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The Cocreator
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Default X-Men Universe all messed up

So, it kind of began simple but with 5 films and some merchandising the x-men movies universe became kind of confusing.
While not many seemed to relise this, this particular universe already received retcons when the 1st film was released, not a very important retcon, as before the first film was released marvel also released the official prequel comics, featuring 3 stories, about wolverine, magneto and rogue. The wolverine story featured the silver samurai and since he is part of the japan saga this story will probably be retcooned, the magneto story featured him and charles meeting in the 90s, already retconed by first class, and the rogue story was retconed in the first film since it shows her accidentally hurting her boyfriend during a prom and not at her home.
Then also came the x-2 official prequel, that contributed to the story and ties the sabretooth from x-men origins wolverine with the one from the 1st x-men film, it even explains nightcrawlers time when he was being controled by stryker, the x-2 movie also featured beast before he became beast talking with sebastian shaw, if he dies during first class then that will be a strange retcon.
Now, X-men: The Last Stand featured such a colision of ideas that it may be rebooted by Bryan Singer, the begining showed the x-men fighting a sentinel in the danger room and nightcrawler was gone, all of this was also explained with the expanded universe, the x-men official video game, and offers a good explanation to a lot of events, but if the sentinels are shown, like many fans seem to want, in an x-men 4 then The last stand will make even less sence.
The director and producers made us believe that last stand would mark the end of the x-men series, making it a trilogy, however they added thing that made us believe there would be a sequel more than with 1 and 2, magneto got his powers back and charles xavier survived and was now inside the body of some guy with moira taking care of him.
A young moira will appear in first class so thats another strike for last stand, now marvel wanted to, instead of making a true conclusion to the series they decided to divide and conquer by making prequels to the official films, during that time they only had 3 x-men movies but they were already planning wolverine and magneto films, with rumors of a juggernaut film, a storm film and an emma frost film.
For the purpose of these prequels they decided to rebrand them as X-Men Origins, Magneto suffered development hell and wolverine was made, with the announcement of a first class film they tried to make x-men origins: Wolverine tie with the upcoming X-Men Origins: First Class, that had bad consequences, mad ethe film suck and Magneto was cancelled with some elements going to First class and changed its setting to the 60s, who dropped the X-Men Origins title along with every other prequel in the making, so XO wolverine was is happens when the studio changes their ideas every single time, they hopped x-men origins to be the title for the next films but dropped the idea imediatelly so wolverine is a reminder of an aborted new franshise.
The movie also came with a video game tie in that began and ended during the time the original movies were set in, the not so distant future, and showed sentinels and a city in ruins, sure, it showed John Wraith being nightcrawlers father but that was only what wolverine remembered and with his memories all messed up he could have put some things together that didn't happen.
Now it's coming First Class, The Wolverine, and Deadpool, first class seems to be planting seeds for Ryan singers vision of X-3, now the wolverine won't be a reboot of the wolverine movies, it will be a sequel to XO: W but won't acnouledge the events of the previous film, and now Deadpool too, fans think that the character will be different from the one shown in origins but the last after the credits scenne show him very alive and with the ability to talk again, so he may have lost his powers between the films and Deadpool doesn't need to say the events in XO: W didn't exist, but he can break the 4th wall he could maybe say that what he did the wolverine was agains his character or something like that.
Fans also think that first class will retcon the events showcased in the begining of last stand as they think xavier and Erik will separate in the end of first class, however they seem to forget that this is supposed to be the start of a new trilogy so it's unlikelly they will separate right in the 1st film, erik will probably the magneto we know in the end of the 3rd one.
So until now i can make a timeline of the events from the x-men cinematic universe and what can be, more or less be considered canon for now, it also king of a reading, watching guide:

-X-Men: First Class
-X-Men Origins: Wolverine
-The Wolverine
-X-men 2 official prequels
-X-Men 2
-X-Men: The Official Video Game
-X-Men: The Last Stand
------------Unknown Future---------------
X-Men origins wolverine video game scennes set during the not so distant future.

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The Cocreator
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Default Re: X-Men Universe all messed up

Wow, not one single view

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Default Re: X-Men Universe all messed up

If you could tell me something new, then I'd be reading...

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Default Re: X-Men Universe all messed up

People might read it if you knew what a paragraph was. It's hard to read when you don't format it at all.

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