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Default Proposal:Superfiends - The Earth-3 DC RPG

Name of the new RPG: Superfiends; The Earth-3 DC RPG

Screenname of the Proposed RPG’s Game Master: Misfit

Do You Have An Instant Messenger that we can reach you on for better conversation? (i.e MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ect.) And if so, what is your screenname?:

Nope, contact me personally for off-site means of communicating with me.

Gamemasters/Assistant Gamemasters already chosen: None.

How will the overall layout of the RPG be?:

Ongoing and seasonal, ideally. You apply for a character and post in the IC. Nothing revolutionary really.

Premise of RPG, if it is a user created RPG see below for applicable additions to this Applicaton:

Welcome to Earth-3. In the DC Comics multiverse, beyond the dimensional barrier in the orrery of worlds lies a planet on which all others are based, Prime Earth. You'd call it New Earth if you're old school. In many ways it's complete inversion is our setting, home to the Crime Syndicate of America. In a nutshell, the world's inhabitants have flipped positions on the moral spectrum while retaining the majority of their personalities, behavioral patterns and mildly altering their aesthetics. Fortunately, you don't need to be too familiar with the specifics as this game is based on no exterior continuity.

The object of the game is to tell satisfying stories with character development, nods to the original continuity, and clear plot progression without a GM holding your hand the entire time. In time, we will move our characters away from the knock-offs they started as. This is a sandbox styled game. Players will be entrusted with a great deal of freedom. However, this is no place for alienating yourself or wasting your play time. Once the game's cast as a whole has created a sizable and enjoyable plot, this segment of the game will draw to a temporary close before reopening at the beginning of a fresh chapter. You know the routine.

To be wholly honest, this is in the style of The Ultimate DC RPG without being redundant. The same sort of freedom is available here, only a different universe is the subject. I've just poisoned the water hole.

What will this RPG bring to the RPG forums?:
I miss UDC, I feel we've stumbled through it a bit and I want to do it again. I'm not sure about everyone else, though. So what I've decided to do is make a game much in the style of UDC on the world of Earth-3, or at least something to that effect. I got the idea from Justice League: Gods and Monsters. They wanted a reboot for JLU/DCAU without doing it again, so we got GaM.

So here's what I've got.

Example Of Characters Application

Character Sheet

Name: ___ // Alias: ___
Race: ___ // Gender: ___
Affiliations: (Employers, Clubs, Secret Societies, etc.) Occupation: ___



The Burning Question - Why this character?

What do you bring to the RPG?

Sample Post (At least three paragraphs and a line of dialogue):

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Default Re: Proposal:Superfiends - The Earth-3 DC RPG

~ Dedicated to all who've come before and all who will follow ~
[GM: Nightrunner][AGM:_______]
[Genre: Fandom][Type: Sandbox, Seasonal]

World History
Life has long existed outside the Earth's biosphere. From the planet Thanagar to Mars, the universe is teeming with life. But as long as there have been beings able to travel between the stars, there have been beings interested in exerting control. Foremost among these are the Qwardians, self-declared Masters of The Universe. Using the easily manipulated as their soldiers, they force their ideals on the galaxy by channeling the might of the genie Volthoom through their Power Rings.

Following the destruction of the planet Krypton, a child from that world was propelled to Earth as a form of condemnation. He was believed to be the son of a devil and was bound to bring death and destruction to his people. This child would indeed be a plague, being named Ultraman due to his excessive measures of strength and power. He made his debut to the world by sinking a supertanker, declaring he'd do worse to anyone who disobeyed him.

The Kryptonian would land in a nation called America, on a world caring only for strength and abandoning the value of goodness, the nation that had withstood a rebellion by its own English colonies. Where George Washington had surrendered on a riverfront. Where Abraham Lincoln assassinated President Booth and where he would land to be initially trusted by a foolish people waiting to be conquered. While a small measure of supernatural beings and metahumans have always been around, they became more commonplace in the 1940s with the formation of the Crime Society of America, the secret rulers of the Confederate States. In order to remain covert, they persuaded DC Comics to publish a series about them, resulting in any reports of appearances disregarded as madness or cosplay.

In Gotham City, the crime lords were brought to their knees by the Owlman, who placed a vice grip on the area's organized crime, promising punishment to anyone outside his infrastructure. Superwoman made the gods bleed in a spectacular show of force that left millions sleepless at night in fear. Together, they formed the Crime Syndicate of America, a conglomeration dedicated to controlling the flow of the unsavory and puppetting the world's disgustingly corrupt governments.

Countering them once the CSA had been fully exposed publically was the Justice Underground! Led by the spontaneous Jokester, the JU threw a wrench in every Syndicate scheme they could, intending to bring the world's secret overlords to their knees.


1. You may apply to create an alternate version of any preexisting DC Comics character unless they already have been established. No Marvel heroes, no Amalgams. Alternate imprints used by DC Comics may be considered.
2. You must post at least once a week. Three offenses and you're removed from the roster and banned from reapplying for a week. All I really want of you is a solid five paragraphs a week. After a week of not posting, you may be tagged. It's not a large requirement, just enough to keep stuff happening really.
3. No god-modding, meta-gaming, douchebaggery, or general rudeness, etc.
4. You may travel anywhere in the universe so long as you have the means. No time-travel without GM consent and no interdimensional stuff.
5. Don't kill important NPCs without giving people a heads up. Double for actual PCs.
6. You may apply for up to three playable characters after you've demonstrated sufficient responsibility for each additional slot.
7. Do not perform any random game changing actions. Nothing random. With proper pacing and planning anything can be condoned.
8. Do not impose on anyone's story arcs uninvited.
9. All Hype Rules apply

Character Sheet

Name: ___ // Alias: ___
Race: ___ // Gender: ___
Affiliations: (Employers, Clubs, Secret Societies, etc.) Occupation: ___




The Burning Question - Why this character?

What do you bring to the RPG?

Sample Post:
(Detail a scene from your history at least three paragraphs in length, including a line of dialogue. Do your best, it will be considered canon)

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Default Re: Proposal:Superfiends - The Earth-3 DC RPG

I think this has merit, but I don't know if we can do it right now. We seem to function best with just one game to focus on at a time.

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Default Re: Proposal:Superfiends - The Earth-3 DC RPG

Perhaps this shall be Guild-bound for now then. May give it a bump later down the road.

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