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Default Re: Rewatch the first 4 movies before XFC?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I think they should just make an X-Men 4, not ignore X-Men 3 and just deal with the things that happened in X-Men 3. If they want to bring back Jean, Professor X and Cyclops, they just need to make a story about it. No need to ignore X3.

I don't think XOW and X3 are as good but I still find them entertaining. I've just come to accept them. I think making an X4 and completely ignoring
part 3 would be weird and confusing to some.

Interesting to think someday there might be 12 X-films to sit through.
Xmen FC 1-3
Xmen 1-6
Wolverine 1&2

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Default Re: Rewatch the first 4 movies before XFC?

i'm all for an X3 remake with Singer directing of course

hell, there are 2 versions of Superman II and Evil Dead 2 is somewhat of a remake of Evil Dead 1

the only thing i would keep from Ratner's X3 is Kelsey Grammar as Beast. that role was cast perfectly.

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Default Re: Rewatch the first 4 movies before XFC?

Evil Dead 2's 7 fisr minutes are just quick recaps of what happened in the previous film, Sam Raimi said himself its suposed to be a sequel, not a remake.
If they contradicted X-3 then reboot it.
As for wolverine, after the next The Wolverine i want 2 prequel, one based on the origin and another based on weapon X

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