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Default Which Ideology Would You Choose?

Since watching X-Men First Class Trailer - i figure sides & Ideology will play heavy in this movie. Much had it done in the previous movies. But something interesting is going to be happening with the x-men comics where mutants will be following different Ideology's... So it made me wonder. In the style of a What If... Comic, what if you were a mutant, which Ideology would you choose? Nearly every powerful mutant in the x-men universe has a different Ideology. Here they are.

Professor X
> The Professor believes that Human's and Mutants can live together in Peace, with the Mutants being able to help benifit humanity with there abilities on a voluntary basis.

> Erik believes that Mutants are superior and thus should inheirt the earth from the homosapians as mutants are the next step of evolution which causes homosapians to fear them and to act out of fear towards them.

> Dr.Essex believes that Mutant Ability is a gift that anyone should be able to gain. He is also someone who is an idealist wanting a world of perfection. So mutants with horrible or terrible abilities he considers them as rejects. (In a way this is very similar to the entertainment industry)

> Not just the Marauders but probably those who thought in Weapon X, or was just a Rogue mutant looking to make money of there talent. Basically this is the ideology of a mutant using its ability for profit reguardless of the effects. Many mutants in the X-Men world have adopted thi ethos basically because its very profitable.

The Hellfire Club
> The overal idea of The Hellfire Club was to have a way to explot the mutant abilities to generate vast amounts of profits in there favour. A some what high society that is like the marauders but work for the collective group.

> En Sabre Nuh believes in survival of the fittest, he doesnt necessarly believe in mutants as per someone being able to be supreme amongst others. So lets say Iron Man against Leech - Iron Man would be considered the better of the two because he is more powerful.

> Mojo's general ethos is mutant ability makes money in entertainment... so basically like the hellfire club and marauders but with a more legal route of entertainment.

Savage Lands
> Alot of people didnt think there was an ideology but there is, basically the land is a perserve a safe havent from normal reality. Its the classic escape clause.

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Default Re: Which Ideology Would You Choose?

I think Magneto feels mutants are superior as almost a defense mechanism in response to humans being afraid of them and hating them. But he does believe it. He's a bit insane in that respect.

I kind of agree with him because humans throughout time have proven they can't be trusted to not be violent and hateful.

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Default Re: Which Ideology Would You Choose?

I'll always chose peace, so it's Xavier for me.

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Default Re: Which Ideology Would You Choose?

I think my conscience would force me to side with Professor X though the for-profit groups would be tempting.

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Default Re: Which Ideology Would You Choose?

Professor X of course, I always wish for World Peace.

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