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Default Is Wolverine a separate continuity - Franchise separate from The X Films?

Well, i feel like this.

i"m glad that this is a sort of a reboot. Orgins was so very bad that Darren wants to create a masterpiece that distances itself from Orgins.

x1 was good becaue it had a good story and it introduced us to the x men but lets be honest, the FX sucked or rather they were just Mediocre!. x2 corrects the flaws of x1 and gave wolverine some backstory. and deathstrike vs wolverine is a classic. it was just to damn short.

x3 for me is as good as x2. it can't understand why people hate a good film. brett made a great film.

but orgins really ruined everything.

i wonder if the story behind why the film was bad will come out someday. did Fox interfere too much. did hugh have too much creative control.
did the changing around of the script mess up the process of making the film better. did they hire a bad FX company? did Gavin clash with the studio and they punished him by having someone else direct things?

The Wolverine is not a prequel and its not a sequel either. its a isolated story/reboot with Hugh Jackman.

kinda like how each highlander sequel is a reboot.

in this story i guess the x men don't exist . there is no xavier, no cyclops, no jean grey and no magneto or william stryker. no other mutants?

kinda like how in The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby there are no other superheros in that universe. Its David Banner/Hulk in a real world setting.

wolverine is the star. i'm wondering how will they deal with the issue of mutants. is logan a mutant but doesn't know that he is? or is he just a guy who happens to have healing ability?

does sabertooth exist in this universe? will they retell the weapon x story?

will Logan be a man that just happens to have adamantium claws but doesn't know why? is he just apart of a group of men - women who got experimented on?

my question is this. if it turns out to be on par with Dark Knight will it get a sequel? will this be a new wolverine trilogy.

will this film deal with the fact that mutants exist? will wolverine be the center of the universe.

according to the leaked script the movie begins with Logan in jail and basically a rich japanese man bails him out of jail and tells him that he will tell him about his orgin if logan goes to japan with him. and this is how the story begins.

it also makes me wonder what time period will this occur in? The 70's The 80's 2010?

if this film turns out to be as good as The Chis Nolan batman films will it be a trilogy

but its confusing. First Class is a prequel. The wolverine is not!

i look at it like this. if Darren wants to make a film that clearly different from orgins.

it has to happen around a time where samurai's, ninjas were active in japan. it should feel like something close to The Last Samurai.

visually it should feel like a different film. it should feel more REALISTIC.

the problem with orgins was it had alot of BAD CGI in it. and it felt very unrealistic.

The Wolverine should feel like a REAL film. its about a angry drifter who has metal claws that come out of his fist.

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Default Re: Is Wolverine a separate continuity - Franchise separate from The X Films?

According to Aronofsky: YES

He will do his own thing. He also seems pretty intent on making it a more indie style film like his previous work.


If it’s not in the MCU we don’t want it Sony!
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