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Default RDJ Article from MSN

Although the trailers make it clear that special-effects company Industrial Light and Magic has already delivered some jaw-dropping shots for "Iron Man," director Jon Favreau was adamant the film was shot as practically as humanly possible. That meant some grin-and-bear-it moments for his leading man.
"I was like, 'Cool,' but it's tough, really tough and really great," Robert Downey Jr. laments. "Like, that first time you try on the suit, I swear to God you could put the least macho superhero-looking man or woman in the suit, [and] in 15 seconds, you could believe that any of them could destroy the nemesis."
Like most movie costumes of this ilk, it hasn't been designed to be comfortable enough to wear around the house. Downey Jr. says, "It's about how do you not have a personality meltdown in hour seven when you kind of feel like you've been tarred and feathered and covered in machine parts?"
The Oscar-nominated actor continually mocks the fact that he's the last guy you'd expect to play a superhero (more like a supervillain), but after practicing martial arts for the past five years, he thought he was ahead of the game when it came to getting into shape for the role. He was wrong.
"When I got the part, they said, 'So, do you want to put on some size?' I'm not 28 or some guy like Daniel Craig who's already got meat packed on his shoulders and they just swelled them up for that," Downey Jr. says. "You've seen me in all the movies. I'm not like Mr. Buff Guy, and now I'm in the over-40 crew, so it has literally been this excruciating process of working out so hard and so often just to not look like a little pot-bellied pig."
Interestingly, Downey Jr. credits yoga, a proper diet, supplements and sleeping right as the primary ingredients to his obvious physical transformation rather than actually working out. And then, with Downey Jr.'s allotted press time running out and the need to return to the set, the big elephant in the room finally rears its head: the fact that recovering addict Downey Jr. is playing a character who made waves in the '70s for his battle with alcoholism.
Ever self-deprecating, Downey Jr. first remarks, "It's funny. You're just sitting dead center and that's the last question. I really wasn't expecting this."
After the laughter dies down, Downey Jr. claims he never knew that part of Iron Man's history. "I was like, 'Really?' and they're like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.'"
However, after much discussion, it appears fans won't see that dark side to Tony Stark in the film.
"There's so much stuff going on in this movie as it is, we decided not to do [that aspect of his character]," Downey Jr. says, "But I get it. That's why, in a way, it's ideally suited for me and I'm ideally suited for it."
Plus, with Marvel planning on "Iron Man" being the first in a trilogy, there's always room for more drama in future installments. "Iron Man" opens nationwide May 2.

Thought it'd be pretty interesting for the IM fans. Especially the last sentence.

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Default Re: RDJ Article from MSN

Laste sentence... uhm, you mean 'Iron Man opens nationwide May 2'?

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