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Default Future Tones and Settings

For tones since the X-Franchise is all period pieces now, I'd try to match the films with the time period that they're set in.


I'd have Deadpool be a 70s exploitation film like Grindhouse or Inglorious Basterds. Something that uses its low budget for storytelling purposes with cheesy gore effects everywhere and even 70s-style credits and heavy film grain.

X-Men Apocalypse would be sort of an 80s teen movie mixed with a disaster film. Think Independance Day or Godzilla and then cross it with ET, Ferris Bueler and The Goonies where plucky teenage protagonists have to save the day.


Wolverine 3 is all but confirmed to be Old Man Logan so I'd have it be set in the present day.


X-Force would be more of a late 80s action flick like Commando, Rambo II or Die Hard where it's all about one-liners, tons of bullets and explosions with the lighting designed to cast as many shadows over everything as possible. I'd also use Genesis/Tolliver and the Dark Riders as antagonists along with Sinsear being an antagonist opposed to both sides.


Then I'd do X-Cutioner's Song where it's set in the early 90s where tonally, it would follow the 90s X-Men cartoon and the comics of the time but be significantly darker. I'd place this in 1992.

I'd put Deadpool 2 here where it's more based around Joe Kelly's run with T-Ray as the antagonist and taking place in around 1994-1995.


Wolverine 4 should be The Lazarus Project with Omega Red replacing Pinocchio. Mostly since I just plain like Madripoor. I'd set it around 1997-1998. It would be more of a gritty revenge film/gangster movie with car chases, morally ambiguous supporting characters and a MUCH darker atmosphere than the other films.

X-Force 2: Assault On Weapon Plus would introduce X-23 and Fantomex to the team and take place from around 1998-1999 and lead directly into the next X-Men film. Conceptually, it needs to be like what would have happened if John Woo directed The Matrix. A film where the black leather costumes are brought back, everyone wears sunglasses and bullet time is used in fight scenes reminiscent of Broken Arrow and Face/Off. The villains would be Mister Sinister, Sauron, Ultomiton, Sabretooth and John Sublime with The Marauders being the muscle of Weapon X who don't get any lines.


X-Men: Messiah Complex absolutely needs to be set during New Year's Eve Y2K. The timing is just too perfect since an extremely powerful mutant infant being discovered on Cerebro right at the dawn of the new millennium while people are taking to the streets with, "the end is near" signs. That plus Mister Sinister, Sabretooth and the other Marauders having special plans for this child, Sinister burning down the X-Mansion and the Morlock tunnels where the child is born being the sight of a mass slaughter with Cable appearing in the third act to raise the child across time and space just to keep her away from Sinister makes the stakes the absolute most personal that they've ever been. Oh, and Sinister reveals that he's been behind EVERYTHING in the series starting with First Class and the X-Men have only won everything so far because Sinister allowed it to happen.

I'd put Deadpool 3 in here where Wade Wilson becomes the new face of the War on Terror in a parody of 24 and gets tasked with investigating a crime boss in Dublin who's responsible for laundering several billion dollars because he may be employing one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, Cain Marko, the Juggernaut. It'll need to be set around 2002-2003. Siryn would appear and Deadpool would recruit her into X-Force.


Wolverine 5 should be an adaptation of Enemy of the State except with Mastermind replacing Gorgon, Weapon X replacing The Hand and X-Factor replacing SHIELD. Malcolm Colcord will have taken over Weapon X in place of Sinister. I'd place this around 2004-2005. Again focusing on post-9/11 themes and the prospect of "mutant terrorism."

X-Force: The Phalanx Covenant would show up here. It's where in the name of security, Genosha has enslaved their mutant population secretly and worse yet, trick mutants into going there where they never return. It's up to X-Force to liberate a country where the average citizen may not want to be "saved," as a means of both looking at post-9/11 Islamophobia and the the Iraq War. Of course all the moral ambiguity gets dropped when Cameron Hodge unleashes a nanoplague upon the country so he can merge everyone with him, causing the Genoshan Magistrates who were the ones running the mutant concentration camps to have to band together with X-Force in order to stop Hodge. Set around 2005-2007 and at the end, Magneto winds up in charge of the country. And yes, Cable to appear at the beginning with Hope summers in her late teens/early 20s.


X-Men: Fatal Attractions would follow. Magneto running Genosha when he's the world's absolute most wanted terrorist has already put the world on edge. When Fabian Cortez within the Genoshan government frames his own leader just to launch attacks on humanity, the X-Men are called in to make impossible decisions in a country ruled by mutants where the human majority is oppressed but seldom openly and Magneto has proven himself to be a flawed but mostly fair leader who truly does want to create a sanctuary for mutants on the island. Of course, by the time that Cortez's conspiracy is uncovered, it's already too late as Defense Secretary Cassandra Nova has ordered a nuclear strike on the island which kills over 30 million people, human and mutant alike, Xavier mindwipes Magneto and Cortez gets away with EVERYTHING. Set in 2007-2009.

Deadpool gets a sequel here but I can't think of a plot just yet.


X-Force: Necrosha. Set in 2012 where the predictions about the end of the world are at the highest they've been since 2000, Selene raises the dead on Genosha as her army to declare war on all of humanity to avenge the slaughter of Genosha. It's an X-Force movie... with zombies in it explained as Selene using the remnants of the Phalanx

Wolverine: Final Execution. Sabretooth uses Wolverine's own son agaisnt him to get revenge on both Logan and X-23. Set in 2015.


X-Men: Zero Tolerance. It's revealed that a sentinel prototype from Trask industries survived and has now replicated an entire army of sentinels without anyone noticing. At this point, the X-Men need to ask themselves if they managed to change anything during DOFP and if the future can ever truly be changed. Set in 2019.

Deadpool sequel.


The Death of Wolverine. Set in 2021.

X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga. Set in 2024


X-Men: Onslaught followed by a hard reboot.

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