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Default Re: The Positive Vibes About X:FC Thread

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
I couldn't if I tried. I think it's hilarious that the two movies fanboys complain about the most in this franchise, to the extent that they come up with asinine retcons to ignore them, are now upset that said movies are being ignored--and it's not that the movies are being ignored. It's that cameos and fan nods are being ignored.

Then, they recommend this be a reboot, which negates any chance of seeing a more faithful comic book adaptation and allows Fox to potentially hold onto the rights even longer.

The lamenting at the lack of Cyclops and Jean I understand, but not seeing my favorite characters in a movie has never been a reason for me to not see it. Other than that, I'm interested in what Vaughn has to offer. I think the premise of the movie being set in the 1960s is refreshing and more interesting than anything else I've heard offered with regards to First Class.
Fox is going to have the rights to this franchise until they stop making money off of it...which won't be for a long, long time. They will reboot the series over and over again before they allow their rights to expire.

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