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Default Wolverine 3 idea

We all know Wolverine 2 is going to be about Japan but i thought what would happen in Wolverine 3 where it connects the Wolverine movies with the x-men movies...

Ok so basically i wrote this treatment... see what you think... pre notes - this is all based on if in wolverine 2 the following had happend... Wolverine fights Cyber in Japan along with silver samuri, wolverine teams up with Sunfire to rescue Muriko... and Muriko dies. Cyber is a former failed Weapon X experiment and Cyber reveals that Omega Red was the experiment before him... So wolverine starts of his journey hunting down Omega Red...

WOLVERINE 3: Tooth & Claws

The film opens with a montage showing previous Weapon X subjects... Until we come to Wolverine
Title: Wolverine 3
Department H agent James Hudson discovers Wolverine in his Office at night, where the two talk briefly. The scene flashes back three months ago, as Wolverine is hunting down Omega Red in Russia. It turns out that Omega Red - is really Weapon IX - stryker had hoped to use him but Omega Red was driven to insanity through the process of bonding carbodium in his body. Whilst Wolverine manages to find him, they fight and Omega Red lets slip about Wolverines past that he has a brother... Victor Creed! He then tells Wolverine that his brother wonders the canadian borders looking for him. Omega Red knows that Victor and Logan have a rivalry but because Logan has no memory he thought it would be fun to re-unite them.

Wolverine then heads to Canada to face his brother... Only to find a string of brutel murders along the way... all caused by his brother. He soon realises he has been set up and tries to escape.
Wolverine is soon targeted by Department H who believe he is responsible for the string of murders. Wolverine then becomes surrounded by Department H's Strike Force. Lead by Detective James Hudson and his partner Dr.Heather Hudson who have been informed of Wolverines whereabouts in the building.they send in a strike team to capture Wolverine. Wolverine successfully escapes.

Wolverine kidnaps Heather and questions her. She suggests that someone wants Wolverines attention, but Wolverine simply doesnt know who. Heather explains that they were tracking down the murders to a small city known as Wondagor before Wolverine turned up. The two try to leave by train, but are intercepted by the Department H special agents... Northstar, Aurora, Puck and Detective James Hudson. Wolverine manages to escape leaving Heather behind but she knows where Wolverine is heading to... Wondagor

Wolverine arranges a meeting with Gambit, from whom is the only person he last remembers before losing his memory. Gambit reveals to Wolverine that after 3 mile island inccident, Gambit had been following Creed, and that Creed has a new employer, He believes the Weapon X facility has re-opened in Wondagor, and Creed is after Wolverine to finish unsettled business. In exchange for an undisclosed favor, Gambit tells wolverine of another Wondergor agent, known as Wild Child who is the teenage equivalant to Creed under the employement of High Evolutionary Industry.
Wolverine manages to make it to Wondagor, where Wolverine successfully finds Wild Child and tortures him to reveal Creeds location. Wild Child then offers over the information. As a result, Wolverine finds Creed in the High Evolutionary Industry building, he is about to undergo UPGRADES lead by Dr.Herbert Edgar Wyndham.

So that he can match Wolverines own power.He discovers that Dr.Wyndham was attempting to recreate the weapon X programe but wolverine interviens the process causing Creed to become a more feral like mutant "More like his X1 apperance" the two fight causing the place the facility to be destroyed... Department H turn up to find only Wolverines body slowly healing itself, Wolverine is then taken into custody by Department H with Detective Hudson

At this point, Gambit appears, delivers on his end of the deal, having acting as a agent of department H more higher up that Detective Hudson is and under his command intercept the Wolverines transport, giving Wolverine the distraction necessary to escape. The scene then flashes forward to the conversation between Hudson and Wolverine occurring at Hudsons office. Wolverine speaks about he is the best at what he does and what he does isnt very nice , After wrapping up their conversation, Wolverine reveals the body of Sabretooth, who was responsible for the murders. They make a deal in which Hudson will go along with Wolverines plan, admitting that the body in his home is that of the killer, which he is. As Wolverine leaves, he turns to Hudson and says that he hopes to never see Hudson again. Hudson offers Wolverine a role within Department H explaining they could use a guy like him. Wolverine declines and says he will make his own way.

Six months later we see Wolverine enter the familar bar from X-Men 1, he sees a compertition to fight for money. He enquires how much and fight occures...
In the background we see surprise cameo of Rogue who has just walked in...

So let me know what you think?

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Default Re: Wolverine 3 idea

If there's a 3rd movie, I hope Omega Red is the antagonist!

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