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View Poll Results: Which villains should be in superman 3.0?
Atlas 2 1.57%
Atomic Skull 2 1.57%
Bizarro 17 13.39%
Bloodsport 0 0%
Braniac 82 64.57%
Bruno Mannheim 7 5.51%
Composite Superman 2 1.57%
Conduit 2 1.57%
Darkseid 23 18.11%
Doomsday 20 15.75%
Eradicator 5 3.94%
Faora 0 0%
General Zod 17 13.39%
Gog 3 2.36%
Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman 3 2.36%
Imperiex 2 1.57%
Intergang 10 7.87%
Jax-Ur 1 0.79%
Kryptonite Man 3 2.36%
Lex Luthor 76 59.84%
Livewire 8 6.30%
Lobo 6 4.72%
Metallo 48 37.80%
Mongul 10 7.87%
Morgan Edge 4 3.15%
Mr. Mxyptlk 2 1.57%
Parasite 29 22.83%
Prankster 4 3.15%
Silver Banshee 3 2.36%
Solomon Grundy 5 3.94%
Superboy Prime 2 1.57%
Terra-Man 1 0.79%
Titano 2 1.57%
Toyman 7 5.51%
Ultra-Humanite 4 3.15%
Ultraman 3 2.36%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 127. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-28-2010, 03:35 PM   #276
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Default Re: Which Superman villains would like to see in the first installment of Superman 3.

Originally Posted by Kal-El 8 View Post
Brainiac should be from Krypton just like he is from STAS and "Smallville".

Darkseid should only appear if this will lead up to a Justice League film .

As for Doomsday unless their doing a death and return of Superman film he should appear at all .
Agreed on Brainiac but I also wouldn't mind if he was the same as the version that appeared in the Superman Brainiac Graphic Novel.

Doomsday can work for without it been Death and Return of in my opinion.

I'd rather have Darkseid appear in a Superman film so you could have the New Gods aswell it would get abit crowded if the Justice League were involved.

"Always hold on to Smallville" - Jonathan Kent (Smallville S10x22 - Finale)
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Default Re: Which Superman villains would like to see in the first installment of Superman 3.

Brainiac as main villain, but shouldn't appear until 2/3 into the movie and should possibly be part of a bigger plot/mythology. Could possibly send "doomsday" henchman/pawn prior to arrival for action-sequences.

Lex as a background-player plotting and preparing for the ultimate showdown while trying to frame Superman and turning mankind against him.

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