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Mistah K88
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Default What got you into Batman?

Hello all, I'm sure this has been done before somewhere but I'm still a newbie compared to you guys and it will be a good opportunity to get to know where the Batman love came from. Is it diffenrent from your first time encountering the Bat?

I wasn't truly a fan until I started watching Batman: The Animated Series on Fox Kids every afternoon in the 90's. Even though I still watched the 60's Adam West show religiously (you'd be surprised on how many old shows they re-ran in the 90's), it still was BTAS that had me become a Batman addict, and I have been one for about 16 years and counting.

What was your first Bat experience? What got you into Batman?

I will return...same Bat time, same Bat channel...

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Watching BTAS as a kid.

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Night time sharpens...
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Same here; watching BTAS on TV as a kid. I swear, that show shaped my childhood. After that, there was no turning back.

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The Oldest Geek
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Early 60's comics (pre Adam West) that my
Mom brought me home from the drugstore one day. (No such thing as a comic book store back then)

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

I freely admit I'm a band-wagon-hopping n00b who owes it all to Heath Ledger and TDK, and desperately hopes that there is still time to read all the comics and watch all the shows so I can catch up with everything I missed of this awesome fandom.

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Real Hero
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Adam West's Batman and later Batman the animated series. Not to mention Tim Burton's Batman movies. =D I kind of stopped being a Batman fan after Batman and Robin but when the news of Batman Begins began i remerged!

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Return of the Jedi
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

The Burton films. I think the first superhero movie I ever saw was "Batman Returns" when it first premiered on HBO.

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Trust Me.
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

B:TAS and Tim Burton's Batman films.

I was big into Superman when I was a kid. And they always paired him up with Bats, so that's how I first knew about him.

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superhero fan
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Originally Posted by Mistah K88 View Post
What got you into Batman?
A spaghetti dinner and the best bottle of red wine I could get for 14$! Boo ya!

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Gonzo Journalist
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Good thread.
My grandma. My first Christmas card from her was a Batman one. Joker was tied up in front of a Christmas tree and Batman was standing beside him with his arms crossed. And of course she showed me the movie in 89. I think that was the first film I saw in theaters and my first movie memory. After that, we rented the Batman movie from 66 and watched it a lot.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

What got me into Batman was Adam West. And I don't mean Adam West's TV series. I mean Adam West himself, flesh and blood. This is a bit lengthy, but it's a cherished memory to me, so...

It was April 1986; I was nine years old, and my older brother took his girlfriend, my youngest uncle (about three years younger than my brother), my older sister and me to the World Of Wheels Auto Show in Omaha. By this point I knew about Batman from Super Friends and old episodes of the TV series, as well as this old oversized TPB of Silver Age stories my brother once had (which I remember specifically for having a kick@$$ spread of the layout of the old '70s-era Wayne Tower) - but like Superman, I wasn't particularly interested in the character at that time because by that age I had already been exposed to live-action science-fiction and fantasy - the classic SW and ST films, etc. I'd seen starships travel at warp speed and lightsabers crash into each other, so a drawing of a flying man didn't mean squat to me, let alone a guy in a mask with no powers; it took the Reeve films for me to develop any genuine affection for Superman.

Anyway, my real object of fascination going into this auto show was the chance to see KITT. I watched every episode of that show every night it was on and just thought it was the coolest TV show ever made, so now I was going to get to see him up-close. But see, I've always been grossly naive. I still am, in spite of myself. And upon seeing KITT in person I was less than dazzled. Not that the car itself looked bad at all, but it was just a deflating experience for the hyper-imaginative nine-year-old that I was to see with my own eyes that the car was just a car. It didn't talk. It didn't carry on conversations. It was just sitting there, lifeless. I think that's when the reality of deception that special effects are meant to create sank in to me for the first time; not coincidentally, I didn't watch Knight Rider anymore after that.

What does this have to do with Batman? Well, of course, Adam West and Burt Ward were going to be making one of their usual appearances at this show, as was the old TV Batmobile. We get to the bottom floor of the Civic Auditorium, and lo and behold, there's the car, and just looking at it - with that fiery red trim and all the little gizmos on the dash, the pipes sticking up outta the back, the red bats on the door and the hubcaps - it really lifted my spirits. I don't quite know why; certainly this car was no more capable of wondrous feats than that stoopid Trans Am was. But there was something about that car that made it a fun thing just to look at.

Then the magic hour arrives, after we've been standing there ogling this wonderfully-kitschy double-bubble-topped icon, when Adam West and Burt Ward make their triumphant appearance. Of course, this is 20 years after the show, so West is pushing 60 and Ward somewhere around 40 by this point. But what made this great? They showed up in costume. This was back before WB's legal strongarms put a stop to that. But I gotta tell ya, even at the age that they were - 'cuz you could see the years starting to creep in around West's mouth - they didn't look all that much less in those suits than they had in 1966. Anyway, they do their customary little show of Bat-skills - West hefting one of the chairs at their signing table over his head - and the line forms for people to pay their $35 to pick out of a stack of photos with most of the actors' handwriting already printed on it so that they can just sign your name and be done with it. There was a funny moment (for me) where as I'm getting in line, these two kids who were about five years older than me are trying to get West's attention by shouting "HEY BATMAN!!! IS SUPERMAN YOUR BROTHER???"; this was where I rolled my eyes, as even I knew that Superman was from the planet Krypton.

Anyway, I shook Batman's hand in an ecstatic daze while he signed my name (which the attendant had already printed on the back so he could spell it correctly - that's Batman for you; always thinking ahead). And while there were a thousand other kids there that night getting the same, I didn't care then, and I don't care dust off an old chestnut, I shook hands with the ***damn BATMAN.

And that is where my Batfandom began.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

The animated series for me... that's why I dare not to pick up the series on dvd, because it might have lost something over the years.

Then of course, picked up a few comics then got some of the tpbs over the years... got Dark Knight Returns, Long Halloween, Year One... and I was hooked.

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The Chris
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Well, it was actually birthday plates and cups. It was my fourth birthday, and I was out with my father looking for birthday plates, and then I saw Batman plates and cups, and that was that. Started watching the movies, then the animated series, which made me a HUGE fan of the character.

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The Joker
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Batman Returns. It was the first Batman related thing I saw, and I loved it. Then BTAS came along. And then I watched Adam West's Batman show.

And it just kept snowballing from there...

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Batman TAS for me. In my fourth birthday my parents made a Batman themed party, my dad bough me a cowl in downtown, it was kinda weird, it had the batlogo on the forehead, was black with yellow lines ala Adam West. They also bought me a Batman piñata. I never knew whatever happened to that cowl .

Then I started my pseudo-collection of Bat-toys. I never had a costume accurate Batman toy, and I always asked for one like that. I also had a BTAS Joker with the MOTP suit, and a Batcave. Anyways, most of that stuff got lost. Then when I grew older, mostly I watched the movies and the DCAU. And then I got hooked to the DCAU, and bought all the volumes of BTAS, then STAS. And watching Justice League.

But I admit that I reavived my Batfan inside was when I watched the trailer for Batman Begins in the cinema, I remember shouting to my family when the trailer started, the words Bruce Wayne was saying, I recognized inmediately it was Batman.

And after seein the movie I started into the comics, I read The Killing Joke. Then a couple years later came The Dark Knight.

In resume.


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Brightest Day
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

For me it was BTAS as well. I watched the burton films after that and as the years passed I read some of the comics as well. I became addicted .

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

BTAS. As huge a comics fan as I am, I still find that show to be the highest mark of achievement for the Caped Crusader, it made Mad Hatter and Mr Freeze in to some of the best villains ever, which of course were then just naturally ignored by the comics to date

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

My dad got me into batman, i watched the superfriends cartoon back in the late 70's. so i fell in love with batman and the batmobile when i was a kid.

and now i'm co-host on the #1 batman podcast show helping batman fans every month get their news and info on batman and his universe.


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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Watching Superfriends on Saturday mornings and catching reruns of the Adam West show. My Uncle also started me on the comics at that time and I had my Mego Batman and Robin. I remember having a towel pinned around my neck pretending to be Batman. Thats where my costuming In 1989, Burtons Batman just took it all to another level for me. Its been a wild rider ever since.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

I was born in 1989. So with Batman merchandise everywhere my first toy was a Batman. I dressed up as Batman almost everyday. I grew up with BTAS, the 60's tv show and the films. I got into comic books during my early teens and ever since it seems the addiction isn't slowing down. I'm running out of room in my house to hold all my Batman stuff lol.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Batman 89... When I was 2 years old.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Back when I was 5 years old in 1988 the station that is now the CW out here used to air reruns of both the Batman and Superman filmation cartoons starting at 7. So every morning that was my breakfast routine then when I would come home from school they'd show reruns of the Adam West series at 5pm that was the beginning.

A year later I found Batman #440 in a newsstand and bought it with my own money. My cousin also handed me down the Untold Legends of Batman and the Strange Saga of Rupert Thorne when he saw my interest in comics and Batmania was in it's prime at that time and like everybody else I was caught up in that and it pretty much solidified my Bat fandom for life. I can't believe it's been that long all this really does seem like yesterday.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

My Grandfather. For as long as I can remember, whenever I was visiting, we would always watch the Adam West Batman on TV.

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The Sage
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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

The Adam West reruns that used to be on FOX 5, I think. From there, it was Batman 1989, and I've been hooked ever since. I was five when it premiered. First exposure to a dark Batman.

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Default Re: What got you into Batman?

Well i have been into batman since i can remember. I had action figures i used to play with and such, but what really got me into the comics of batman was just how real it all felt. The city and the heroes and villains all of it. So to me that was very interesting to read.

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