the flashes of cameras, but chose to ignore it. He focused on the people, the expressions on their faces.

"I want to show America, and the world, that there is still hope. We have lost one of our greatest protectors, but a statue in Centennial Park is not enough to remember him by. It is our duty, as people of Earth, to continue what he started. Rid the world of crime, and hatred, and evil. Lex Luthor, your President, wishes for all metahumans to be registered and constrained. Superheroes should not be smothered under beurocracy like everything else. We have a power to cut above a corrupted, compromised system of so-called "law and order", and deliver true justice. Crime is constantly rising, because the rules of society accomodate the criminals, and patronise the victims. Prisons are a joke. Enough is enough. This man before you is a murderer. There can be only one punishment..."

With one swift motion, Black Adam ripped the robber in half, sending his bloody remains splattering all over the masses below.

"It's time for heroes who dont just patrol the world...they change it."

His statement had been made. Black Adam flew into the sky, away from the circus below. This was only the beginning. Soon, the people of Metropolis, America, and the world would see what a superhero could achieve, providing they had the conviction, the iron will, to do what was necessary.

He was going to change the world...

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Default Re: The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

A robbery in Keystone.

A fire in the forests near Coast.

A hostage situation in Central.

A Father's work?


I wake up from my sleep, opening up my eyes and turning to Linda, my beautiful wife.

"Your turn," I say.

She groans and throws her legs off the bed. She struggles up and walks toward the bedroom door.

"Superhero, my ass," she says, grumbling.

I go back to sleep for a split-second just in time for a yelp of pain.


I kick into high gear and throw the covers off of me. They reduce speed as the float off of me. I put my feet on the carpet and phase through the bedroom door into the hallway. The door behind me explodes (no time for safety phasing) as I run to Linda. She's still standing in front of the kids' door. I lower my pace to speed of sound so I can speak to her.

"What's wrong?"

She looks at me, slowly.

"Ssssssssstttttttaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc elecccccccccctrrricittyy..." she says slowly.

I stop and move back to normal speed.


"Static electricity. Nothing universe-shattering," she replied.

Damn. For me, overprotectiveness is a full-time job with MANY false alarms.

"The kids all right?" I asked.

"Why don't you blow up the door and find out? I didn't have enough time," she asks, chuckling. I look back at our bedroom door.

"Yeah. Funny," I said sarcasticly. I open the door. She grabs my shoulder.

"Be careful. The Clock King might be in there," she smiles, kissing me on the cheek.

I open the door and we walk towards the crib where my babies are. I pick up the girl, wrapped in pink and try to hush her to sleep.

"Hush little Iris, don't say a word. Poppa's gonna buy you a mockinbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, poppa's gonna get you a-" I look at Linda, who's holding Barry, "- a Green Lantern's ring."

We manage to get the kids to sleep and walking through the splinters of the door that once was, get back to bed.

"Well, since we're up..." I let the idea drift off.

"Goodnight Wally," Linda said, going to sleep.

I sigh. "Goodnight Linda. I love you."

"I love you too."


"You're turn."

Girls are like an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in bacon: confusing yet delicious...

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