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Default G.I. Joe - Reboot?

I know there are still 1 or 2 sequels to come for this already sinking ship but already switching directors, writers, and most of the cast after just the first one? C'mon now, there HAS TO BE a reboot somewhere down the line.

Granted, the first one wasn't awful but I sense the second one will be noticeably worse and the third one at least twice as bad as the second. I'll go as far to say that they should stop while they are ahead and scrap that now. If the 'Incredible Hulk' can be canned and rebooted after one movie so can G.I. Joe.

What needs to be done to reboot the franchise properly?:

1.) Plan ahead better - If you want to know how to plan ahead for a movie franchise of two movies or more just look at what was done with The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Hobbit.

2.) Pre-Planned Length - comic books aside for now, the best part of the G.I. Joe television series of the early 1980's was the five part mini-series that would air for one week, ALL PRE-PLANNED. A re-boot should be planned to be five movies, no more no less. There's your cartoon feel, there's some touch from the 1980's series for starters... and I think I am correct.

3.) Stick to the original core material - the Snake Eyes/Cobra Commander connection is one of the biggest and most important in G.I. Joe lore, how this movie completely ignored and re-did that is a mystery I'll never know. Granted, beginning a new G.I. Joe series in Vietnam in accordance with the source material is becoming an outdated concept so switching battlefields is not a big deal THAT IS SOMETHING FROM THE CORE THAT CAN BE CHANGED. Basically, in my opinion, anything that absolutely NEEDS to be changed should be and stories can be added as long as they don't contradict the original work which is what that first movie did. WHY? Why contradict an already successful work? All it does is near guarantee the contradicting work for failure.

4.) STOP LOOKING AT EVERYTHING AS POETRY AND ART! - You want to make a series of good G.I. Joe adaptations? Quit taking an artistic and poetic view in creating it and try taking a constructive and builder-like view in assembling it.

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