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Know One
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Th Confused Odds 'n ends - pls help... (spoilers)

Hello, sayanora and shalom to everyone,

I haven't been here in quite some time - I recently saw X-Men Days of... and had a few questions concerning ALL the movies or so.

First - I want o mention that "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" hooked me badly (heard at the end of the movie) and got me back to practicing piano.

Ok - here I go...

On the third movie - Captain X dies (well, his mind is in the Juggernaut character). So, how come in Days of... Prof X is now ok and kicking - what's happened in between? Did I miss something?

I could've looked this one up - but one of you hardcore fans will easily take it. How many movies are there in all? I count seven... 3 classics, 2 Wolverine, the Cuban Crisis one and this one. Is that correct? Could you place them in the year they were made and in the order they should be chronologically viewed, thanks!

I have no problem whatsoever with Days of... However, I was led to believe it was an X-Men movie but, I felt it was a Wolverine movie. Do you agree or not - please tell me why.

My real love for superhero movies stems from Chris Reeve's Superman - and I have this crazy collection too to prove it. However, X-Men really gets me. I'm a little anti-violence and what's more crazy is that I totally dig Wolverine. When you think about it - mutants don't even exist and it's a very remote concept. Not that Superman isn't but, he's one guy and his universe is very "binary". Whereas X-Men's universe is very "un-orderly", cluttered, and when you read a comic book - you think, "God, this cannot work as a movie". Yet, this is just about the best series ever made. Can someone explain to me the appeal/success of this series?

What is your favorite X-Men movie? Mine was part II - where the school is raided and Wolverine goes nuts and kills everyone - and again - I'm anti-violence...

Is there another movie coming up - and another and another - I'd like to hear all rumors - even remotely possible.

Is there a chance Anna Paquin will reprise her role - she and Wolverine were just so touching. In Days of... that was a stand-in, right? She was not there?

Finally, should Logan and Jean end up together or would that remove that je ne sais quoi that makes Wolverine so unique?

Thanks - pls answer before Friday - report cards will be poster then on the billboard near the cafeteria... ;-)


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