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Default Re: What artistic diection would you take a Superman film?

In my hands? I would use a strong colour pallette ... not necessarily bright but loaded with vibrant colours and utilizing strong black shadows for contrast. My Metropolis street scenes would resemble NYC on a good summer day. - Meaning - you would see quite a bit of old buildings and activity. There would be a lot of realistic grit but offset with more idealized lighting. Film stock would probably be a fairly low grain. I wouldn't do away with it completely.

Of the costuming for anyone but Supes and antagonists, I would go with a very subdued pallette. There would be a slightly desaturated burgundy's replacing out and out reds and similar approaches to other colours. You would see a lot of browns and forest greens. Now Supes, on the other hand, he would be in very vibrant red, a rich blue, and a medium yellow. I would use touches of stronger colours on the other leads. Lois, for example might be in a dark power suit but with a strong red pin or accent like a string tie or scarf. Jimmy, of course, I would find a lot of occassions to put him in layered clothing that would involve desaturated colours but accented with an open button-down shirt in green revealing a dark band or sport tee.

Lex .. on the other hand, Black on white with no accents barring gold cufflinks and tie swag or pin.

As to Krypton visuals .. I know I've discussed them elsewhere but not so much the cinematography. First and foremost, Krypton needs to be lush with vegetation with pockets of intense, almost Logan's Run, city spires which would be in gold. The film stock and lighting would need to be of very low grain but the sets would be lit to minimize shadows. I'm looking for slightly dreamy. It would probably call for stronger 'fog' filtration to keep the sharpness to a minimum.

Wow - I'm really rambling here and I have so much else to do today. If I have more thoughts I'll come back but here's the basics of how I'd handle it.

Oh - and MODERN DAY ... no period peice. I would want this to be able to leave room to cross over w/Nolan's Batman approach without having to sacrifice it's own identity.

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Default Re: What artistic diection would you take a Superman film?

i'd like to see them do an ending similar to the first spider-man movie just showing off one or all of superman's powers in all its glory.

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Default Re: What artistic diection would you take a Superman film?

that would be fun.

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Default Re: What artistic diection would you take a Superman film?

id take it in a dorection, that uhmm, idk, im not really a film maker nor do i know the trade well, but i agree with supermna standing out pallette wise

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