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Default Should the Avengers break up?

Since it looks as if the Avengers will be a product of the government, and they won't be formed by chance at the end of the movie, should they suffer a break up half way through the film?

I'm not talking about a Disassembled-level break up, obviously. I'm talking about a mini break up, like what you see in the animated Ultimate Avengers movie, or the type of break up that occurs every so often in 616 when one of the characters gets pissy at the others, and decides to leave the team for a few issues.

People will probably think something like this isn't necessary, at least not in the first film, but I think it could actually be a very cool part of the first Avengers movie.

A temporary break up would highlight:
1: That a team of heroes doesn't work perfectly the first time around.
2: The power struggles within the team.
3. Certain heroes' continent-sized egos.
4. Civilians don't always mix with military.
5. That the team are not friends, just a bunch of people thrown together by Nick Fury and Shield.

Most importantly, when the Avengers do get back together, probably in the end to handle whatever massive threat appeared, it will show that they're putting people's safety over their own egos, and that they're finally ready to work as a team even if it means taking orders from somebody they don't like. And won't it be cool sitting in the theater, watching somebody get their butt kicked, and then suddenly see the other team members come running to the rescue out of the blue?

Other people's thoughts? Yes? No? Too soon?

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Gamma Goliath
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Default Re: Should the Avengers break up?

i think they should have a rocky start in thier chemistry, but come togther, if a sequel is done then maybe they should expand, or break up.

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Default Re: Should the Avengers break up?

They should break up in the sequel, and since Samuel L. Jackson has a nine-picture deal, then we most likely will be getting an Avengers 3, and that's when they should re-group once more.

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Son of Coul
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Default Re: Should the Avengers break up?

^ I agree. Breaking up in the middle or having a rocky start sounds too cliche. If Iron Man and Thor start out disliking each other, they should continue to dislike each other, not be pals by the end. They should earn one another's respect though, I think.

In the first, I think they should realize they have a duty and stick through it, maybe have one member leave the team out of an ego problem, most likely Stark. Later he'd come back and all. Then in the sequel maybe they could reach their breaking point and give up before realizing that as individuals they're not as strong as they think.

What goes through my head when I hear the team "breaking up" is pretty bad. The whole team shouldn't be like, "this isn't working guys, it's not worth saving the world if we can't get along" then have some sappy montage before Loki comes back to kidnap Banner or whoever, only to have the team put their differences aside and come together and save the day, becoming the best of friends. That'd make me sick.

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Son of Coul
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Default Re: Should the Avengers break up?


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