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Default Favorite Catwoman


Julie Newmar
Lee Meriweather
Eartha Kit
Adrienne Barbeau
Michelle Pfeiffer
Hallie Berry
Anne Hathaway


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Chris Pratt for Indiana Jones
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Default Re: Favorite Catwoman

Adrienne Barbeau for me personally. Personally, I prefer Catwoman to NOT be blonde but oh well. For one - I loved her gray costume, still my favorite design for her. Second, I like in this she was this high socialite who was an animal rights activist. The idea she was a thief and stealing, but it was using to fund a good cause gave her this kind of Robin Hood edge. I feel this background also helped make her connect with Bruce Wayne more unlike the others. Cause Bruce Wayne could get behind a young, wealthy woman who is fighting for a good cause... at least until you bring up the stealing bit.

Pfeiffer, well she was pretty but that was not Catwoman. She doesn't steal, she's got some mental problems (though understandable) and overall felt they just took the Catwoman name and look and left everything at the door. Honestly, I am okay with making Catwoman having some problems like other Batman rogues. I always felt she did already as a sort of adrenaline junkie (and I mean that very loosely). Nothing against Pfeiffer, she did well with the material it's just that Burton is not the king of subtlety.

Hathaway really did not do a bad job. She had the look and performance down. Strong, confident, she stole so got something right. I was on board for the most part until that one scene where they are dancing and she claims to do more for people than all the rich guys in the room. OK, I'm not defending these evil fat cats, have you...BUT WHAT THE HELL DID SHE EVER DO FOR ANYONE? Hell, at least give me a Robin Hood angle where she's stealing but at least she's giving the money to soup kitchens or something. Or when Wayne gets back and she jokes "maybe I like it like this" why would she joke about that? Why this little ice princess game? And in the end I did not buy she was Catwoman for some odd reason. Again, nothing against Hathaway I think maybe it was the script or Nolan's direction. I didn't hate it mind you, it just didn't really click with me.

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