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Great Mind(s)
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Default Re: a trilogy?

Let's hope so! What kind of plot can you see in a sequel? The training of Scott and Jean I can see as a subplot. With Sinister? Prototype Sentinels? Emma turning good?

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Default Re: a trilogy?

i would like to see william stryker drop off jason at the school, since he seems to know them both well enough in X-2, & jean, cyclops, storm as teens

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Default Re: a trilogy?

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Let's hope so! What kind of plot can you see in a sequel? The training of Scott and Jean I can see as a subplot. With Sinister? Prototype Sentinels? Emma turning good?
For sequels well...

X-Men Second Class - would take place about a year later, Xavier has been covering up Erik's Betrail from the goverment in fear that it could possibly lead to mistrust against mutants causing everything they worked for to take a leap backwards. The mutant Kevin Sidney (The Changling) & friend of Xavier from oxford university. Joins Xavier's school and begins to impersonate Erik for the purposes of the school. with the school being a success for mutant kind Xavier also welcomes Sam and Page gutherie to the school.
On 27 March 1964 - an earthquake in Alaska causes the town of anchorage to be massively damaged. The X-Men are sent to investigate where upon they discover the sorce of the earthquake is a mutant by the name of Avalanche - whose powers have gone out of control. After they request the mutant back at the X-Mansion, it is discovered that someone is experimenting on mutants, which is why Avalanche's powers went out of control.
Xavier confronts Moria if she knew of mutant experimentation. She refers Xavier to the "Muir Island" facility - Xavier then meets with Dr.Essex - a scientists who has been looking into a cure for mutation. He also informs Xavier of the Levels of Mutant Powers. Xavier tries to prob Dr.Essex's mind about his experiments but is unable to pick up a single thought which he finds disturbing. However Dr.Essex refers Xaviers to a facility in America that was under the control of a General Stryker that was looking into Mutant research. Xavier decides to investigate this...
It is then later revealed that Dr.Essex isnt actually working on a cure but a mutant caterlyst that would kick start a mutant gene in anyone. Which he then later hopes to use on himself. Dr.Essex has then created a device - (very similar to that of magneto used in x1) which causes unpreditable results. Fearing that Xavier will discover what he is upto - Dr.Essex requires the assistance of a small mutant mercanry force known as the Maurders to take out Xavier.
back at the x-men mansion Avalanche, Page & Sam are trained up to become a member of the x-men. Xavier then meets with The Man In Black who detail all there research into mutant affairs. One being Alkali Lake. a love story between Page & Avalanche occures throughout the film.
The Maurders then proceed to hunt down the X-Men and Charles Xavier... Xavier learns of Alkali Lake which was under construction by Shaw Industries before work mysteriously stopped after the events of the first class film. Whilst there and finding nothing, Xavier and The X-Men are attacked by the Maurders consisting of Vertigo, Harpoon, Blockbuster, Prisum and Scrambler. during the fight Angel Salvador has her wings ripped off by Harpoon & Blockbuster - The X-Men manage to escape barely with Angel being servely hurt.
Back at the mansion with Moria's help they fix Angel however they had to amputate her wings - unable to cope with this Angel decides to leave the X-Men leaving the x-men down a member.
Realising the seriousness of this and how dangerous mission really is, Xavier disbands the X-Men. Which is disappointing for all its members.
all the mutants go back to there previous lives. - Whilst out drinking in a bar, Xavier is met by Erik who has come to talk to Xavier about disbanding the x-men. Although Magneto has a different idea of the world, he never though Xavier would abandon his, and though a motivational talk Xavier realises that in order for his dream to work - sometimes he will have to face some sacrifices. Xavier then goes about re-recruiting the x-men.
he is able to recruit almost everyone except for Avalanche whom is now missing.
Elsewhere Dr.Essex meets with Moria - knowing that she is the direct link to Xavier's investigations so Dr.Essex Kidnapps her and holds her hostage at "Muir Island" to try out the new mutant serium he has invented.
Xavier after learning of Morias disappearance ends up heading to Muir Islan with the X-Men where they are met by The Maurders now lead by Avalanche - we learn that Avalanche was a spy for Dr.Essex and his original mission in Alaska was to hunt down a very powerful mutant.
Xavier & Banshee head into the laboratory to rescue Moria - they rescue her just in time using banshees ability he knocks Dr.Essex to the ground accidently injecting himself with the serum.
The X-Men are able to stop the Maurders all bar 1 - Vertigo who helps Dr.Essex Escape.
At the end of the film - Muir Island is given to Moria McTaggart as the only trusted scientists to conduct experiments to help mutants. With Xavier's help.
Xavier then refines Cerebro to discover the different frequences more powerful mutants have, discovering 1 at level 5...
Xavier & Kevin disgused as Erik go to there house to meet with a young Jean Grey.

X-Men Third Class - This story takes place 6 months after the sequel - the first scene you see is Charles Xavier - Walking into a mutant prison - he helps a highly dangerous mutant escape "Nitro" and offers him to join his team "The X-Men" - the scene then jumps to Xaviers school where The Man In Black has come to arrest Xavier - Xavier is shown the footage but as Xavier is wheelchair bound can not explain this other than another mutant is imperonating him. However Xavier is taken into custody until they can proove otherwise.
Leaving Kevin (The Changeling) in charge of the x-men, however in order to hide this from the students Kevin transforms into Xavier. However later that night the Xavier mansion is attacked by the Fake Xavier and Nitro - Fake Xavier steals Cerebro in order to locate some powerful mutants. Fake Xavier sees Kevin who is disguised as Xavier but ends up killing him - The students unaware that Xavier is really Kevin believes that Xavier has died.
Onslaught/Xavier then heads to 3 mile island where he rescues Cyclops and other mutants to join his x-men. basically Onslaught wants to start an all out war - angry because his ability has imprisoned him in a coma. which is why he builds his team of x-men like his brother.
Xavier learns that Fake Xavier is His brother who is in a coma which was caused by his mutation which lead to Xaviers Brother creating Onslaught - After finding out about Kevin';s death Xavier gets in contact with the X-Men to inform them who this mutant is - So the x-men attempt to free Xavier from prison - where upon the x-men fight Fake Xavier now Onslaught
This movie sort of answeres two questions... 1 why was xavier walking at the end of origins movie and yet hes crippled in first class - well thast not really xavier - and 2 how did xaviers brother end up at the end of x3 in a hosptial in muir island.
not sure in regards to what story would go great with this but basically it would be the whole Onslaught/Proteus/Shadow King kind of story.

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Default Re: a trilogy?

I want to see Juggernaut or The Blob,the real ones.

Marvel's SM1:Kraven/Venom

Cast Joe Manganiello for Kraven the Hunter!
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Default Re: a trilogy?

I do not want to see the Blob...ever.

a) he is a cgi nightmare
b) he is a fat suit nightmare (that one already happened)

Not to mention the fact that he does nothing but be fat and take punches.

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Default Re: a trilogy?

Originally Posted by Hellcycle2000 View Post
i would like to see william stryker drop off jason at the school, since he seems to know them both well enough in X-2, & jean, cyclops, storm as teens

I agree w/ the Scott/Jean angle, but I don't want them as "new" "new" recruits...I would like them to be their for @least 4months to a yr. w/possibly Storm being the newest recruit....hopefully this can take place during the mid-to late 70s or early 80s when a lot of protest are going on, "womens rights" etc...

the thing w/Stryker and his kid its been told in 2 movies already, most likely time would have passed and Jason came to the mansion and left

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Default Re: a trilogy?

well the time frame is perfect to introduce Scott and Jean...

First Class is set in 1962 during the cuban missle crisis

Just reading through Dr.Negatives story, in 1964 - there was an earthquake in ancorage, alaska that killed lots of people thats actually on wiki (also Ancorage being the birthplace of Scott Summers) or where he was brought up... i forget. although with an earthquake you could also introduce

thats made me think of other events around this time.

in 1963 you had the assasination thing - you could change it to something along the lines of days of future past

the 60's as a period has alot of connecting real life stories - maybe it was there inspiration for the comics i guess.

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Default Re: a trilogy?

Originally Posted by Dr.Negative View Post
Do you think there is room for a First Class Trilogy?
There's room hypothetically for anything with these franchises. But do I think there will be a trilogy of First Class films? No.

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Default Re: a trilogy?

why do you say that if this film makes money fox is doing sequels

and there is so many characters and storylines not even touched

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Default Re: a trilogy?

I definitely want a Havok/Polaris showmance!

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Default Re: a trilogy?

it would be nice to see Polaris on the sequel.

specially if they make her Eric's daughter.

I hope they developt part of Eric's love history. They are human, after all.

If they end doing a new trilogy, and between the 6 movies they dont show any of Eric's love interests, it would be a big mistake, at least for me.

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Default Re: a trilogy?

I think it will happen for sure, now haters basically all gone and FOX need to film more to keep its right, and the crew are so into it, plus they've already got some ideas, wouldnt surprise me if they decide to make the next one by 2013.

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