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Default What if unrelated directors got hold of x-men franchise?

The Contenders
Jonathan & Christopher Nolen (The Dark Knight)
> There take on X-Men Movieverse would be a long complex story where the villian is just doing stuff out of random chaos but causes the origin of another villian that does more psycholical damage that the first villian. (Hey maybe a good director/writer for an x-men story revolving around Mr Sinister and Arch-Angel)

Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy)
> His take on the x-men world, mutants would look nothing like humans, live in sewers and have some kind of sub-culture. He'd probably be good at introducing the x-men to Morlocks or Mojo

Michael Bay (Transformers)
> His take would be alot of action, simple story. So unless they plan on making X-Men in Murderworld with the villian being Arcade well.

Stephen Sommers (G.I.Joe)
> His story would have good special effects, some action, (He's your Rise of apocalypse director!)

M. Night Shyamalan (Any film that has a last minute twist)
> His verson would probably entale that all the mutants are actually humans and the twist is that the only human is a mutant that gave them all abilities.

Mel Gibson (Passion)
> His verson would probably compaire charles xavier to Jesus, and that xaviers sacrifice in last stand was caused by Magneto because he was a jew... (I just feel another south park parodey going on)

Bryan Singer (X-Men)
> do i need to explain this one.

Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil)
> Actually i think he would be perfect to continue on the x-men franchise, he can do characters. Although i figure he may want to create new characters with powers which wont really go down well for the x-men world.

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Default Re: What if unrelated directors got hold of x-men franchise?

Del Toro could be an interesting choice but he is booked for the next ten years.

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Default Re: What if unrelated directors got hold of x-men franchise?

Christopher Nolan could be great for X-Men but I seriously think with his direction, the X-Men films would be way too serious just like the Dark knight trilogy.

Michael Bay is only good at cinematography. Stephen sommers/Paul W.S. Anderson will the series.

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