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Default X-Tunes

This thread may be a little cheesy, but, is there a song that reminds you of an X-Men character whenever you hear it? I think of Rogue when I hear Sia's Titanium. Also, it might be because of X2, but whenver I hear Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: Andante I see Magneto in his plastic cell.

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Default Re: X-Tunes

Born This Way by Lady Gaga reminds me of X-Men. Diamonds by Rihanna reminds me of Emma Frost. Firework by Katy Perry reminds me of Jubilee.

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Dead Man Dann
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Default Re: X-Tunes

Lots of songs remind me of Wolverine, particularly ones by Mark Lanegan and Tom Waits. People seem to associate the character with metal songs or whatever, but I don't think that sort of thing fits. Here's some of the Lanegan stuff:

"And I'm sorry for what I've done
Lord, it's me who knows what it cost"

"It breaks and it breathes and it tears you apart
Gonna bite, gonna bleed
'Til this desert turns to ocean over me"

Yep, that just screams Logan to me. The entire album "Whiskey for the Holy Ghost" reminds me of Wolverine. It's dark, weathered, and soulful.

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Default Re: X-Tunes


Also, "Read my mind" by the Killers always reminds me of telepathy, although not exaclty specific mutant (could be Emma Frost, Jean Grey or Xavier).

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Mad Ones
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Default Re: X-Tunes

Read My Mind has always reminded me of the X-men's telepaths too!

Girl on Fire by Alisha Keys reminds me of Jean Grey.

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