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Default How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Forgive me if this is supposed to be well known.
I was just curious how long does Fox have "X-men".

Is it a set # of years or is it.. if they do not make one for so long it goes back to Marvel? What Characters do they have the rights for? There are a lot of "X-men" Characters.

I thought I read something someplace about Marvel not being overly happy, I dunno, I really do not keep up with this stuff, but honestly I have been disappointed with Wolverine 1-3 (because they sure were not about the X-men) and I am really not sure how this new one will be. I dont have much faith in Fox anymore and I believe we will never see a good X-man movie while under Fox (proper casting and story)

Sorry went on a semi rant did not mean too.

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

I think they have to make a movie every 3 or 4 years or the rights revert back to Marvel. So we will see an X-Men movie every 3-4 years from Fox until they stop making a profit on it.

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Apparently the X-Men rights would revert back to Marvel in 2012 if Fox weren’t putting them into good use, so it looks like Fox are hoping to turn X-Men: First Class into a trilogy, along with possible Wolverine sequels if the first is a success next May. There’s also X-Men Origins: Magneto in the works and a possible Deadpool spin-off. Marvel won’t be getting them rights back anytime soon!

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Well personally I think the first 3 average out as pretty darn good (1's fine, 2 is great and 3 is ok), and the whole "Marvel is an amazing studio that stays true to the source" hasn't been really tested. If they make 3-4 more movies that are all successful and critically acclaimed, great. But right now, we're looking at 1 huge success and 1 moderate one.

Furthermore, we all know that the X-Men were featured heavily in X-Men 1-3. Wolverine was the star, ok, but we got a lot of Xavier and Rogue, some Storm, a good portion of Nightcrawler as well as mid-sized roles for the rest of the cast.

Nevertheless, you pose a great question that I rarely see officially answered. If I recall correctly, it is based on what the two above posts are saying.

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Carlo Comicus
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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

I know the rights backs in 2013, not 2012. Anyway, Fox make X-men movies for a long long time.

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Moving to the X-Men sequels forum.

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Oh well that's what I Was afraid of. I wont get into why I would perfer Fox not make any more, but I know that has been talked to death.

Perhaps someday Marvel can just buy back the rights. ahh oh well.

Thanks for the answers

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Well, it seems that Fox somehow don't have the rights to the character Cable.

Marvel Entertainment is Hiring Writers
Source:Variety March 27, 2009

Marvel Entertainment is readying to assemble a group of writers who will pen scripts for various properties Marvel wants to develop, reports Variety.

Marvel will invite up to five writers each year to work on specific projects. Those could include staffers behind Marvel's comic books.

The trade adds that the company will provide the specific pitches it wants the writers to tackle. Those could involve certain plot points for movies already in development or characters it would like to see in its future film slate.

The gathering of screenwriters will help Marvel come up with creative ways to launch its lesser-known properties, such as Black Panther, Cable, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nighthawk and Vision.

So far, it has focused its efforts on more popular superheroes like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

A group of Marvel executives will choose the writers, with the final decision made by Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio's president of production.

Terms call for Marvel to own whatever the writers work on during the year. Company has the option to continue a relationship with the writers after that period.

I wonder how many more X-men characters Fox don't have the rights to?

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

It would be nice to know, there are so many Characters involved with X-men how were the characters chosen.. IE.. how was Fox able to use Deadpool? Not really and X-men.. though somewhat tied to them in a minor way yet Cable is not owned by Fox.

Especially when some of the Best stuff imo was Cable/Deadpool team ups.

oh well.. maybe when I am.. 50-60 Fox will run out of movies to make.

X-men Chronicles: The Birth of Cannonball... (sigh)

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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

The Answer is 10 years on a renewable contract per character.

For example, Fox got the rights to make Daredevil, which mean they have the rights to use Daredevil in any movie they want to make in the following 10 years. Unless Marvel wants to buy them out of that contract so another film studio can take it up, but the cost can be high so they tend to let it continue.

Now going back to Daredevil, the contract is 10 years normally with the ability to have the right to use those characters during that period of time...

Normally 10 years figuring the movie success and spawning a Trilogy... hence why all sequels are usually made 3 years appart.

so with Daredevil there reaching the end of there contract... hence the news they want to reinvent it so they can retain the contract for another 10 years if possible. Fox was able to conitune the story in Elektra. considered Daredevil 2 by them even though it wasnt. this contract also means that several characters that appear in these movies can not appear in any other unless some kind of collaborate deal is struck and well its not worth wasting the money to be honest. So Kingpin wont appear outside of Daredevil until Fox loses the rights to that film series.

Another good example of this is Captain America... is with fox? has been for some time and they plan to use him... But upon requiring the rights they have to require the rights to the characters and all the way back to 1998 i think when fox required the rights im not a hundred percent on this but as its been in development for so long certain characters are hold by this so they wasnt aloud to appear in any other movie, those characters were captain america, bucky, red skull, electro and chamelon... probably wondering about the last two, well it was part of the contract for sometime i was told. So these two characeters have had to be absent from any spiderman movie because they could possibly appear in captain america movie...

Now Marvel and FOX View the x-men movies a success, even the last stand movie but they were able to retain contract because fans wanted more, marvel continued the contract to see Wolverine movie... see Fox's contract would have ran out all the way back in 2006 but well lets say it..."But hugh Jackman is wolverine" sorry scrubs flash back...

So there you have it, in short. normal contract is for 10 years followed by renewal if film series is successful.

If you want some kind of closer thought on it, Daredevil is near the end of its contract with Fox so Sony will be able to use the character Kingpin in a future story if Sam Raimi wanted to use him.

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Saitou Hajime
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Default Re: How do Fox's rights work with X-men?

Can Marvel use mutants as long as they're completely disassociated from X-Men, or can they not use mutants in any capacity?

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