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Irving Forbush
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Default Was Bruce Campbell Mysterio This Whole Time?

Bruce Campbell, who we know was supposed to cameo as Mysterio in Spider-Man 4, could have already been Quentin Beck the entire time.

In Spider-Man 1, he is shown to be quite into theatrics. He's a wrestling announcer, for God's sake. He knows the name Human Spider is lame, and instead gives Peter the obvious name, Spider-Man. He dresses flashy, gives catchy aliases, and plays it up.

In Spider-Man 2, he is the snoody usher, which I know what you're thinking, "it's kind of a stretch that he's a wrestling announcer AND an usher, or went from one job to the other", but it's actually not. Quentin Beck could love theatrics so much that not only did he get a job as a wrestling announcer, he also got one as an usher to help "preserve the illusion" at plays. Yes, the biggest clue here is when he tells Peter he wants to preserve the illusion, as we all know Quentin Beck loves illusions.

In Spider-Man 3, which could be where this theory fails, we see Bruce Campbell cameo as a French waiter, but here's the thing: we all know that's a fake accent and mustache in real life, but what if it is in the movie? What if Quentin Beck is giving himself a test in either disguising himself, deceiving people, method acting, you name it. What if he disguised himself as a stereotypical French waiter and got a job at a fancy restaurant, taking up a whole new identity? Now if that isn't something you could see Mysterio doing as part of a complex plan or just a test of his own skill, then... I don't know where I was going with that.

Anyways, it is possible that Mysterio already existed in the Spider-Man universe, as a man who loves theatrics, and illusions. By the time we get to Spider-Man 4, for one reason or another he decides to use his skills as the highly-theatrical Mysterio, only to be easily defeated by Spider-Man, who he decides to be his new arch-nemesis.

This isn't anything important really, just a fun little thought. I don't know why Sam Raimi would deem Mysterio a joke character, yet dedicate a movie to Vulture. I think Bruce Campbell as Mysterio could've been the main antagonist, or at least secondary antagonist, of his own Spidey film.

Either way, what do you think of this little theory? It's not anything mind-blowing but I just think it's kind of interesting.

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Default Re: Why Bruce Campbell as Mysterio Would've Been Great

I think at his best Mysterio is a mix of everyman-relatability/sympathetic and arrogance and I don't think Campbell could have enough of the former. His Spider-Man 3 character seemed too nice to be Beck and, though I guess that could make for a surprise, I don't see Beck having the patience to have played all three roles or actually gone into all three professions.

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Doctor Octopus
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Default Re: Why Bruce Campbell as Mysterio Would've Been Great

Did Sam Raimi say Mysterio is joke character?

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Peter Benjamin Parker
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Default Re: Why Bruce Campbell as Mysterio Would've Been Great

Bruce would've been great as Mysterio. Shame that'll never happen.

Mysterio only works best as a fraud/joke, IMO, so having that little montage revealing Campbell as Beck would've been sah-weet.

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Big Al
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Default Re: Why Bruce Campbell as Mysterio Would've Been Great

I'm very angry that we aren't getting Bruce as Mysterio, I would have loved it if all his cameos in the trilogy were actually Quentin Beck in disguise.

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