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Default How much of the clairmont comics should be used in "The Wolverine"


just a thought. since we know that a script has been written and Darren wants to create his own alternate continuity piece

what should they do to present a film that uses the more successful aspects of the comics.

basically wolverine goes to japan he falls in love with a crime lord's daughter. the father Shingen basically a bald samurai asian crime lord woops wolverine's ass with his samurai sword.

and basically there is a love triangle, espionage, betrayals, back stabbing and so on.

then wolverine basically has a series of skrimishes with Ninjas - Samurai's and has to train and regain his honor and face Shingen Again.

Silver Samurai appears again when wolverine returns to japan in another issue. the samurai

the new anime puts wolverine in a modern day japan and updates the 4 issue claremont story.

but what changes should they make and what elements should stay the same.

personally i feel this sounds like Ninja-Assassin meets The Last Samurai just starring Hugh jackman.

and how will he create a separate continuity. i personally believe that they should put Wolveine in a more realistic modern day japan of 2010 like in the anime. And they should have it so that the x men and the whole mutant issue should not exist and basically wolverine and his classic enemies (sabertooth, lady death strike, silver samurai, cyber) that way the door is open for more movies if this film succeeeds.

infact someone on has made fanmade trailer. it looks good!

the premise is that wolverine is in a canadian jail cell and a japanese mafia man bails him out and tells him if he goes with him to Tokyo he will tell him about his orgin, so they're going back to having wolverine not knowing how he got his claws.

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Default Re: How much of the clairmont comics should be used in "The Wolverine"

here is wolverine vs silver samurai in the animated 90's series.

this could be a great movie.

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Tacit Ronin
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Default Re: How much of the clairmont comics should be used in "The Wolverine"

Hopefully not his dialogue.

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Default Re: How much of the clairmont comics should be used in "The Wolverine"

The biggest focus of the Claremont mini is the inner struggle Logan has with his animalistic self. That's what I hope they focus on in this movie. They tried to do that in the last one but failed.


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Default Re: How much of the clairmont comics should be used in "The Wolverine"


there were lots of things that orgins failed at. even just as a film it just sucks! i mean a non comic fan would still dislike this crappy movie.

after this i was thinking they would reboot things because i was just amazed at how bad it was.

too many characters popping in and out. bad editing! the movie has its momments but the bad CGI and everything from the way the plot is presented to the retarded deadpool fight at the end.

oh the horror!

i wish they called up Bret Ratner to do this. X3 gets a bad rap but its 100% better than orgins.

poorly choreographed action sequences or rather - they look on screen - the action sucked.

retarded mutant powers - the x movies have all done a great job of taking mutant powers and showing them in a creative way on screen that works well for a general audience. more realistic

the x films do also did a great job of explaining what wolverine's mutant powers are and so on. they showed creative ways of showing different mutant powers.

teleportation, telekenesis, weather control, healing powers, telepathy, magnetisim etc.,

it was great.

orgins shows mutants with really stupid powers. or rather displayed them in a bad way.

agent zero's power is accuracy and jumping high?

wade's power is he can triwl swords real fast.

victor and jimmy logan have healing power and animal claws (bone claws & cat-like fingernals) but why do they stop aging at 30? why are they ageless?

how do we go from raggedy crushed up bone claws to shiny straight (and fake looking) metal claws?

silverfox has the power to influence people?

and they ruined emma frost completely.

IMO orgins has a very strong opening. but the movie quickly falls apart after they get out of military prison.

the movie had no berserker rage at all really. all 3 x films have had very small glimpses of it.

1. Wolverine vs Sabertooth in X1
2. Wolveine vs footsoldiers & wolverine vs death strike
3. Wolveine forest rage / wolveine gets a little berserk at the holding the line scene at the end

each film did a great job with creative action sequences.

orgins failed in the action dept.

orgins had the opportunity to be a real masterpiece of a movie. i could have been a tragic love story, a great wolverine-style action movie and a sort of social commentary on sibling rivalry.

when i heard wolveine/sabertooth were brothers i got excited because i felt they were doing a more real adaptation of the sabertooth / wolverine rivalry. i mean in the comics they do have the same mutant powers technically.

i think had they just did a slightly toned down version of the cinematics from the video game with bettr CGI and better action

the orgins video game cinematics tell the story better than the movie does.

the hulk vs wolveine short was better than the movie too.

that's a sad story.

this film shows a nice guy wolverine who has some issues. the scene where hugh wakes up from a bad dream is really the only scene where we see him stuggling with his animal nature.

so i really feel that darren's idea of rebooting things just starring hugh jackman is a good thing. but then doing a first class that is a prequel that retconn's orgins is very confusing, i'll admit.

this is the opportunity to do all the things that have been done incorrectly in the past films with wolverine.

but i wonder if the real story behind why orgins sucked so bad will come out someday. i mean when the producers actually got to sit down and look at the movie they must have known that they had a crappy movie on their hands.

i wonder what bryan singer would have done had he worked on orgins.

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