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Default What directors would you love for a new Heavy Metal animated flick?

for another animated flick based on the popular adult comic magazine, what are your ideal directors for the segments?

Mine are:
Zack Snyder.
Guillermo Del Toro.
Paul Dini.
Will Vinton.
Michael Bay.
Seth McFarlane.
Mike Judge.
Yoshiaka Kawajari.
Gore Verbinski.
David Fincher.
Robert Rodriguez.
Quentin Tarantino.

I can see different kinds of animation for each segment like claymation, CGI, 2D, skethcy, puppet, stop motion and anime.

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Default Re: What directors would you love for a new Heavy Metal animated flick?

Dude, great idea !
Whatever, whoever, it has to capture the spirit of the original,
not that garbage one in 2000, IMO.

The original film was awesome, and hillarious !

It had 9 different sequences (some of which were really just transitions)
so let's say you'd need 8 different directors

Guillermo Del Toro (for sure !)

Peter Jackson

Robert Rodriguez

Neill Blomkamp

David Bowers and Sam Fell (come on, they directed Flushed away, which is ten times funnier than any of that Pixar crap).

JJ Abrams

Joseph Kosinski

Terry Gilliam (got to have him in there, great director and of course the animator for Monty Python).

Totally with you on the different media for each segment, 3D CGI (like Avatar for one) with Pixar style 3d for another, traditional animation, and yup even some of that Aardman Stop motion (which would be hillarious).

With all the crappy animated films that come out for kids, one that's chock full of sex, violence and drug use is sure to find an audience.

Nice !

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Default Re: What directors would you love for a new Heavy Metal animated flick?

Has there been recent news of this picking up traction again?

Does anyone else recall that back around 2010, David Fincher was spearheading a new Heavy Metal movie, and then James Cameron got on board to? The roster of people confirmed to be interested in directing a segment did indeed include Zack Snyder and Guillermo del Toro, as well as Gore Verbinski, Rob Zombie, and even Kevin Eastman, and Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim). It sounded so cool, and Paramount was going to distribute it, but then they dropped it because they feared it was too risque and wouldn't be successful, and it just kinda died.

Now Robert Rodriguez has the rights to it, so we'll just wait 9 years to see how it turns out.

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