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Lord Doom
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Default Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow (IC game thread)

Beyond: The RPG of Tomorrow!

Gamemaster: Lord Doom
Assistant Gamemasters: The Question and JinnSato

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of... well... YOU! That's right, welcome to Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow! This RPG is centered around a new and exciting universe that takes place in the year 9977 A.W. (A.W. means After War). This RPG was designed specifically for players to live out their wildest science fiction fantasies. Here is the basic history of Earth and the universe thus far:

Earth: It was a world full of war and wonder. A world inhabited by a young race of beings known as Man or, humans. Over the years, humans have been able to influence their surroundings in new and often dangerous and unexpected ways. Man had evolved from undersea creatures, to land mammals, to the upright beings they are today. However, Man was not yet done with evolution. Some humans began developing strange new abilities. Some used their newfound abilities to fight crime and protect the innocent. While others used their powers in more selfish ways.

Now we go to a world many, many lightyears away from Earth. This world is known as Varn. It is an incredibly dark and evil place, completely covered in a black fog that poisons any creature not native to Varn. On this planet, there lived the Varnor. The Varnor are an evil race of spectral-like beings. They have no true physical form, instead, they "possess" inanimate objects and use them to influence the physical spectrum. While the Varnor may only be able to physically harm you when they have possessed an object that would allow them to do so (a suit of armor, a sword, a gun, etc. They usually prefer cloaks and weild long, poison-tipped swords), they CAN poison or telepathically harm you.
This world was soon discovered by a Carpen (a race of beings who resemble humans but are much stronger) known as Xandir Karn. When Karn discovered this world, he is horrified, and fears that the entire universe will soon be consumed by this evil. Karn gathered many of his race and formed a resistance whose goal was to defeat the Varnor and wipe them from the face of existance. Eventually, a group of intergalactic police known as The Protectors, came and discovered planet Varn, as well as Karn's resistance. They decided to help him and gave him a weapon of incredible power, sword, which Karn used to become an increasing threat to the Varnor.

The Varnor decided that it was time to destroy their enemy, Karn, and his allies, as well as the Protectors. They attacked a freighter near Karn's homeworld. This freighter was piloted by Karn's sister, Sy. They captured Sy and took her to the surface of their homeworld where she soon succumbed to the poisonous atmosphere, and died. The Varnor then stripped her of everything but a necklace she wore, and kept her body intact. When Karn discovered the body of his beloved sister, he took the necklace (which was, as the Varnor predicted, a precious family heirloom), and traveled to the Protector headquaters of Tamriel 0, in order to enlist their aid once more.

Little did he know, a Varnor Infiltrator had hidden itself in the necklace that belonged to Karn's sister. Once Karn reached Tamriel 0, the Varnor left its hiding place and headed towards the Sword of the Gaurdian (which supplied energy to all the Protector swords throughout the universe). There, the Varnor introduced a virus which infected the Sword and, in turn, every Protector in the universe. Soon afterwards, the Protectors were destroyed by the virus which had plagued thwm, including Karn (who caught it from a female Protector he had made love to). With no one left to oppose them, the Varnor took over Tamriel 0 and rebuilt the planet in THEIR image.

Word of Tamriel 0's fall reached Earth, and the heroes left the planet to defeat the evil which they feared would eventually reach Earth. Sadly, the Varnor proved too much for the heroes of Earth, and they were beaten, unmasked, and executed.

Soon, Earth's villains made their move, and attempted a world-wide take-over. However, the villains became too greedy and began fighting each other, starting a large-scale war that destroyed many of Earth's greatest cities.

Years later, a group of powerful peace-keepers arrived on Earth and were shocked at how ravaged the planet was. These beings consisted of many races, and they formed an alliance known as the Knights of the North Star. The Knights believed that Earth's corruption would prove too much for even THEM to handle, so they allied themselves with a race of poweful beings who fought evil using psionic weapons and telekenesis. They are known as Setzers.

Soon, they wiped out the evil that had plagued Earth for so many years, and brought about a new wave of peace for the blue planet. The Knights gave them a new source of energy, the same source they used to power their weapons and armor. The Knights' technology was solar-powered by the North Star (which is a sun many times larger than ours). They developed a way to harness the power of their sun even from billions of lightyears away. With the Knights' new source of power, pollution came to a stop, and our technological advancements skyrocketed. Earth began creating space-crafts to explore the universe and discover new planets and galaxies. They soon formed an alliance with the many planets they had found, and they began calling themselves the Universal Alliance. The rest, as they say, is history.


Forces of Good

Xumo (The Comedian): SHCREEEEEEE Vagabond
The Question

Garryl "Starbuck" Nohr Diin'k: Junkfolk Lawman
Red Leader

Walking the Line

Forces of Evil

Dane Crow (The Crow): Hume Scientist/Terrorist

"Let's see, I've only got 13 health but I don't give a *****, I'm gonna attack him anyway cuz I'm a reckless motherf&%ker!"
-Nick Kneable
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Default Re: Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow (IC game thread)

Garryl awoke, startled by the radio of his alarm clock.

"..*coughcough* ...I'm awake, Scotch."

The radio stopped, as Garryl sat up at the bedside, letting his mind fully awaken.

"Hey, Garryl... I've seen alot of old Earth movies where people wake up and slam their alarm clock. Why don't you ever do that?"

Garryl rubbed his left palm over his face, then looked at Scotch.

"They're movies, Scotch. They exaggerate that kinda stuff. You can't hit an alarm off. Although I guess a possible exception to that would be you. Why? Would you like me to hit you every morning to shut you up?"

Scotch didn't answer. Garryl headed for the bathroom. He shouted to Scotch.

"Scotch, find a Rock station. We're gonna leave in five."

"Yep. Jourgenssen case. Finding a station."

Garryl went in, showered quick and, almost on the dot, he was out and ready to leave five minutes afterwards. He scooped Scotch into his fancy lawyer bag, and walked out of his apartment. As he walked out of Reilly Apartments, he called a Hover-Taxi. It was always an easy ordeal. You dial them, they track you, send one over, and the transaction happens as you're flown wherever you say. But Hover-Taxis don't work on water, unless you have more power.

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Lord Doom
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Default Re: Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow (IC game thread)

After his minor scuffle with the two bounty hunters, Axelia arrived at his destination, and entered the small cantina. He noticed a few drifters sitting at the bar, and a few more at the tables. Axelia sat down at the bar and knocked on the counter. The bartender (Junkfolk, by the look of him) sauntered over to his thirsty customer.

"What'll it be?"

"Gimme the strongest alchoholic beverage you got. And don't skimp on the ice."

"Comin' right up."

Axelia pulled out a small vial of clear liquid and, when the bartender arrived with his drink, Axelia poured the strange liquid into it, and swigged the whole beverage.

"Ah! Nothin' like some black-market otgo to pep ya up!"

"OTGO?! That stuff'll KILL you, kid!"

Axelia just scratched his nose and said nothing. The bartender sighed and walked away. A Hume walked in and headed for the bar, in quite a hurry. The bartender sauntered over to the Hume.

"What'll ya have?"

"Food." He replied.

"I'm STARVIN" and I need something to eat, BAD."

"Well, we got-"

"It... Doesn't really matter, just... Get me some food... Now, please."

The bartender shrugged and prepared a large burger, which the Hume quickly scarfed down.

"Slow down, son. You're gonna get a stomach ache."

But the Hume didn't even notice the Junker's warning. He just pounded on the table.


The bartender eyed the hungry Hume curiously, then laid another burger down on the table. Again, the Hume gobbled it up within seconds.


"I think you've had enough, son."

Suddenly, the Hume leaped out of his chair, and bit the Junker in the face.

Axelia sighed.

"Let's see, I've only got 13 health but I don't give a *****, I'm gonna attack him anyway cuz I'm a reckless motherf&%ker!"
-Nick Kneable
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Default Re: Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow (IC game thread)

A man falls to his knees in the middle of a battle field. Horse like men battle each other, killing. With no regard for the man that now lies their broken.

All of this destruction.... all this death and killing..... because of me. ME!!! The greatest of all.... it's... it's all so... beautiful. He thinks as he looks up at all the death around him. A plan began to formulate in his mind. He gets to his feet and begins to walk into the middle of the battle. A spear flies past his head. Missing him by mere centimeters.

A bright light hit's him from the sky. He looks up into it and instantly puts on a fake frown. Tears begin to fill his bright hazel eyes. This would surly fool them. Yes, it would have to. He begins to be lifted off his feet into the light. He closes his eye's.

When he opens them again he is in a room surrounded by old men in robes. Their faces are hidden in shadow by large cloths draped over their heads. Each a different color to signify their ranks. Blue being the lowest, next is green, than red being second in command. The last and the highest is a color not known to Earth. They are all in chairs in a half circle that surrounds him. He looks to the center where the eldest man sits with the strange color sits. He looks down at him.

"Dane Crow..... You have failed our mission and disgraced your self. What do you have to say?"

"I am.....sorry" He smiles to himself. It was all going to work out.
I am.....sorry" He smiles to himself. It was all going to work out.

The men looked down at him. "What happened crow? You were the best."

"Well I had got them to make a sees fire. The leaders where to meet at the stone table. The place were they worship their gods. It was all going well the peace treaty was about to be signed. But then one of the leaders went berserk. He was screaming about a pain in his stomach. He said he needed food. He jumped up and started eating another leader. Then all hell broke lose."

The council all look at each other with dim looks on their faces. One word came to their mind. Ravenger's....


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Default Re: Beyond:The RPG of Tomorrow (IC game thread)

Nights on Jupiter were short and hot. The air barely had time to cool in it's five hours of shade, before dawn broke for five hours of heat, amplified by the atmospheric containment. It had a sort of renewing effect on the Jovians... they got dawn three times a 'day.' And there was always the children's story about the planet spinning so fast that it threw the first settlers off... and that's how they learned to fly...

Victori chuckled to herself as she strolled down the street. It was the end of an even day... meaning most folks were just getting into their waking hours. Victori herself had just left her father's repair shop and was headed to Night School, basically a setting for young working people who would like to continue their education. Victori was sure what she wanted to do with her life, and for now, settled for studying things like Astronomy charts and Alien Language families feeding her dreams of travel. She was taking an Intro to Mechanics and Engineering course and she hated it... dreadfully easy with a teacher as exciting as drying lacquer. Perhaps a little less so.

Victori sighed as she scuffed her shoes against an old chunk of concrete, debris on the ground perhaps from a building there a century ago... though, looking up at the warehouse-like structure, she wondered if it were this one. She gazed at a few of the moons to try and guess which ones might be closest... she had no idea...

"I am going to completely fail this test..." she mused over her Astronomy schoolwork. "It's going to be ugly..."

Wind, partially artificial, partially the result of machinery elsewhere leisurely billowed down the alleyway as a breeze, blowing Victori's jacket and scarf ever so slightly.

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