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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
my favorite scene is near the end, when IronMan rushes to Ms. Potts from the exploding robot........ that was a Superman moment
In retrospect, that was indeed an awesome scene. What I especially like about it is how in a Superman or Batman movie, they'd totally up the drama through the roof for it, with lots of long cuts and dramatic music, but in this film Stark just takes off, rushes, rushes, rushes, lands for maybe a half second to grab her, then is up and away. It's more intense that way.

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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

I liked the scene in the donut shop when BW comes in with her outfit on. Stark takes one look at her and says "'re ffffffired." in a slurry voice and it cracked me up.

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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Gotta love drunk Tony with the Galliger tribute. The whole party scene was awesome.

I really liked the race track scene/fight.

The fight against the droids was awesome, explosions everywhere (gigidy!)

Black Widow going lucha libre on the henchmen, and Foggy struggling with one.

I just loved the whole movie!!

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Chris B
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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Originally Posted by Zur En Arrh View Post
The whole birthday party scene was awesome.
Rhodey landing in the Mark II was awesome. Everyone was in awe and he kind of had this "I know, right" look.
Hammers dance of course.
Hammer taking things away from Vanko (pretty much anything they did together.
Tony vs. perpetual motion toy.
Randy's Donuts
I'm with you on that. It was such a WTF moment with Hammer taking Vanko's shoes of all things.

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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Tony vs Rhodey was my favorite scene in the film.

Second would have to be every scene Justin Hammer was in.

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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Love the repulsor scene with the kid, it actually made me LOL.

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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
I remember some of it vaguely. This is a bit of paraphrasing of course.

"It will destroy the bunker...underneath the bunker that's been destroyed. If this baby was any smarter it could write a book that would make Ulysses look like it was written in crayon...then it would read it too you."

I can't quite remember the line that leads up to him calling it the ex-wife. Something like, "absolutely beautiful, intriguing and will destroy any building in it's path...I call it the ex-wife"
He also said something about it being his Eifell Tower and other things.

That Ulysses part is golden though.

Originally Posted by socool View Post
If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.
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Default Re: *SPOILERS* Favourite scene of IM2

Iron Man and War Machine blowing up all the Hammerroids in the park created and made a third testicle drop in my scrotum.

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