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View Poll Results: Should Genosha be in this film?
Yes 9 52.94%
No 4 23.53%
I don't know/I'm not certain 4 23.53%
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Old 09-09-2010, 08:03 PM   #1
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Default Should Genosha be in this film?

If they really are going for a James Bond film look it might be interesting to have the climax set in a secret base in Genosha. Thoughts?

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

I want to see Genosha but with Cassandra Nova as the villain. Anyone who has read New X-Men should know how dangerous and maniacal she is. She was a real threat.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

It could work. Like maybe if it was a top secret containment camp or jail for the most dengerous mutants. Doesn't necessarily have to be an island off the coast of Madagascar.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

Haven't we already seen enough of mutants in prison?

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

^ I agree...I thought X3 should have been the perfect time to intro. Genosha, the cured could have been based their and for mutants who were to dangerous kept locked away in a secret prison, just think of the cameos(!!!!)

but if this turn into a new trilogy I would like to see Genosha in a 3rd film, with the premise that the island is a safe haven for mutants, with a Sentinel storyline or something else that ties the plot w/the Genosha...and also this should be the film where Magneto makes his return w/his Brotherhood (I don't want him in a sequel, it should be a mystery as to what he's up to, and the 3rd film he should be the villain and after his defeat he dissappears up until X1)

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Old 09-11-2010, 12:00 PM   #6
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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

If Genosha were to be used, I'd hope it was made to be a paradise for mutants, not a prison. But with the way that the movie series is playing out, I don't really see Genosha making sense as a location for a prequel. Think of it this way, if mutants in X-Men 1 weren't even really given the right to freely announce themselves without fear of retaliation, what good would it do to have them form a nation for themselves? It could be a good way to show how the human population would never accept them, and have a sort of Rise and Fall of Genosha storyline in a First Class sequel, but I'm sure fans are tired of seeing Genosha portrayed as a place that only exists to be broken down by the rest of the world. If an X4 were to happen, I'd like to see Magneto accept that his choices were wrong, and he goes off to Genosha (which would be a secret island that many mutant refugees are escaping to) to do some good, which would leave room for a new villain to keep the X-Men on their toes. That, and I thought it was a huge mistake to reuse the same villains throughout all of the movies. In four movies, we only had the characters face off against Magneto, Stryker, and their cronies. It's time to take the movies in a new direction, and I'm hoping the Hellfire Club will be well-liked enough to warrant new bad guys to show up.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

It would be cool if they did Genosha, but I agree we got the mutant prisoner camps too often in these films already. It would be a good way to show why Magneto would break up with Xavier because they will prove to him that humans would try to do with mutants what the Nazis did with the Jewish people, but we've already had two out of four films with imprisoned mutants. Genosha the paradise would be a good idea though. Maybe when Magneto leaves Xavier it could be to go and build up a mutant army in Genosha. Or maybe Magneto doesn't decide war is the right way to go at first but that mutants should seek to live separately from mutants. And then the sequel could be about Sentinels laying waste to Genosha, convincing Magneto that a war is destined to happen and he needs to make sure mutants are the winners.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

I don't think some scenes totaling maybe 10-15 minutes of actual screen time really would affect the prison aspect - if anything, it'd just show that history is doomed to repeat itself. I mean, we had Magneto holding Kelly captive in X-Men; Deathstrike, Mutant-143, Xavier, Cyclops, and six of Xavier's students held against their will to benefit Stryker in X2; the mobile prisons in The Last Stand and then Stryker's guinea pig tanks in Wolverine - so imprisonment is a recurring theme in the movies, even if they continued that idea, it wouldn't be anything new.

That's why I'd much prefer the persecution of mutants to gradually build, so that maybe if the idea of a mutant prison is brought up again, it'd be after a movie or two of these characters fighting their way up, only to be knocked back down by bigotry and legislative bodies proposing the Mutant Registration Act (which would lead perfectly into the first film). If this film is going to really break some new ground, I'd really like to see the mutants get a fair shake of things for a while, because as a newly emerging species to hit public awareness, I don't think they should immediately be rushed at with torches and pitchforks - build up a reason for the public hatred in these films, so that we as an audience can see both sides and their viewpoints represented fairly. Should an enemy in this movie or a possible sequel screw up royally, with the whole world watching (think if Proteus had a meltdown and destroyed an entire city block because he wasn't able to control his powers), then the baseline humans will have a reason for all their anti-mutant rallies and their "rabble, rabble, rabble" cheering for Kelly in the first film.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

this is what i love about possible new franchise is so many possible villains and storylines original trilogy did'nt do

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?

In either X-Men:First Class 2 or X-Men 4,they should show Genosha.

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Default Re: Should Genosha be in this film?


Genosha sounds too ambitious for the X-Men films. I don't know if 20th Century Fox will go with it.

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