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Andy C.
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Default PROPOSAL: DC Icons, World of Heroes Reborn!

Okay, so we've got three different RPGs still running, even if two of them have slowed to a halt. I think part of the problem is that right now all three games are based around either origin stories or early-days arcs, and while I certainly love world-building and developing heroes and villains from the ground up, I also can't deny that half of the fun of playing around in the DC Universe is that there's already so much for us to use.

MB proposed a 'Year Ten' game a while ago, but for one reason or another it didn't follow through. I'm going to pick up the torch he lit, but with a bit of a twist on it.

Name of the new RPG: DC Universe: Icons

Screenname of the Proposed RPG’s Game Master: Andy C.

How will the overall layout of the RPG be?:

Ongoing, broken up into Seasons.

Premise of RPG, if it is a user created RPG see below for applicable additions to this Applicaton, (Must be a paragraph or longer):

Unlike the previous World of Heroes game, players will be allowed to pick heroes and villains from any established incarnation of the DC Universe. This includes all three major eras of the comics-- Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and New 52-- the DC Animated Universe (as well as other animated series like Young Justice, Teen Titans, and Brave and the Bold), the various live-action TV series (Arrow/Flash, Smallville, Gotham, Constantine, Lois & Clark, etc.), and the various movie universes (the new DCCU, the Nolan-verse, the Richard Donner Superman movies, etc). These can be molded and modified to fit in with other characters (ex: if I'm playing Dark Knight series Batman, I would have to change the backstory a bit to allow for characters like Dick Grayson and Tim Drake), but entirely new or 'Ultimate' characters are not allowed. Likewise, Elseworlds like Red Son or alternate futures like Kingdom Come or The Dark Knight Returns are not allowed. One can mix and match characters from different universes to create a 'patchwork' franchise-- BTAS Batman fighting Heath Ledger's Joker, for example.

The finer points of continuity will be intentionally kept murky in order for all of these various incarnations of characters to gel together, but for all intents and purposes, it's approximately "Year Ten" since the debut of Superman and Batman and the foundation of the Justice League. Most major teams and factions-- the Justice League, the JSA, the Teen Titans, Shadowpact, the Outsiders, Blackhawk, etc etc etc-- have already been established, and may even be on their second or third incarnation. The history and continuity of this world will be 'filled in' by the players, both in the IC thread and in discussions in the Sign-Up/OOC thread.

(Ex: Player 1 is playing Superman and chooses to go with the Donner series for his primary inspiration-- Superman The Movie, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, and Superman Returns. Because of Player 1's inclusion of SR, it is now canon that in the game's history, there was a five-year period wherein Superman was gone from Earth.

Meanwhile, Player 2 is playing the Flash, and chooses to go with the current TV series for his primary inspiration. It is agreed upon between Players 1 and 2 that the Particle Accelerator accident that created the various Meta-humans in Central City happened during Superman's five-year absence. Therefore, while Superman is the senior superhero, it is established that the Flash is actually more experienced fighting super-powered villains).

Obviously this will require a fair amount of communication between players and some massaging of storylines to blend together, but I think a set-in-stone continuity is less important than having clearly defined and easily identifiable characters, which this game will provide.

What will this RPG bring to the RPG forums? (please write two complete sentences):

A place where players can play their favorite, 'definitive' versions of characters, and tell the big, risky stories that aren't really possible when the characters involved are still rookies to their world. It will also allow players who aren't really interested in building mythos from the ground up to join in the game, since they'll already be familiar with the material they're working with.

Example Of Characters Application:

DC Universe: Icons
Character Application

Screen Name:

Character you would like to play (please include the color and font you plan on using to portray the character):

Primary Inspiration (i.e. Which "version" of the character are you playing?):

Powers and Brief Origin (Provide at least two sentences. If you copy/paste this information from another website, link back to it, or it is considered plagiarism and is not allowed):

Group your character is aligned with (if applicable):

Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar. One to explain what you plan to do with the character you've chosen. The other to explain why you've chosen this character. (i.e. What are your goals? Will you be doing anything different with the character than is usually seen?):

If you know how to post pictures, please provide a picture of your character:

Please provide a small sample post with original content in the style that you plan to write your character in (must be at least 3 paragraphs long and contain at least one line of dialogue):

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Default Re: PROPOSAL: DC Icons, World of Heroes Reborn!

Ive been out for weeks. You beautiful bastard. Sign me up.

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Default Re: PROPOSAL: DC Icons, World of Heroes Reborn!

I really like the idea. I wish I would have made the Marvel game a few years into the Universe as well.

Or made it an MCU game like I was considering.

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Default Re: PROPOSAL: DC Icons, World of Heroes Reborn!

Oh, yeah. I'm definitely on board with this. I actually have Plans to play Batman. Very different and it'll be structured in quite an interesting way. You'll see why when the time comes to post apps.

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Default Re: PROPOSAL: DC Icons, World of Heroes Reborn!

Yea, I basically have my app done.

We'll have to talk, GoldenAge.

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