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Byrd Man
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Default The DC: 1870 RPG

DC: 1870

"Go west, young man!"
- John Soule, 1851

America slowly rebuilds six years after civil war ripped the country in two, dividing families and pitting brother against brother. As the Union Army begins the long process of reconstruction in the South, America looks towards the West. People tired of their huddled urban lives seek the wide open spaces and freedom of the frontier.

Manifest Destiny runs rampant as the United States seek to extend their country from sea to shining sea. As the country struggles to reunite and reclaim their identity, a new phenomenon springs up across the frontier of the country. Heroes and tall tales of the Wild West spread across the continent and the world. Whether these figures do indeed exist, or are indeed the stuff of legends remains to be seen. True or not, their tales and stories inspire the country and slowly heal the fractured nation.



* You may choose any character appearing in the DC Universe. Any character appearing outside of DC, such as Marvel or Image characters, will not be applicable. You are allowed a maximum of two characters. Though it is advised that you stick to one, especially at first, you will be allowed a second if you believe you can handle the responsibility.

* In the beginning, each and every character will be up for grabs. Multiple players will be allowed to apply for the same character, leaving the best application to be judged and approved by the Gamemasters. In order to be eligible, you must post your application within 24 hours after the first was submitted.

* You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred you post more, or your character will be up-for-grabs. Failure to post after a month will result in removal from the roster.

* PC's are not to be killed without permission. Nameless NPC's are fine, but PC's or important NPC's will require authorization. Don't do anything random, such as destroying the universe, either. Such behavior is frowned upon.

* Several storylines can be going on at once, in order to interact with other players. If a player's character does not want to be involved in another's storyline, they do not have to. Consultation and communication are the keys to a good PC-to-PC interaction.

* Legacy characters (IE: Sidekicks) will be required to be permitted by the player orchestrating the mentor's role in the RPG. For instance, if you want to play Robin or Nightwing, your acceptance will hinder on the player playing Batman, and their thoughts.

* You can travel anywhere on Earth or off-planet, provided it is within your character's means. Time-travel is forbidden, unless it is specifically required of your character choice.

You are your character, so act like them. Create or portray their mannerisms, powers, and ideals to how they have been established in the game. BE the character - do not, under any circumstances, play yourself as the character.

* Respect the Gamemasters. If they make a request of you regarding the game, listen to them. Failure to adhere to GM, AGM, and Hype! Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

* Be creative, and do not be afraid to try new and exciting things with old concepts. This is a new continuity - the laws of the regular DC Universe are not set in stone.

* All regular Hype rules apply. And finally, the most important rule of all: Have fun. Never take the game too seriously, or you will have lost the point. Heated arguments between players can result in probations or infractions - do not ruin it for other players. It's only a game, people.


For a complete roster, please see the Out of Character thread

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Byrd Man
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Default Re: DC: 1870

Slade Wilson's Journal
April 22nd, 1870

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my wife's death. I spent the day in the saddle, riding with Floyd down to Wintergreen's place in Arkansas. Once we got there, I talked to my old partner while Floyd waited outside the house. The young man doesn't like using Wintergreen in this thing, but I told him that he's the closest thing I ever had to a brother. Even during our time with the James Brothers and the Younger boys, I could always say Wintergreen was my true partner. After convincing Floyd that I'd pay Wintergreen out of my share, the three of us set off for California. We aim to collect on the two thousand dollar bounty someone put out for this Bat-Man. Even now, as we ride through Arkansas, I feel uncomfortable riding with Lawton, his constant bragging and endless questions about my old ways unnerve me. I just pray we can get to California and get back home before I end up shooting the boy.


"What was it like, riding with Jesse James?" Floyd Lawton asked from his saddle. Wilson and Wintergreen ride beside him as their three horses cut through the countryside.

"Jesse was a hot-head who lived in the present," Wintergreen replied in his curt British accent.

"He never thought about what was a mile down the road, only what was right in front of his face."

"The Younger's weren't any better," Wilson added.

"Always seemed like Frank was the one who actually had any brains about him. Mark my words, kid, Jesse will end dying a young man, and Frank will live to see the next century."

"Why do you always got to call me a kid, huh? I'm twenty goddamn years old."

Both Wilson and Wintergreen traded looks and turned back to Lawton.

"We'll stop calling you a child when you live up to your high expectations...uhh, Deadshot."


"How about we shut up and ride? I want to make it out of Akansas before nightfall."


Slade Wilson's Journal
May 10th, 1870

After passing through Arizona, we finally reached California today. The town we're riding to was once called Los Gothamos when the Spanish controlled it, some still call it that while Gotham City has become a popular name for the town. As the sun sets and we make camp, we're only twenty miles from the city. With any luck, we'll be there before noon tomorrow. Once we get to town, then our work begins. Getting back into the life worries me, I'm afraid that Deathstroke will emerge once again. Without my wife's calming influence, what depths will I sink to? What type of new horrors will I commit? All of this is just talk, but even now as the city looms off in the distance, I feel that whatever happens to the three of us, things will never be the same.

The three horses rode steadily into the city of Gotham, Lawton in the lead with Wintergreen behind him. Wilson, bringing up the rear, had his hat pulled low over his face.

"How can you see where you're going, fool?" Lawton asked with a look back at the older man.

"Keep your eyes up front. Know how many people would recognize me by my eyepatch alone?"

"We're here, Floyd. Is this where your marvelous plan ends?"

"Hello, no. We gotta meet our contact first."

"Where is he?"

"Some saloon called the Iceberg. Fella by the name of Falcone."

"Alright, kid. Lead the way."

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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MST3K 4ever
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Default Re: The DC: 1870 RPG

Diana Prince shoves Snake Riley and Hank Peirson, who are tied up back to back, through the Office doors of Sheriff Meeker of Hamilton County.

Snake says, "I can't believe that you told her where we were! You're such a fool! I knew I should've let Holliday gut you like a pig in Carson City a month ago!"

Perison replies, "I have no idea Snake how she did it! I took a swing at her she ducked and grabbed my arm and twisted it all strange like and the next thing I know I'm telling her everything! I'm really sorry Snake! Not to mention we shot her 6 times each and she dodged those bullets like they were nothing!"

Diana shoves them to the floor and says, "If you both don't shut-up you both are gonna be sorry!"

Sheriff Meeker says, "Howdy Miss Prince. The bounty on these two has been out there fro a while. They've killed a lot of good lawmen..."

Diana looks at him and he says, "and lawwomen my apologies ma'am. Including one of my deputies. Deputy Langley he was a good kid. He just got married and started this job about 3 months ago. His wife is due to give birth anytime now."

Diana says, "No offense taken Sheriff. You think I could get one of your deputies to help me get them into a jail-cell?"

Sherrif Meeker says, "It'll be a pleasure ma'am. Anderson, Edwards get them in there and make sure Miss Prince gets her rope back."

Diana replies, "It's been a long week trying to track these two down. They were cunning I'll give 'em that."

The two deputies lock the Riley and Peirson up and one of them hands Diana her rope back.

The Sheriff says, "Anderson go on over to the Eddie's saloon and get Marshall Ward tell him what we got and I'll settle up with Miss Prince about the reward."

Diana says, "That won't be necessary Sheriff. Just arrange for me to have a bed and a couple meals at the boarding house on the edge of town and I'll call it even."

Meeker says, "But Miss Prince that bounty is huge! What am I supposed to do with the reward?"

She replies, "Give it to Mrs. Langley."

Meeker nods and says, "Yes Ma'am I will and thank you."

Diana says, "If you'll excuse me Sheriff I think I'm ready to relax. If you can show me where the boarding house is I'll be on my way."

Meeker replies, "Edwards escort Miss Prince Edna's place, and you tell her anything Miss Prince needs she gets we're paying the bill."

Edwards nods and Snake says, "See ya around Wonder Woman!"

Diana pivots and throws a fountain pen at Snake which strikes his fingers on the jail cell bars. She glares at him and says, "Call me that again and you can consider that your last mistake."

Meeker looks at Peirson and says, "You'd be well advised to keep quiet too. She hates that name."

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

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Sad Clown
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Default Re: The DC: 1870 RPG

Some Months Ago, Washington DC

"Mr Hex," the black garbed woman said "Do come in,"

"Miss Lance," Hex said, taking off his hat respectfully. Dinah Lance was a striking figure, a buxom-blonde by any measure of the term, especially so to one who'd spent the last few years wandering the desert.

"You needn't be shy, sir," MissLance said, with the smile of someone who has long grown used to this kind of reaction in men.

"I'm just wondering why an...organisation such as yours would be requirin' my services," Hex said sheepishly.

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen requires the services of any people that prove to be extraordinary, as you yourself have done in the past," Miss Lance said, smiling at him indulgently.

"Problem is ma'am; I'm only much good at killin' people," Jonah said, shrugging the shoulders of his old military jacket.

Miss Lance's stare was surprisingly piercing, her eyes an icy blue.

"Oh my dear Mr Hex," Miss Lance said, all warmth gone from her voice "There are always people that need killing,"

Now, Los Gothamos

"So where you headed now stranger?" the man sitting opposite him asked, his bowler hat tipped orwards to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun.

"Lord knows, sir," Hex said "Los Gothamos is a big place, and I've got me a man to find,"

The man stood up, putting his notebook under one arm and extending his hand. Jonah shook it, electing to stay sitting down until the carriage reached it's final destination.

"Well Mr. Hex, it's been a pleasure. I've never heard such an interesting account of Gettysburg,"

"And you Mr. Kent," Hex said as the reporter stepped out of the carriage "I'm sure we'll meet again some time soon,"

A few minutes later, the carriage arrived at the depot, whereupon Jonah stepped down onto the dirt of Los Gothamos.

"Ah, Mr Hex I believe," a voice from the crowd called.

Jonah turned and looked at the man, ignoring the shocked gasps from the crowd at his face. The man wore spectacles and a coat that was almost too small a fit. He had a doctor's medical bag by his side.

"It would appear that my man's found me," he murmured to himself "Doctor Ray Palmer?"

"Please," Palmer said "I much prefer the Incredible Shrinking Man,"

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**** went down.

It may or may not have also 'got real'.
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Default Re: The DC: 1870 RPG

Oliver Queen grunted in pain as he hit the ground hard. With practised skill he rolled and came to his feet in one fluid motion as his horse stumbled and fel into the dirt. The beast was dead before it even hit the ground, having been ridden at full tilt until it could go no further.

He had been out scouting for signs of Buffalo when bad weather had struck. Ollie had decided to make camp in a low rise of craggy rock about a days ride from the camp in order to wait out the storm. It was upon riding over a high pass that he first saw the smoke, as a tiny whisper against fading light. Now, hours later the light had faded but the smoke still blackened the sky, driving him onwards.

Queen didn't look back. His eyes were fixed upon the smoke and flames billowing just beyong the final grassy hill before him. Though he could not see the source, the stench of burning wood mixed with the thick scent of burning flesh. As he reached the top of the hill his gaze cast upon the true devastation. The entire village was bathed in blood and fire. Bodies lay strewn everywhere. Men, women and children.

Queen stumbled down into the mess, searching through tents, checking bodies. His screams and calls were choked off by the thick black smoke that engulfed him. In the distance he heard the sound of movement behind one of the few tents left standing. Nocking an arrow to his bowstring Queen crept forwards, crouching low and moving silently, like a shadow in the night. He spun around the tent and levelled the arrow at the source of the sound.

"P-please! Tózi! please!"

Queen let the string fall slack and crouched to the figure. Laughing Bear was one of the oldest in the village, his wisdom and kindness was legendary amongst the Lakota. Now, he lay in a pool of his own blood, his guts held inside his body by his own hands. Ollie knelt to him. "What happened? where are the rest of our people?"

Laughing Bear tried to speak but blood frothed in his mouth. He spat and spluttered in defiance. "White man. T-they came and..." his head sagged back and Ollie watched as the light faded from the old mans eyes. Fighting back the surge of pain in his heart, Queen closed Laughing Bears eyes and took up his bow once more. Whoever the men were, they had even slaughtered the dogs. There were tracks leading off to the east. Queen checked around for a horse but there was nothing left alive. With a roar of anger, Queen took a long look at the devastation, letting the cold fire of rage settle in his heart before he himself set off towards the east.

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Default Re: The DC: 1870 RPG

"So that's it?"

My advisers look around at each other, then back to me. "It appears so, sir. The miners refuse to accept any of the negotiator's demands. They even turned down the five percent pay raise."

"They still insist that they aren't being paid enough for the hours they work and the conditions in the caverns."

I lean back in my chair, clasping my hands together and putting my fingertips to my lips thoughtfully. "I see...well, there isn't a way to improve conditions."

"No, Mr. Van Savage. The mine's conditions are already on par with those of our competitors. And any further increase in pay will considerably cut into our profit margins."

"Yes, well. Sometimes business needs to be about more than profit margins." My advisers look at me as if I suddenly began speaking ancient Greek. If there is one thing businessmen in this country believe, it is profit. People like Carnegie may disagree and give millions away in philanthropic endeavors, but that is only a public facade. The money they so freely give away has to come from somewhere. Someone has to pay.

In reality, they are exactly like me. They just do not think big enough.

"Very well, wire the negotiators. Have them offer seven percent rather than five."

"Sir, I doubt that will be enough to change their minds. The negotiators believe they'll strike for anything less than fifteen percent."

"Offer them seven. Perhaps if they see I'm willing to compromise, they'll be willing do the same. Sometimes all it takes is the offer of an olive branch."

Gathering their papers, my advisers eventually depart. I know just what they think of me. As a softhearted fool who would let his company bleed away because he is unable to make the tough decisions. They just cannot determine how I continue to make money.

In reality, it is quite easy.

When my advisers leave, the hidden door to my office opens. I turn my chair towards the window, looking out on the city. My associate stands behind the desk, waiting patiently.

"What do you think?"

"The miners lack the proper motivation."

"Agreed. I assume you can provide such motivation?"

"I always do."

"Indeed you do. I would not pay you so handsomely otherwise. The Pinkerton's are waiting for you."

"The usual, then?"

"...No. The leader of the miners is rather stubborn. He will need...additional convincing."

"His family." I can hear his smile.

"If that is what it takes."

"I'll leave now."

"Excellent. Good hunting, Mr. Sionis."

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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