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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Am I missing something? I've scrolled through 30 minutes of tweets (I feel so stupid saying that) and the vast majority of them say that people are going to go see the movie, not that they liked or disliked it.
I said Twitter shows the general feel, not 100% positive. My point was that not everyone hates it as much as the critics + fanboys.

People usually go to see movies in the afternoon/at night so check later if you want more reaction tweets.

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

Originally Posted by dark_b View Post
no way.
Yup, this belongs with the films like Electra, Ghost Rider, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, etc. It is definitely not in the top tier of quality film that respects the character.

It's that the studio and producers short changed the fans, and a good portion of the fans don't care. It's really concerning that so many fans still have this "I'll still see it to support comic book films" attitude about this film, like Hollywood is going to stop making comic book based films if they give this film a cold shoulder.

I'm just happy that some critics like Ebert called it out.

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

Originally Posted by Neptune View Post
Hahah volgens mij ben ik de enige die wat heeft aan die Nederlandse reviews, Retro.
Er zijn wel een nog paar hierzo die het kunnen lezen.
Originally Posted by Pauluz View Post
WOW!~Thanks Retro, I've been wondering what the Dutch media thought. BTW, is it me or is there a huge amount (tv spots etc) of advertising on Dutch tv? Last night X-Men and X2 on tv and tonight X3.
No it's not you. The promotional push has indeed been big the past week or so.
Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
lol at the pic of his ticket. As if we needed proof that he saw the movie and disliked it.

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

My Favorite Review

Originally Posted by Roger Ebert


"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" finally answers the burning question, left hanging after all three previous "Wolverine" movies, of the origins of Logan, whose knuckles conceal long and wicked blades. He is about 175 years old, he apparently stopped changing when he reached Hugh Jackman's age, and neither he, nor we, find out how he developed such an interesting mutation.

His half-brother was Victor (Liev Schreiber). Their story starts in "1840 -- the Northwest Territories of Canada," a neat trick, since Canada was formed in 1867, and its Northwest Territories in 1870. But you didn't come here for a history lesson. Or maybe you did, if you need to know that Logan and Victor became Americans (still before they could be Canadians) and fought side by side in the Civil War, World War I, World War II and Vietnam. Why they did this, I have no idea. Maybe they just enjoyed themselves.

Booted out of the Army in Vietnam, Logan/Wolverine joined a secret Black Ops unit under Gen. Stryker (Danny Huston), until finally, in Nigeria, he got fed up with atrocities. Nevertheless, he was recruited by Stryker for a super secret plan to create a Mutant of Mutants, who would incorporate all available mutant powers, including those of the kid whose eyes are like laser beams. He wears sunglasses. Lotta good they'll do him.

Am I being disrespectful to this material? You bet. It is Hugh Jackman's misfortune that when they were handing out superheroes, he got Wolverine, who is for my money low on the charisma list. He never says anything witty, insightful or very intelligent; his utterances are limited to the vocalization of primitive forces: anger, hurt, vengeance, love, hate, determination. There isn't a speck of ambiguity. That Wolverine has been voted the No. 1 comic hero of all time must be the result of a stuffed ballot box.

At least, you hope, he has an interesting vulnerability? I'm sure X-Men scholars can tell you what it is, although since he has the gift of instant healing, it's hard to pinpoint. When a man can leap from an exploding truck, cling to an attacking helicopter, slice the rotor blades, ride it to the ground, leap free and walk away (in that ancient cliche where there's a fiery explosion behind him but he doesn't seem to notice it), here's what I think: Why should I care about this guy? He feels no pain and nothing can kill him, so therefore he's essentially a story device for action sequences.

Oh, the film is well-made. Gavin Hood, the director, made the great film "Tsotsi" (2005) and the damned good film "Rendition" (2007) before signing on here. Fat chance "Wolverine" fans will seek out those two. Why does a gifted director make a film none of his earlier admirers would much want to see? That's how you get to be a success in Hollywood. When you make a big box-office hit for mostly fanboys, you've hit the big time. Look at Justin Lin with "Fast & Furious."

Such films are assemblies of events. There is little dialogue, except for the snarling of threats, vows and laments, and the recitation of essential plot points. Nothing here about human nature. No personalities beyond those hauled in via typecasting. No lessons to learn. No joy to be experienced. Just mayhem, noise and pretty pictures. I have been powerfully impressed by film versions of Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man and the Iron Giant. I wouldn't even walk across the street to meet Wolverine.

But wait! -- you say. Doesn't "X-Men Origins" at least provide a learning experience for Logan about the origins of Wolverine? Hollow laugh. Because we know that the modern Wolverine has a form of amnesia, it cannot be a spoiler for me to reveal that at the end of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," he forgets everything that has happened in the film. Lucky man.

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

I didn't know exactly where to put this, but i guess this would be a good place because its safe to say that most MOVIE critics are ignorant of most anything thats true to comics...

At the theater i went to, the didnt call it X-men Origins or even just Wolverine...they called it X-men 4...hmm....ya...

don't know if this happened to anyone else, but this will be kinda funny if/when an actual X-men 4 came out, but who knows

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

All the X-Men flicks acted as Wolverine movies so I don't see anything wrong with calling this X-Men 4, especially when it has X-Men in the title.

For the record I actually don't think the movie deserves the bad reviews that it's getting as it's not an awful flick it's just a mediocre one.

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Default Re: Critics' Reviews: Discussion

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
Wolverine's current RT score ranks 31st out of the 47 comicbook/superhero movies.
31st out of 47 is not good Plus, they are talking about Friday's box office which really has nothing to do with what the critics are saying.

"You can leave a penny, you can't take a penny. You can leave a penny anytime. You have to spend $10 to take a penny. Store policy."
"Since when has this been store policy?"
"Uh, since my boss made up the policy. You gonna pay? You're holding up my line of one other person. You can't afford your milk, step aside. What, daddy didn't give you enough milk money? Little baby gonna cry about it? Just step aside."
And that is how Uncle Ben dies.
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