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Default World War Hulk vs. Iron Man: The Initiative?


Okay, this is a pretty geeky question, but I'm getting VERY confused as to the timeline/continuity of the current Iron Man "Initiative/Director of SHIELD" storylines vs. the fact that, in WWH, Tony Stark is being held captive by The Hulk.

What's the timeline here? Which of these events is taking place first?

(And it's also confusing that, in the separate Daredevil and Spider-Man storylines, Matt Murdock basically got Kingpin out of jail and his charges dropped... AFTER Wilson Fisk had secretly ordered a hit on Peter Parker [but got Aunt May instead.] Parker beats the hell out of Fisk and threatens to kill him... but in the "earlier" Daredevil storyline, this isn't mentioned, of course. I would think that Peter would be extremely angry at Matt for doing this.)

Then, in the most recent issue of Spider-Man, Peter breaks into Stark's penthouse, gets Tony to come after him, and tells him about Aunt May's shooting, but Tony treats him like a fugitive... but in the WWH storyline, Peter (wearing his black costume, so he's still going after May's attackers), is directing refugees out of New York -- but this is AFTER he's had his falling out with Tony and is regarded as a criminal, so why is he showing his face in public?

I think the whole "Civil War" thing is an interesting idea, but it's REALLY destroying the rest of the Marvel Universe's continuity, and it's starting to bug me a lot.

-- Admiral Nelson

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Default Re: World War Hulk vs. Iron Man: The Initiative?

continuity unfortunately is anathema to marvel nowadays

to me superheroes are to americans what the myths of the greeks and romans are to them[deemar 325]
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