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Default Re: "NoNoNoNoNo", "Bumblebeee", "Optimuuuus". The Sam Witwicky thread! No. No no man. hell no. lulz. Hey, I could come up with some crazy stuff you know. You know what I like to see? At least a nice scene between Sam and Mikaela as a couple and being in love and...showing it. Not that its necessary but it could help move their relationship forward where they end up deciding to get engaged and have a kid.

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Mr. Earle
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Default Re: "NoNoNoNoNo", "Bumblebeee", "Optimuuuus". The Sam Witwicky thread!

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Same here. A few days before RotF came out I had my friend watch this for the first time.

He was also let down after seeing the sequel that there weren't any no's in the film.
Hahaha! I i agree!

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Default Re: "NoNoNoNoNo", "Bumblebeee", "Optimuuuus". The Sam Witwicky thread!

Originally Posted by Dr. Indiana Jones View Post
I thought it was Daniel Witwicky... and Sparkplug was just a nickname.
Sparkplug was indeed a nickname and both in the comics and the cartoons his first name was William (not Ronald like in the films).

There were also two Witwicky sons in the comics..."Buster" (who was essentially Spike), and eventually an older, more mature older brother (this one actually named Spike) was introduced.

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Default Re: "NoNoNoNoNo", "Bumblebeee", "Optimuuuus". The Sam Witwicky thread!

I'm seriously glad the "no no no no no no no's" didn't exist in this movie. Too bad the rest of the movie wasn't good.

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