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Default my rough idea for batman 3

ok this is a basic outline, not a script or a complete idea, i got one of those, but too hard to type it up lol...just an idea what should happen...
OK so now batman is on the run, harvey dent is dead, gordon has to pretend not to know batman is innocent so that dent is not deemed insane and all the mob bosses go free. skip ahead one or two years. all the major crime bosses of gotham are locked up, but a few new ones have moved in to take their places, not as powerful or well organised, but still dangerous and fighting for power. the police are going nuts trying to find batman, lots of crazy people from the fear toxin pop up every so often and do stuff, weird stuff. they burn buildings and property for no reason, break into museuems and steal strange statues and paintings, all kinds of weird stuff. the newest crime boss in gotham is roman sionis, established business man, but few know he's now one of the biggest bosses in gotham. and he has a vendetta aganist wayne. you see roman hated his father, so much so he had him murdered, inherited his company and began to run it into the ground. that is until bruce wayne stepped in and bought the company, because mr sionis was his fathers friend. now the police cant track batman, they cant catch batman, they cant even shoot batman because he gets back up and disapears into the night, so they hire a private investigator, former military analyst and spy edward "enigma" nashton. he was kicked out of the military but no one seems to know why. at this time bruce wayne is hosting a fund raiser for some kind of inner city charity at the newly rebuilt wayne manor. there is all kinds of people there, including the new head of arkham asylum, hugo strange. the only thing he cares to talk about is batman and the joker, and how he always gets a different diagnosis on him with different doctors, but he thinks his latest psychologist is making propgress with him.he then quickly leaves. during said party armed men break into wayne manor, theres a scuffle,and wayne is kidnapped. bruce is tied to a chair and gets beat up. he could easily escape and beat the snot out these guys, but he needs to keep his cover. just days before lucious had designed a suit he could wear under his clothes, though it has no armor, its a great sneaking suit. and it has a utility belt. after a while they toss wayne into a cell. sionis, not wanting wayne to know who he is puts on his favorite mask, a black skull carved from his fathers coffin, and speaks to someone in the shadows, turns out it's hugo strange, he's on sionis' payroll at arkham, and says he thinks that batman may just pop up sooner or later and that he has some hunches, based on the technology batman is known to have used in the past. his phone rings, he listens and says in an angry tone "one more unauthorised visit and doctor quinnsel will be out of the medical profession for good!" just then an explosion comes from waynes cell, bruce took a small explosive out of the utility belt, blasts a hole in the wall from a tiny window and goes outside, and changes into his portable bat suit. while sionis and his gang are looking out the whole, the batman comes down from the rafters inside the warehouse, one guy with a flame thrower (fans will know its firefly but no need to go into details) gets knocked out, but not before accidentaly spraying sionis's face with a burst of flame and napalm. strange is no where to be seen. batman knocks out a few guards, calls the cops from a signal to gordon in his belt, and vanishes. a few moments later the cops find wayne down the street from the building he was being held in, but it's empty no one is there. he's questioned by gordon and several other cops, then nashton comes in. and asks very detailed questions...he ends the interview with "well mr wayne, as much as i must say that the batman is a criminal, a psychopath and a murderer...i think your.....lucky he showed up when he did" as wayne goes home, he tells alfred "i think this nashton guy could be a problem" now we see a doctor trying to operate on sionis, "i don't think i can help....the burned the mask into his facial structure....removing it could kill him..." jump to arkham asylum in the somewhat rebuilt narrows. strange is arguing with a woman "this patient is not someone you pay a visit to! he's responsible for atleast several deaths including a judge and police commishioner, and god knows how many more!" 'Your...right sir, i apolagize" a thin, blonde psychologist type says. "i have to take you off the joker case. i fear he may be....too suggestive for one doctor to examine." "but mista strange!" just then someone knocks on the office door and walks in "dr strange? i am edward nashton with the GCPD...i need to speak with you about...the batman problem" blah blah blah strange knows for sure now that wayne is batman, he did not know what happend when he ran out of the warehouse, but now he is certain....what to do with such information! nashton however is still oblivious to the fact..."you know eddy, you talk too much and are not that smart as you like to think, now let me get back to my business." this makes nashton very upset. flashback to when he was young, his father use to beat him and tell him he's a dummy even though he plays with all them puzzles and games and crap" no...i'll show everyone. he then goes on and kidnaps random people, puts them in a game and kills them if they not do not figure out his riddles...ala saw or something like that. the media call him 'the riddle killer, or the riddler' next he kidnaps batmans friend and ally, lucious fox. lucious is one smart guy though, and gets an SOS out to bruce. batman traces the signal, finds the riddler, solves all kinds of scary, ugly, sick riddles and puzzles and locks up the riddle killer. however how did he get the funding for the mazes and traps he set up? not a cops salary, and no money to speak of from the goverment....sionis. see he's alive, and calls himself the black mask now. and he wants wayne, AND BATMAN DEAD hence taking lucious hostage, to lure out wayne who may or may not lure out the batman...but of course now he could kill batman. "i hired a little help to take you out you f-ing freak. this is 'death stroke' " a guy who clearly had a stroke several years ago comes out of no where with two swords, and gives batman a tough fight...he fights like...ra's al ghoul....he's with the league of shadows! but they all died.....batman bearly beats the seemingly handicapped ninja guy, locks up sionis, because he tapped his confession to kidnapping wayne and taking over what was left of the maroni family, and all if well....except....could the league still be around? after credits scene, you see a really messed up ra's al ghoul telling his daughter talia to destroy bruce wayne and gotham....maybe it sucks but it sounds better in my head. alternativly, instead of nashton being a cop, he could be hired by sionis, i think that may sound better....who should play the characters?

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Default Re: my rough idea for batman 3

Paragraphing would make it easier to read.

You seem to have some good ideas. Only one I'm not to sure about is the fact Bruce lets himself get beaten up to avoid blowing his cover yet blasts his way out of a cell. Kind of gives the game away.

I like the references to Joker and Harley, although you do seem to just drop that idea with Harley going "your right". As much as I would like to see Joker and Harley, in your story is there really any point going beyond the "latest psychologist making progress with him" reference. The idea doesn't seem to go anywhere.

Maybe cut out the league of shadows stuff, it just feels shoehorned in.

Overall, some good ideas. Using paragraphs will definitely make it easier to read.

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Default Re: my rough idea for batman 3

it was just a rough idea, i forgot to type in that harley springs him out at the end, major thing to leave out, lol.

plus i had it typed up in MS text and just copy-and-pasted it into the forum while charging my phone so i can take my wife to the mall, lol, i'm gonna see if i can fix it, make it easier to read.

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Default Re: my rough idea for batman 3

OK for some reason i cant edit it so i just put a better, although slightly, version on my blog:

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Default Re: my rough idea for batman 3

well, few things:

-a good thing is to have ROMAN SIONIS in the 3rd film, and black mask in the 4th. much more time to develop him. but the same way can go around as in him staying for the 4th, then teaming up with hush, as they both hate wayne.

-hugo strange as the warden of arkham is GREAT. maybe in the climax, riddler can kidnap him, tell the public how corrupted he is, and then batman just KOs him with a sucker punch right to the jaw?

-have riddler as a mystery, killings going rom the beginning, and give nashton a fake name, like arthur wynn (from hush), and give hints to it.

overall, great stoy, but i agree on getting the league out. it just feels out of place...

as for cast:

-batman: chirstian bale
-black mask: beicio del-toro
-riddler: giovanni ribsi, michael C. hall or john simm
-hugo strange: ben kingsley
-deathstroke (although i didn't like the idea of including him):

characters i'd include:

-alberto "holiday" falcone: steve buscemi or zachary quinto
-jervis tetch "the mad hatter": brad dourif, steve buscemi, robin williams or martin short
-victor freis: timothy olyphant (sabetoonth's idea)
-carmine falcone: tom wilkinson
-sofia gigante-falcone: aida turturro
-oswald cobblepot (cameo): peter "john abruzzi stormare

also: in the post credits scene, have harvey dent to push falcone out of his penthouse, and shoot his daughter, who attacks him, in the back and in the face, so the next film would pla out as a mix of dark victory and hush.

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