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Heart Scott Adkins takes over SyFy. (Metal Hurlant series)


Joking aside, he's only in season 2. Season 1 airs this April, season 2 will I imagine follow later in year.

Soooooooo....SyFy seems to be picking up series made in Canada, French-Canadian (like this one) or co-producing them between Canada. lazy to make you're own shows I see lol.


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Default Re: Scott Adkins takes over SyFy. (Metal Hurlant series)

Nice cast,Will check it out

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Default Re: Scott Adkins takes over SyFy. (Metal Hurlant series)

I thought he was in Season 1 when I watched it

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Default Re: Scott Adkins takes over SyFy. (Metal Hurlant series)

John Rhys-davies (“The Lord Of The Rings” ) Michael Biehn (“Terminator”) Jimmy Jean-Louis (“Heroes”), Scott Adkins (“Expendables 2″), James Marsters (“Buffy”), Michael Jai White (“Black Dynamite”)
Oh **** at that cast of badassery.

... Blacky, my cat ...


Miss you little buddy

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Default Re: Scott Adkins takes over SyFy. (Metal Hurlant series)

Didnt see a thread on the new Sci Fi series...saw the US debut of the first two episodes and had some thoughts:

Before I get negative, i want to say i actually enjoyed the two episodes.

its a step in the right direction for sci fi. It was at least trying to do decent science fiction, my guess is that both episodes looked great in script format. it's incredibly low budget esque , but that has never slowed down good sci fi before.

Some of the execution, like say the make up and costume design in 'The endomorph" of the head bad guy, were really well done...although the psuedo roman garb in episode one was fairly lousy.

That being said this isnt the series to catch on , and will likely come and go.

There was an air of foreign euro cheese to some of the thing, inducing some strong cringes... the acting and dialogues were generally terrible. it was tough to say if this was just a product of the terrible actors, who were clearly selected for visual bicep appeal rather than acting chops. Michael Jai White and several of the actors are terrible. I had fond memories of White from Spawn, I had no idea he was this bad. I really can't stress how terrible the acting was. Both the episodes actually had near brilliant stories...but when it camer to executing the vision on the screen they just fell short.

Sometimes the episodes wanted to be action features but really had terrible coordination of the fighting and action scenes..some of the worst I've seen and chuckle worthy.

That being said i enjoyed it. It was science fiction, and that is rare for the Sci fi channel l. It's a step in the right direction and i will continue to watch the show. Even will all the terrible cringe worthy moments I found the thing quite refreshing...nearly "so bad it's good" type thing, but as i said...a true fan of sci fi might detect that the writing and stories are actually quite good.

What this series is attempting to execute is actually very awesome..and I look forward to what else it can come up with.

Note: Adkins was the star of episode 1 of this series entitled "The King's Crown" . Plenty of shots of his abs as well, for those interested lol.



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