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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

"Giles, I swear you're going to drive me completely mental sooner rather than later," I sigh to my new Watcher, which is kind of like the Slayer version of Q. My god, what am I saying? I'm making Bond references now? Thank you Xander.

"Well, then we would be even," he responds, adjusting his glasses and not looking up from the book in front of him. Giles is completely different than my last Watcher, Merrick. He's much more British. And a lot less fun. But he knows what he's doing, even if he's got a completely nervous geeky way of doing it. "But that doesn't change the fact that we're going to need help."

"Oh, thank you," Xander pouts from his chair. "Invisible to girls and the supernatural warriors."

"He means people that can actually fight, Xander," Willow sighs.

Willow and Xander. Best friends with each other for as long as they've lived, and have quickly become some of mine. They're resourceful, funny, supportive...and willing to stick around me as I try and kill the undead. So really, why wouldn't they be my friends?

"Why do I need help? I'm the Slayer. I'm the one destined to rid the world of evil. All that crap. I don't need a bunch of amateurs running around getting in my way."

I know, I know. Whiny teenage girl alert.

"We're living in a city situated on a gate way to hell itself, not to mention the fact that supernatural activity has been on the rise across the world since the Ogdru Jahad incident," Giles reprimands me in his normal tone of superiority. "We can't handle everything that's going to come out way."

"I've done pretty well so far," I say in a stubborn tone. And I have done well so far. I've killed a few vampires, stopped a few demons, and fell for a dark and mysterious boy who gives me cryptic warnings. You know, normal girl stuff.

"And what happens if someone like Rasputin shows up with an army of werewolves or something. How are we going to deal with that?"

"My good looks and charm?"

After a slight pause, "Yea, I guess you're right. Set up the meeting. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it."

"Well, I'm glad you saw reason. Now, off to class."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

"Can you believe him? Saying I need to get help to take care of some of this stuff?" I continue my complaints as we walk towards class. "I mean aren't I the Slayer? Aren't I the one he came to help? The one his order is all obsessed with finding and assisting."

"You know, I can think of a reason why you'd need help," Xander says as he mockingly before giving a snap. "Oh right! We live over the mouth of hell!"

"Please. I'm sure plenty of Slayers have dealt with a hell mouth before."

"Yea, but right after the veils between dimensions were ripped asunder a few months before?"

"Big whoop, Hellboy whipped Ogdru Jahad's butt and sent Rasputin's moldy butt back to the afterlife."

"But Giles said something like that will weaken what holds back evil." Willow says, not looking up from her iPad. "And I mean, you have been busy since then. Of course, I don't know how busy you were before then."

My silence tells her she's right. Things have been worse since I moved here. And things in LA went to crap after Lothos. And now Giles has been reciting a prophecy about The Master, saying I'm destined to go up against the powerful vampire. And if I lose? Oh, he'll only take over the world.

Talk about pressure.

Just then, a scream echoes down the hallway. Instinctively, we head of in that direction, and recoil at the site we see. Inside a homeroom, a young freshman sits at his desk with his throat sliced open, and a girl stands screaming next to him, covered in blood.

All she says is, "He was sleeping! He was sleeping!"

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

The strike team prepares to leave the safe house, I sit in a meditative stance, preparing for the carnage that is almost certain to follow. It's hard to gain my center in a place like this. With the blaring alarms and shuffling of people getting ready to attempt a suicide mission. But I manage to get to that spot, focusing myself for the mission ahead.

"Are you ready?" Worf asks me, trying to hand me one of their futuristic guns.

I stand and nod, but push the gun away, "I don't need one of them."

"Are you crazy? If these things get near you they will tear you apart," he warns trying to thrust it into my hands.

"I said I don't need it," I respond, meeting his steely gaze.

"Listen, Wrinkles," Raph starts, "you'd have a better chance of him trying to kiss one of those things than to shoot it. Guns aren't his thing. Deal with it and let's move on, shall we?"

"Your funeral," he answers, under his breath.

"So what's the plan, Captain?" I defer to Picard. He knows the ship, and he knows these creatures better than I do. And Master Splinter has always said one of the greatest strength of a leader is when to know when others strengths are greater than your own.

"We'll travel in formation," the Enterprise's commander says. "Those carrying energy weapons will take point and the rear. If the creatures get close enough, the Turtles will take over during close combat. We've got motion trackers ready to carry with us. With any luck, we'll get to the infirmary without incident."

"Captain," I say, twirling one of my blades in my hand. "In my experience, luck is rarely on our side. Let's move out. The longer we wait, the stronger these things get."

"I agree. Let's go."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

"You're sure that's all she said? 'He was asleep'?" Giles asks as he moves from row to row of his own private collection of books.

"Pretty sure, of course I may have been distracted by all the blood," Xander quips. "I mean seriously. What is it about Wednesdays here that makes the demons go all homicidal."

"Just can't make it past hump day, can they?" Willow adds in.

"Okay, enough witty remarks," I shake my head. "What is this, Giles? A demon or spirit showing up and killing someone in their sleep? Is this normal?"

"Of course, but in the middle of the day with witness is around is very puzzling. And the method? A slit throat? It seems so...barbaric for them. Nothing very magical about it, is there?"

"Magical about what?" a whiny, slightly self obsessed voice says from the doorway of the library as Cordelia Chase saunters in. The most popular girl in school, and a bit of a frienemy to our little group. She seems to be okay when we're all alone...but when there's other people around? We might as well be lepers. And she's come a bit too close to finding out about the whole Slayer thing a few times.

"Well if it isn't the queen of the damned herself," Xander smiles. "Here to drag us off to hell?"

"I wouldn't drag you anywhere, geek," she snarls back. "Mr. Giles I need a book for biology homework. I don't know why I need to-"

"Cordelia, third row on the second level," Giles sighs, cutting her off.

She stamps up stairs, gets the book, and gives us a look as she walks out as she mumbles, "Weirdos."

"So, I'll help Giles do some research tonight," Willow says sitting down at the library computer.

"And I'll supervise!" Xander beams.

"And you're going hunting tonight," Giles finishes the conversation. "We'll figure the rest out and report back."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

I trudge through the cemetery, stake in hand ready for anything that might attack me on this trip. But so far it's been nothing. Well, unless you count a racoon.

But then I feel a presence behind me. I spin quickly, brandishing a stake as I do, ready to plunge it into the chest of a vampire if that's who it is. But as I see who's behind me, I drop my hand quickly when I see who it is.

"Don't shoot," Angel says in his normal, gruff yet quiet voice.

"Last time I checked it wasn't loaded," I respond to the young man standing in front of me. Angel. The dark mysterious model type has seemingly been following me for the past few months since school started, giving me hints on potential threats...all while looking drop dead gorgeous.

Okay, so I like the bad boys. Kill me.

"What's it this time? Vampire bounty hunters? Werewolf pack dogs? Michael Jackson's nose returned from the dead to wreak havoc on humanity?"

"This isn't funny," he responds. "Things are about to get bad."

"Oh, really? Bad? Well that's good, because up until now it's been like a day at Disneyland," I roll my eyes at him.

"I'm serious," he snarls. "The Hellmouth is gaining power. Things are breaking free. Things that most Slayers have never dreamed of."

"Yea, well, I'm not most Slayers," I respond, walking away.

"Buffy," he calls to me, "...sweet dreams."


Giles rubs his temples as he looks through one of his thousands of books for information on a demon that will do the act that happened this morning. So far, he, Willow, and Xander have come up with nothing, so he sent the children home for the night to get a nice rest.

But he powers on for his Slayer. He needs to figure this out before someone else falls victim to the demon.

But then, from the hallway outside the library and he ruses out, finding a girl laying face down in a pool of blood. As he approaches, fear reaches the back of his throat as he begins to recognize the girl. He takes her in his arms and flips her over, revealing the horribly scarred visage of Buffy Summers.

Before he can react to the sight, Biffy opens her eyes and a gravely voice escapes from her lips, "Time to play, Ripper."

"AH!" Giles screams as he's woken from his dreams.

"Whoa, Giles," Xander yawns, "next time warn a guy before you're gonna spaz."

"Sorry..." the Watcher responds as he ponders what just happened.

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

Flint in his class A uniform enters a room with an overhead lamp, a table, and two chairs. He looks around and sits down.

Well this is the place that The Trust said they would send a representative to negotiate a peace settlement between us and them. Like we're going to find any common ground. A giant waste of time but if I didn't agree to this then the Trust controlled media would have a field day with us and I even came alone as requested.

Just then a door opens from the other end of the room and a man in a black business suit carrying a briefcase approaches the table.

He says, "General Flint I presume."

Flint replies, "Were you expecting someone else?"

Black Suit says, "Well my name is Jarret Stoler and I'm a professional negotiator for The Trust."

He sits down and opens up his brief case and shoves a folder in front of Flint.

Stoler says, "My client is prepared to make you a very reasonable offer."

Flint opens the folder and begins skimming it.

Stoler says, "You and your fighting forces would cease all hostilities towards The Trust and in return..."

Flint says without looking up, "We're called GI Joe."

Stoler says, "Well GI Joe would become The Trust's private army and all of you would be granted immunity from prosecution for all crimes that you all have committed against The Trust."

Flint closes the folder and says, "So let me get this straight Stoler. We would become another fighting force for The Trust and we would be pardoned for the crimes of defending the weak and fighting for freedom for the people of the planet. Is that about the size of it?"

Stoler adjusts his glasses and replies, "General the people GI Joe are protecting are outlaws, the weak, the unworthy, those who were destined to serve The Trust."

Flint asks, "And who or what gives The Trust the right to make judgements like that?"

Stoler replies, "History and status give The Trust the right."

Flint asks, "And The Trust can do no wrong? I knew a group like you all once. They're not around anymore. I can't say I exactly agree with how they were dealt with, but be that as it may even if we die there will be others to oppose you that I can promise you."

Stoler laughs and says, "Oh General you are so naive. Do you really believe that you're the first to stand up to us? GI Joe is has made this fight on a public level. The last who had the audacity to try an oppose us..."

Stoler pulls out another folder and pushes it to Flint.

Stoler says, "Perhaps you're familiar with it."

Flint opens the folder and as he reads about "Operation: Strike Down" two things catch his eye; the date of the operation and where it was executed.

Flint says, "Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963."

He looks up with a mixture of shock and anger in his voice as he says, "President Kennedy's assassination. The Trust was behind it all."

Stoler says, "The Trust did orchestrate the factors which were conducive for a successful operation. Over the years certain aspects have leaked out by the choice of The Trust as a show of force to those who know of The Trust. Conspiracy theorists have played a very unwitting part in the success of The Trust."

Flint closes the folder trying to take in a moment that is shaking him to his very core.

Stoler says, "You see General Flint. What The Trust wants The Trust gets. Losing is not in the nature of The Trust, so agree to our terms and save GI Joe and stop fighting this futile battle you are destined to lose."

Flint looks up and tears the folder with the agreement in it and says, "Stoler GI Joe doesn't know how to lose a war. We may lose a battle here and there, but a war; not in this lifetime."

He stands up leans over the table and says with great anger in his voice, "You crawl back to those leeches and tell them not a chance in hell. If you thought we were a problem before I assure you now those times will feel like a warm memory within a month."

Stoler shakes his head slowly and says, "I had a feeling this might be the case. Your stubborn will power is obvious and there is only one way to deal with roaches like you. Step on you!"

Stoler snaps his fingers and there are ten red-dots clustered around his chest through a skylight.

Stoler asks, "Any last words General?"

Flint peers down at the dots on his chest and says, "Yeah, Yo Joe."

Flint is beginning to brace himself when suddenly one of the dots disappears and Stoler is somewhat surprised so is Flint.

Then another and another at a rapid rate until finally Stoler and Flint are both now staring at one another. Just then there is a cracking in the skylight and then the skylight collapses in as Stoler and Flint step back.

Three repelling lines fall in and Snake Eyes, Thunderstrike the Joe's Green Beret Officer, and Cross-Hairs the sniper drop through.

All three raise their guns with their laser sights honed in on Stoler's forehead.

Thunderstrike says, "I think it's safe to say these negotiations are over."

Stoler says, "What is this? You were supposed to come alone!"

Cross-Hairs says in a thick southern accent, "Oh and those ten boys up there just happened to be in the neighborhood, and had nothing better to do than point their guns at General Flint with the intention of making his nice clean clothes a mess. For shame."

Stoler steps towards the door and says while looking at the Joes, "You're going to regret this General. I assure you of that. All of you will regret your actions!"

Snake Eyes holsters his gun and flips over the table and lands behind Stoler.

Snake Eyes pulls out his sword and holds it within an inch of Stoler's neck.

Flint says, "Stand down Snake. We need him to get the word back to The Trust."

Snake Eyes opens the door and Stoler leaves as Snake Eyes sheaths his sword.

Flint looks around and says, "I gave orders no one was to follow me. I was to come here alone."

Thunderstrike says, "Well yeah, but we were given orders from a higher authority to keep an eye on you."

Flint raises an eyebrow and Thunderstrike says, "That's right your girlfriend Cover Girl."

Cross Hairs says, "Yeah when was the last time you told her no."

Flint says, "Six months ago and it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made."

He looks at Snake Eyes and says, "Scarlett?"

Snake Eyes looks at Flint as if to say, "what do you think?" and Flint says, "Gotcha."

Flint looks around and says, "Regardless thank you for saving my life. Right now let's get back to the pit. I have a bad feeling that as a result of this evening things are about to get worse, and we need to be ready for it. A lot of people are going to be counting on us. Let's move out."

The four leave the room and make their way back to the pit.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

New York City

The Doctor sat in a plain white chair, behind a plain white table, in a windowless, plain white room. Across the table from him were two men in black suits.

"So," the Doctor said, drumming on the table with his fingers. "Think I can get some Jammie Dodgers?"

"We will do nothing of the sort," the older agent said sternly. "43 years ago, there was an event, a secret event, in and around America that led to the forming of this organization--"

"Space 1969. The Silence, Neil Armstrong, the Ponds... Ah, good times."

"The first director of our organization was a man named Canton Everett Delaware."

"The third, don't forget that part of his name."

"According to Delaware, or D as he was later known, the man who helped beat the Silence, the man who showed humanity how to make a stand, was a time traveling alien that passed for human. Called himself the Doctor, and he looked an awful lot like you."

"What can I say, Kay. It is Kay, right? Don't think I forgot about you. 1974 has been awhile for you, but not for me."

"Right. And 43 years later you show up out of the blue, during the middle of an alien invasion with a bunch of turtle men and a Lincoln impersonator."

"One, those invaders were extradimensional, not alien. Two, they're not turtle men. Three, that's the real Abe Lincoln himself."
"Look, Doc," Kay's partner said, holding his hand up. "Don't let Kay's grumpiness give you the wrong impression he's just had a rough... forty years. MIB knows that, for your independent streak, you are on our side. We know that. Right, Kay?"

Kay folded his arms and grunted once.

"Right, well. While the situation in the city is being dealt with, we have something else we could use your help with."


"Yeah. Past week and a half, ConEd employees have went missing down in the sewers. Search parties to go out and find them have went missing as well. We've managed to keep it hush hush, but it can only be covered up for so long."

"Speak to my turtle friends. They happen to be sewer dwellers, they'd know if something was down there."

"We have. They don't know anything, and Jay here tends to believe them and I say they didn't do it because of the evidence."

"Evidence?" The Doctor asked, his eyebrows arched. "What evidence?"

Kay reached into his jacket pocket and produced a scanner, handing it to the Doctor. "MIB tech crews managed to glean these readings at the place the last search party went missing. They didn't find anything at that spot besides these readings. We didn't press any further into the sewers."

The Doctor looked over the readings for a few seconds before gently laying the scanner down on the table.

"Oh, dear..."

"What? What is it?"

"You scan picked up temporal energy of a type I've seen quite a few times. I know what's down there."

The Doctor laced his hands together and held them to his face, looking at the two MIB agents as he spoke.

"Tell me, gentlemen, have you two ever encountered Weeping Angels?"

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

Our small group heads through the hallways of the starship Enterprise, the motion tracker blipping as it goes. We all put a brave face on as we traverse the ship, but we're all terrified. I can almost smell it on us. We're all brave, but you don't go up against something like this without the fear burning in your belly.

Master Splinter always said true bravery is feeling fear's grip on your heart and pushing on anyway. Smelling it in the air and continue to track your prey.

The last time I felt like this I was going to face Shredder. But even that was different. Shredder was a man. Evil, yes. Trained to kill, of course. But a man none the less. A man can be killed. A man can be reasoned with and talked to.

But these things are so much more than a man. Obviously born and bred for killing, they are more machine than animal. I can only wonder what sick and twisted minds came up with them.

Suddenly, the beeping on the motion detector picks up, and Worf whispers, "Behind us. Two of them. We need to move."

Speeding up, we make for the infirmary. Twisting and turning through the Enterprise's corridors, we try and escape our pursuers. But it's not good enough. The blips still get closer and closer. "They're catching up."

"We're close," Captain Picard says, trying to reassure us.

Unfortunately, that's when one of them drops out of the ceiling only a few feet behind us.

"RUN!" I yell, rushing off following Picard as Worf fires his weapon blindly behind us. "How much further to the doc!?"

"Not far! A few dozen yards!" Picard calls, just as another bursts through a vent next to me, tackling me to the ground with amazing power.

The creature clamps down with its claws, and it's slobber drips down on my forehead as its lips curl up in a frightening snarl. But I'm strong too. I manage to kick it off me as another mandible juts out from its mouth, barely missing me.

The creature flops around a bit before Worf puts it down and Raph helps me up. We continue running, the motion sensor going absolutely wild. But we're not paying attention to it anymore. We're just running. Running for our lives.

And then, the door comes in view, and Picard radios for it to open. Which it miraculously does. We slide in, and the door shuts behind us, and a gold-looking man is our first view in the new safe haven.

"Well hello, Captain. I'm glad to see you survived."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

"So nothing from the land of books, I take it?" I ask Giles the next morning in the library.

"No, nothing," Giles shakes his weary looking head. He lets out a yawn and continues, "How was patrol? Anything out of the ordinary?"

"Nothing besides another Angel siting," I respond, thinking back to my encounter with the mysterious man. And thinking about his slight smile. And dashing good looks.

Ugh. Focus, Buffy.

"Ooohhhh," Willow smiles shyly, "how was that? All hunky and weak knee-y?"

"Down girl," I smile at her. "He just did his normal think and warned me that the Hellmouth was gaining power. That things were coming I had never dreamed-"

I'm cut off by a massive yawn from Giles, "Someone hit the books a little too hard last night, huh?"

"No, actually," he responds groggily. "Bad dreams. A lot of them. Must have been something I ate."

Before I can say anything, Xander bursts into the library, out of breath, "Uh...another...another...Oh man I need to workout...another body was found this morning."

"Who?" Giles asks, concerned.

"Senior. Football player."

"How did he die?"


The four of us sit around the police report of the murdered boy, not knowing what to say. The murder was so disgusting. So insanely senseless and malicious, that I almost don't think it was a demon.

His body was stuffed up his house's chimney, wrapped like a Christmas present. There was a bow around his broken neck, and a tag that read, "I'm back, baby!"

"Giles, this isn't a demon."

", I don't believe it is," he responds. "This is something more sinister. Something that's looking to put on a show as well as frighten and kill. This is an evil being in the purest sense."

"So what now?" Xander asks. "Because it's starting to sound like Angel was right. This is some mest up stuff. I don't have a chimney. I don't want to end up in a air duct or toilet seat. Embarrassing."

"I'm going to continue to do some research. You should go out tonight. It's Friday. Try to keep your mind off everything."



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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

"So where are these survivors?" I ask once we finish locking down all entrances and ventilation ducts. "We need to figure out how to fight these things and take back the ship."

"You don't fight these things," a morose voice calls out from a darkened corner of the room. From it steps a tall, thin woman with more stress lines I've ever seen. But she looks like a warrior. Someone who knows how to survive under every circumstance. "You run, and hope they don't catch you."

Around her legs stands a little girl. Can't be much older than ten years old, clutching a dirty, torn doll. And behind them looks like a military man, but badly hurt.

"Leonardo, Raphael," Picard says, motioning to them. "This is Ripley, Newt, and Corporal Hicks from Weyland-Yutani's personal military force. They're the survivors of the Sulaco."

"Survivors is putting it lightly," Hicks responds. The man is obviously in pain. "But Ripley's can't fight them. They'll kill you if you do. We need to get off this bird."

"Not an option," Worf shakes his head. "This is the Federation's flag ship. There are invaluable research pieces on this ship. And diplomats. Too many to be able to evacuate without high casualties."

"High casualties are going to happen no matter what you do," Ripley rolls her eyes. "Or have you not been paying attention."

"Watch your tongue. If it wasn't for Weyland's illegal operations we would never-"

"Enough," Picard orders. "Whoever is at fault now doesn't matter. What matters is saving the people of the Enterprise."

"Well, how we gonna do that, Cap?" Raphael asks. "Doesn't sound like we have the best chances."

"If we want to stand a chance we need to find the Queen," Ripley explains. She obviously isn't happy about it, but she's not going to let everyone die. "If more have been made it means you have a Queen on board. We kill the Queen...we may have a shot at saving the ship."

"Any idea where it would be?" I ask.

"The warmest place it can find. They like to nest near reactors."

"The closest one is a few levels down," Data, the ships android responds. "We have a fairly direct route from this location."

"Then that's where Raph and I are going," I nod.

"I'll come to," Ripley says.

"As will I," Picard says, taking control of his ship. "Lieutenant Worf, Corporal Hicks, Newt, and Data need to get back to our command station and work on getting this area sealed off. We need to make it as difficult as possible for these things to get to the other areas of the ship."

"We need to move quick. Let's go."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

It's 0300 and Flint is co-piloting a Tomahawk with his lead pilot Gyro. They are enroute to an open field near what once was a Trust prison in Atlanta, Georgia, but has been liberated by Roadblock and a squadron of Joes.

She says, "We're coming up on the LZ that Roadblock made for us General. Any idea what's going on here?"

Flint shakes his head and says, "Not a clue but they said to get here a-s-a-p that this was too important to wait and too high risk to bring back to The Pit."

The Tomahawk sets down and Flint sees Roadblock.

He says to Gyro, "If you don't hear from me or Roadblock within the next 30 minutes assume it was a trap and get out of here."

She nods as Roadblock appraoches Flint.

Roadblock says, "Sorry to get you out here in the dead of night sir, but when you see what we got you'll understand."

Flint nods and says, "Okay let's go."

They walk a couple hundred yards through the smoldering gates and Flint looks at the blackened walls and ground.

He asks Roadblock, "Final status?"

Roadblock replies, "The scene is secured General. We Liberated 350 prisoners, The Trust soldiers that weren't killed fled, zero losses on our side, bunches of intel that'll make Scarlett and Deep-Cover very happy, and we even have 3 potential recruits. Quick Kick and Heart-Beat talking with them right now and it looks like they want in."

Flint looks at Roadblock and says, "Great, so why am I here again?"

He motions toward the center of the prison yard.

Flint looks and begins to approach where Snake-Eyes and Jinx have their swords drawn, Cross-Hairs and Tiger-Claw the Ranger have their rifles pointed towards one person in their knees with their hands cuffed behind their back.

Flint stops for a moment and he looks at Roadblock and asks, "Oh are you kidding me? Is that..."

Roadblock nods and says, "Yes Sir General Flint. Prefect Conrad Hauser special advisor to the Trust's North American Military division and bodyguard to the Queen Bee herself. To us though he was once known as..."

Flint takes a deep breath and lets it out as he looks back at the center of the yard and says, "Duke."

Flint's mind begins to drift back to they years they spent together. The battles they faught together and sometimes with each other. The times that they were there for each other against COBRA and for the other Joes as well.

Flint looks at Roadblock and says, "Clear everyone else out except for Snake-Eyes, Jinx, Tiger-Claw and Cross-Hairs they are to be posted on guard duty on the walls at the four corners. Leave Mountaineer here with me while I talk with..." his voice lowers a little as he says, "Prefect Hauser. You get back to the Tomahawk and keep Gyro company. You don't hear from me or Moutaineer within one hour get out of here. Tell Quick-Kick and Heart-Beat if the three they're talking to want in they get on-board tonight or get left behind they're either in or out right now."

Roadblock says, "Yes sir."

He salutes and Flint returns the salute. Flint watches as his orders are carried out and he sees the three new recruits leave the scene with Quick-Kick and Heart-Beat. Hauser remains on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back

Flint then turns to Mountaineer the tracker, and someone Flint has come to rely on for wisdom that cannot be taught in school but is accquired thru years of living a life unique to the rest of the world. Though Mountaineer is only a Staff Sargent and half Flint's age Flint respects him as much as a Four-Star General.

He says, "I never thought I'd see the day that Duke I mean..."

Flint shakes his head and says, "This could be difficult for me I'm going to need you to guide me and warn me of potential blind spots this man is adpet at interrogation tactics and techniques. I knew this man once he was a former Joe our first sargent codenamed Duke. We were friends but also at times rivals, but we were never enemies."

Mountaineer says, "Until now. I will be your guide sir. I will warn you of deceit by this man General that I promise you."

Flint nods and the two approach the cuffed Prefect.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

The bass pumps through the Bronze as I bob my head back and forth, watching the people on the dance floor. Will and Xander are out there, goofing around like normal. But I'm not really in the mood tonight. What's been going on in town has my mind...other places. I know Giles said to relax tonight, but it's not easy.

Even in Sunnydale people don't end up stuffed up their chimneys and die in the middle of homeroom.


Giles pours over the books again, searching for any and all clues from what could possibly going on. But they're telling him nothing. Luckily, he used his Watcher contacts to get the access of the files on the two boys that were already killed.

He opens the first, scanning through it and sees the boy had an irrational fear of having his throat slit, as noted by his psychiatrist. And the second...was apparently afraid of Santa Claus.

"Well I'll be," Giles says, looking at the two files. There's a definite connection here. Each of theme was killed by something they fear.

Giles goes back to the books.


"Hey, listen, I'm gonna head home," I say to the others. "I'm just not feeling it right now."

"Good, because it's not feeling you either," Cordelia says as she passes by with an upturned nose.

"Thank you for that much appreciated interruption!" Xander calls out to her before turning back to me. "Come on Buff. Let's get out there and you know...shake it a bit."

"Thanks, but I think you two can handle that tonight. Only think I'll be shaking is my bed," I say. After an awkward pause and Xander opening his mouth I interject, "I know. That came out wrong."

After walking home and jumping into bed, I fall asleep quickly. But before I know it, my alarm goes off, and I hop out of bed. But the sun isn't up. In fact, it's still dark.

I look at the clock, and it reads 7:30. Odd. Moving around the room towards the window, I'm suddenly thrown back from it, and onto my bed.

From the window, a large, cloaked figure enters, laughing as it does. A scarred head and a pair of beady eyes. As he approaches he mocks, "Oh, you are a pretty one aren't you?"

I try to scream, but nothing comes out.

"The Slayer they tell me. Well, I wouldn't mind slaying you once or twice!" he moves the cloak and the scarring is even worse on the rest of his face, and the vampire fangs underneath don't help. He reaches out with a clawed hand and cuts me on the shoulder, "Oh you're one of those can't scream in your dreams? Ugh. I love the screaming."

His clawed hand raises above my head, ready to strike and...

I wake up screaming and being shook by my mother, "Buffy. Buffy. You're awake. It was just a dream. Oh look, you scratched yourself pretty bad in your dream. Come on. Let's get that looked at."

I look at my shoulder, and see the same cut from my dream. And it's all starting to make sense.


Bursting into the library with Willow and Xander, whom I've already briefed on the situation, I call out to the librarian, "Giles! Giles whatever this thing is it's killing people in their dreams! It came after me last night."

"Oh dear...that's not good. And yes. I know."

"You do? Then what is it?"

"It's not a what," says a gruff voice from Giles's office. From it steps a man in a leather jacket and a hat, "It's a who."

"Freddy Krueger has come to Sunnydale. And I'm here to help you stop him."

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

As they approach Prefect Hauser General Flint stops short of earshot and he shakes his head.

He says to Moutaineer, "I just need a minute to gather my thoughts. Go on over to the Prefect see what you gather."

Mountaineer nods and Flint says into his radio, "After-Burner come in."

A voice says, "Hey what's on your mind?"

Flint replies, "You on guard duty for the next 20 years if you ever answer the radio like that again."

After-Burner says, "Oh sorry General I well I..."

Flint says, "Cool it After-Burner we'll have a discussion on radio protocols some other time. Right now I need you not to take off when the crew arrives. Tell Quick-Kick and Heart Beat specifically that there are wind-sheer issues that don't make it safe for take-off right now. They'll know what it means they're bringing in 3 potential recruits I don't trust it. Take off only after Mountaineer shows up not a minute before then. Got it?"

After-Burner replies, "Will do General."

Flint walks over and says, "Prefect."

Hauser keeps stairing at the ground and Flint says, "Hauser we got you plain and simple. Don't pull the silent routine with me I got all-night and tons of questions."

Hauser looks up and says, "I got one question for you Flint."

Flint replies. "And what's that."

Hauser asks, "What did it feel like to watch Lady Jaye die, and know there was nothing you could do about it?"

Flint pulls back and prepares to slug Hauser, but Flint stops.

He says, "Wait a minute. How do you know about Lady Jaye?"

Hauser replies, "Who do you think held the camera? Hawk told me this would be the only way to send a message that GI Joe was done by killing the last known surviving member. Of course now I see he had several aces up his sleeve. He was always like that wasn't he Flint? Especially the OP in Montreal when he had everyone convinced he died in the bomb-blast. You sprinted back into the building after it went off. Low-Light and I tried to hold you back. We all thought Hawk was dead, but he managed to find a way to beat the Grim Reaper in the end."

Flint asks while studying Hauser very closely, "Duke?"

Duke smiles and says, "Yo Joe."

Flint says, "I thought you were brainwashed."

Duke says, "Take a look at the back of my neck."

Flint looks and Duke says, "That Skin-Tag isn't really part of me. Hawk knew what was going on with The Trust so he had me equiped with this to bypass their programming. We knew we had to have more than one option on the table to beat them."

Flint asks, "You still carry a picture of your sister Sara Jane?"

Duke says, "Sara Jane was my mother nice try."

Flint nods and smiles.

Moutaineer shakes his head twice very slowly.

Flint uncuffs Duke and he stands up.

Flint says, "Welcome back to the unit. Duke."

Duke smiles as he and Flint embrace one another.

Duke says, "It's great to be back."

They break their embrace and Flint says to Mountaineer, "Go ahead back to the pick-up point. After-Burner should be ready for take off about now. There are three new potential recruits I want you to get to know them welcome them to the unit, and on your way out tell the troops to get off the wall."

Mountaineer slautes and says, "Yes Sir General Flint."

Flint returns his salute and as Mountaineer heads off.

Everyone gathers around and Flint very joyfully proclaims, "Hey everyone Duke's back! We got him back!"

Cross-Hairs says, "The name's Cross Hairs sir I'm the unit's sniper. Heard a lot about you sir looking forward to serving with you."

Duke replies, "So am I young man."

Duke turns to Snake Eyes and says, "How's it going Snake Eyes? I'll bet you're still the toughtest guy in the unit."

Snake Eyes shows no emotion and Flint says, "Trust me Duke Snake Eyes is twice as dangerous now. He makes the old version look like ShipWreck!"

Duke makes a somewhat pained expression and says, "Wow! Never thought I'd see the day ShipWreck was compared to Snake Eyes in a combat setting."

Snake Eyes slaps his left arm around Duke and draws him close.

Flint asks, "Hey is that shoulder still giving you issues from the Paris Op?"

Duke replies with a chuckle in his voice, "Only when it rains."

Flint throws his head back and laughs very loud as Duke begins to as well. Suddenly Snake Eyes reaches over with his left hand and with lighting reflexes snaps Duke's neck killing him instantly.

Snake Eyes lets the body fall to the floor and Flint says to Snake Eyes, "Good Job picking up my hint." Flint walks over to the body and pulls out a 45 Auto Magnum from Duke's belt.

Snake Eyes bows his head slightly and Jinx asks, "How did you know?"

Flint replies, "He called him Hawk. Duke would always refer to him first and foremost as General Hawk. That's the military discipline Duke adhered to and it wasn't there. Prefect Hauser has a full loaded weapon with him that hasn't been fired and still has two magazines on him. Duke would've emptied that gun and every magazine with him. He wouldn't have given up without a fight."

Tiger Claw says, "He knew stories and personal details how did you know he was lying?"

Flint replies, "He knew stories and common details one could find in a file, but not all of it. The Montreal Op, we knew Snake Eyes was still in there and that he would make sure Hawk would get out alive. ShipWreck, Duke always saw the positive in everyone including ShipWreck he would've defended him first. Finally that Paris Op it wasn't his shoulder that he was shot in. It was his chest, because he took a bullet meant for me. We never said what the specifics were in the final report, because we didn't want COBRA to know how badly Duke was wounded."

Snake Eyes taps on the Skin Tag on the back of Duke's neck and Flint says, "That's right Snake I'll bet that's where he was getting his intel from, and there's a mole next to his ear that's never been there. My guess a homing beacon."

Flint walks away shaking his head and growing angrier.

His radio chimes and he says, "Flint go."

Mountaineer says, "General your suspicions were right the three were Trust operatives. Roadblock has dealt with them."

Flint replies, "Copy that bring their bodies back to the prison along with all that Intel as well. In fact tell everyone to report back here that's an order."

Mountaineer says, "Yes Sir Mountaineer out."

Mountaineer arrives with the rest of the crew. Roadblock dumps the bodies in the courtyard as he and Quick-Kick see Hauser's body on the ground and they both shake their heads as they walk by.

Flint yells, "FALL IN!"

Everyone falls in line quickly as a rain slowly begins to fall around them.

Flint begins to pace and says, "This evening we have learned that our enemy thinks we're very stupid! If there is one thing I do not tollerate is an enemy that will insult my intellegence or that of those under my command!"

Flint asks, "Roadblock what tipped you off?"

Roadblock replies, "Sir why would they keep such valuble intel in a prison."

Flint replies, "Good, Jinx what do you got?"

Jinx replies, "Sir The Trust soldiers are trained to fight to the death. These soldiers fled without really any kind of fight."

Flint nods and says, "Excellent. Tiger Claw?"

She replies, "Sir if these were real Trust soldiers they would've never dreamed of leaving the Prefect unguarded. In fact they would've tried to cover his escape!"

Flint says, "Good Call. Cross-Hairs."

He replies, "Sir the prisoners most of them would've been executed to frame us in some way."

Flint nods and says, "Nicely said."

He looks at Mountaineer and says, "I knew The Prefect was a plant. I needed you to have my back. Thanks as always and well done with the three spies."

Mountaineer replies, "An honor sir."

Flint steps away and says, "All-right JOES let's call this OP over and head home. Understood?"

The unit responds, "SIR YES SIR!"

Flint says, "Dismissed."

Quick Kick approaches Flint and asks, "What about Duke sir?"

Flint looks at him and says, "Quick-Kick the Duke we knew died years ago. That guy is no more Duke than you or I. Understood?"

Quick-Kick nods and says, "Understood sir."

Flint says, "I wish it was different but..." he shakes his head and Quick Kick says, "Say no more sir. Permission to help load up?"

Flint replies, "Of course carry on."

They salute and once they are finished Flint opens up the radio and says to a Carrier force off of the coast, "Attack Force Z. Turn this place into a parking lot!"

A voice on the end says, "Acknowledged General ETA 15 minutes."

Flint walks away and heads back to Gyro and leaves the area under a blanket of explosions and gunfire directed at the prison.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

5 Years after Prefect Hauser was killed.

Night is giving away to dawn over the Atlantic as General Flint stands on the deck of the GI Joe Carrier Hawk looking through a set of binoculars.

He puts the binoculars down and picks up his cup of coffee and sips it. Flint then looks at his watch and looks out over the horizon.

04:10 less than an hour before the troops are awakened and less than two hours before the greatest military offensive since D-Day is launched. 10 years ago I never thought that this moment would be here within my lifetime, hell 2 years I didn't think so but Trust stronghold after Trust Stronghold began falling to us. Now only Washington DC the North America Stronghold remains, and that is where the Trust is choosing to make it's last stand. We take it down The Trust is beaten and the war is over, and the question of what do we do next arises? That doesn't bother me the other Continents have reformed their Governments or have Provisional Governments in place so things will move on. Who knows maybe this time humanity will finally get it right.

Just then Flint's radio chirps and Flint answers it.

"General Flint," He responds.

Dial-Tone replies, "Sir the English, Australian, and Greek fleets are ahead of schedule they will meet up with us within the hour at point grace."

Flint says, "Thank you Dial-Tone. Anyword yet on the Italian and African fleets?"

Dial-Tone replies, "They're about 2 hours behind the others they won't get there for the landing, but they'll be there for the fighting you can count on that one sir."

Flint says, "All-right as long as they'll be there. We'll need all the help we can get. Keep them in the loop and let me know the minute you got them on the scope. Flint out."

Flint takes another swig of coffee and begins to see signs of crew members on the flight deck getting equipment ready. He walks around, salutes are exchanged and even helps out where he can in terms of preperation.

An hour later the troops are waking up. Many of them like Flint couldn't sleep and are gearing up ready to go.

Flint heads to the Ready Room and while enroute he sees Roadblock going through a final planning session with his unit commanders. Out of all the decisions he ever made for this unit appointing Roadblock as his eyes on the ground is the one he's proudest of. He often said if there was a battle for the fate of humanity and he could only have one Joe lead his troops Roadblock was always his choice. Which is a good thing because this was that battle.

Flint stands behind the podium in the Ready Room looking over his speech to be broadcast just prior to the attack.

He sees Scarlet roll her wheel chair in and he goes back to reading through his speech.

She asks, "How many times have you read and re-read that?"

Flint replies looking up from his speech, "At least 5 times a day in the last week. To be honest with you Scarlet I never thought I'd be giving this speech in my lifetime. We are on the threshold of finally beating them once and for all and I just wonder what's next."

Scarlet says, "Well from what I understand Cole Roberts is one name that is being looked at to help lend stability to the new Government. He's a powerful voice within the resistance and is throwing his support to us and urging others to fight as well."

Flint shakes his head and says, "No Scarlet not in terms of everyone else I mean me. What's next for me? I've been a soldier in this battle for so many years and I know I got more battles behind me than in front of me. I lost Cover Gril because of my drive and obsession with winning this one and..."

Scarlet interupts, "And the fact that Lady Jaye's pressence still lingers for you."

Flint says, "Yeah that too, but when this is over...." Flint steadies himself and says, "That's it for me and GI Joe. I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I've paid my dues to humanity and the good fight, but then where do I go from here?"

Scarlet replies, "You enjoy the fruits of your labor Flint."

Flint looks at her for a moment and she says, "Peace. You get to live in peace. Humanity will be looking for people to help guide them through this new phase of progress. You're a smart man Flint and a good one the world will always have a need for those like you."

Flint says, "Thank you Scarlet not just for that, but for everything the last decade. I hate to think where our unit would be without you. It's been an honor."

He salutes and she returns the salute and says, "As it has been for me as well General. No matter what happens History will remember GI Joe because of you."

They drop their salutes and Snake Eyes enters and Flint sees him.

He asks, "Ninja Corps ready?"

Snake Eyes nods and Flint asks, "Been in contact with the others Corps members in the fleet I assume."

Snake Eyes nods and Flint says, "All-right then. You got a mission to accomplish. Yo Joe!"

Snake Eyes starts to leave and Flint says, "Snake hold up."

Snake Eyes turns back around and Flint says, "I need to tell you that..."

Snake Eyes raises his right hand to Flint and Flint says, "Right it can wait until the battle is over."

Snake Eyes gives a thumbs up and Flint looks at Scarlet and Snake Eyes. He says, "Hey I think I'm missing a page I better check my quarters one last time."

He starts to leave and says in a hushed tone, "Keep it under two minutes."

Flint returns to an empty Ready Room. He cuts on the camera and the P-A and says, "This is General Flint. As you all know in a matter of minutes we will be launching one of the greatest attacks in history...."

Flint then throws his speech to the side and says, "Fact is this is the one that will decide the fate of our planet. Our enemy is wounded and staggering, but remember there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. However we have withstood their best shots and come back for more. Win or lose it has been my honor to serve with you all, but we've come too far to lose. This is our day this is our moment time for us to seize it! You know your assignments and what to let's do it! YO JOE!"

The entire crew of the Hawk and the gathered fleet yell out, "YO JOE!"

To Be Concluded.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

The battle in Washington DC is in full swing. Both sides are fully aware of what is at stake and are fighting like it neither one giving or yeilding ground. General Flint now knows what has to be done; a dramatic and bold strike. Thanks to Snake Eyes and the Ninja Corps the sewer systems leading right into the Trust Stronghold has been swept out.

Flint alone makes his way through the sewer system into a loading dock area of the Stronghold. He makes his way behind a crate and feels a presence near him. He whips around to see Snake Eyes kneeling next to him.

Flint asks, "The others clearing a path to the main office?"

Snake Eyes nods and Flint reples, "Okay now I guess we wait for the signal and..."

Just then Snake Eyes' left hand glows a dim red and Flint says, "So much for a long wait. Time for me to get moving and meet the man in charge. Someone by the name of Striker. Take him out or make him surrender and this thing is over."

Snake Eyes gives a thumbs up and Flint says, "Stay here if I'm not back in 10 minutes or you haven't heard from me, you and the Ninja Corps clear out and get everyone as far away as possible."

Snake Eyes stares at him for a moment and Flint says, "It's a last resort option I had Doc tie it in with my pulse-rate. Drops below a certain number, and I take Mr. Striker and most of this building with me."

Flint bolts and begins making his way through the hallways and various floors. Along the way he sees various examples of the Ninja Corps' work. Outside the building the battle rages on as Flint finally reaches the top floor and stands outside the office of Mr. Striker.

Flint prepares to blow the double doors open but suddenly the doors gently swing open revealing a somewhat darkened office with the only light coming through the blinds. He sees a desk and a full sized office chair with it's back to Flint.

Flint looks around and sees nothing in his way or nothing indicating a hidden trap.

A voice inthe darkness through an electronic distorter says, "I was wondering when you would get here. No traps Flint time we settle this face to face"

He makes his way in and says with a 44 Auto Mag raised, "All-right Striker the game's over! Give up now or I'll shoot you and throw your body out the window!"

Striker says in a plain voice, "Oh I don't think so Flint."

Suddenly Flint's blood runs cold as he knows Striker's voice.

Flint says, "It can't be! No! you're supposed to be dead! How are you still alive?"

Striker turns around revealing himself to be a handsome well dressed business man but Flint knew him many years earlier.

Striker chuckles and says, "Surprise it's your old friend! Cobra Commander! Amazing what being dead and some plastic surgery can do for one"

Flint regains his focus and pulls back the hammer and says, "I don't really care how you did it! Today you will answer for crimes against humanity! Any last words you son of a *****."

Cobra Commander says, "Just one...strike!"

Suddenly Flint feels a sharp pain in his right hand an sees he's been shot.

He drops his gun and to his knees in obvious pain. Just then stepping out of the shadows he sees his shooter. Flint's eyes grow in shock as he sees another ghost.

Flint says in great emotional pain as well as physical pain, "No! It can't be! I saw the video footage! I....I...."

Cobra Commander says, "That's right Flint say hello to the artist formally known as your girlfriend Allison Hart-Burnett otherwise known as Lady Jaye."

Flint's mind is racing so many questions and so many emotions.

Cobra Commander says, "You see Flint I was involved with The Trust very covertly over the years. All that busy work Serpentor kept giving me I was setting up The Trust Network throughout the world, and when I realized that we had all the resources we needed to make The Trust work I began to plant the seeds for the COBRA Civil War, and Senator Felton used her contacts to set up GI Joe's budget issues so General Hawk would have no choice but to throw in with us."

Flint says, "All those years of failed schemes and defeats were just....just.."

Cobra Commander says, "A ruse and a lie. Soften GI Joe and the rest of the world up for the greatest sucker punch ever. Everyone said my flaw was my lack of patience, but in reality I'm a very patient man. My 'execution' the syringe was full of saline and various other compounds designed to simulate my death. A few well placed bills and promises of positions within The Trust was an effective bribe. Everyone else was executed because I not only couldn't I trust them, but I also hated them."

Flint looks at Lady Jaye and then back at Cobra Commander. He asks, "How did you get her?"

Cobra Commander says, "Simple I had her captured and replaced with a look a like. That's who Hawk killed it was a test of his loyalty and he passed with flying colors. She was one of my first brainwash patients, and has functioned as my bodyguard these many years. Not to mention her daughter is convinced of one thing..."

Flint's heart sinks as he knows what Cobra Commander is about to say.

Cobra Commander says, "That's right she believes I'm her father."

Flint's grief and heartbreak are giving way to raw and unbridled hatered.

He picks up the gun and gets to his feet.

Lady Jaye pulls the hammer on hers as Flint says pointing the gun at Cobra Commander's head, "Lady Jaye if you're gonna stop me you're gonna have to blow my head off!"

Cobra Commander says, "Go ahead Allison kill him. Destroy the man that has caused us so much pain."

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

She says with her voice shaking and finally she lowers her gun, "I....I...I can't. Something inside won't let me. I'm trying but I can't I..."

Cobra Commander reaches in his desk and says, "I guess if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself."

He pulls out a gun and points it at Flint. Cobra Commander then quickly pivots and points it at Lady Jaye.

Flint springs forward and lays on top of Lady Jaye as the bullet whistles by.

Cobra Commander says, "Two for the price of one so be it!"

Just then a gun shot rings out as Cobra Commander's chest bursts open. Flint and Lady Jaye look up to see a very stunned Cobra Commander who drops his gun. Then another shot is followed by 15 more shots in rapid succession as Flint shields Lady Jaye from seeing what is happening until finally Cobra Commander is a bloody mess slumping on the floor.

Flint and Lady Jaye stand up and see Snake Eyes standing in the doorway with a smoking Glock in his hand.

Snake Eyes holsters his weapon and pulls out his sword. He goes to Cobra Commander's body and chops off his head. Snake Eyes then takes the head and walks out to the balcony off of the main office. He stands on the wall and presses a button. Suddenly several small explosives go off and everyone immediately stops fighting and looks up at Snake Eyes. He then holds up Cobra Commander's head for one minute, so everyone sees it. Snake Eyes then tosses the head into the middle of the street.

Several Trust soldiers are stunned to see the head of their great leader in the middle of the street. Within a matter of moments Trust soldiers begin to drop their weapons and drop to their knees while others decide to take a more "honorable" way out.

The Joes begin cheering for they now know...the war has finally ended.

Snake Eyes re-enters the office and Flint says, "I gave you an order to clear out."

Flint smiles and says, "If you're willing to keep quiet about it so am I."

Snake Eyes gives Flint a quick pat on the shoulder. He leaves the office and Flint says to Lady Jaye, "Are you all-right?"

She says, "Yeah I think so. You saved my life. Thank you...Dash?"

Flint sits on the floor for a moment stunned that she knew his first name and Lady Jaye grabs a towel as she wraps up his wounded right hand.

Lady Jaye says, "I remember bits and peices of you over the years. Just fragements mainly but seeing you here has triggered them like never before."

Flint says, "You were one of his first patients so things are probably a little different for you."

Lady Jaye nods and says, "I may or may not ever fully remember what we once were to one another, but I'd like to get to know you now."

Flint smiles and says, "I'd like that as well Allison."

She stands up and says, "There is someone you need to meet."

Lady Jaye leaves the room and re-enters with a 10 year old girl.

Flint knows in an instant who she is and he tries to keep his emotions in check.

The little girl asks, "Mom who is that man on the floor and where is father?"

Lady Jaye says, "That man sitting there is...your real father. The other guy was not your father. He was a liar and criminal and has gotten what he deserved after all these years." motioning to Flint "This man is your father."

She walks and sits next to Flint. She says, "Hi I'm..."

Flint says, "Marissa"

Marissa is stunned and smiling and asks, "How did you know?"

Flint smiles with his eyes swimming in tears and says with great pride in his voice, "Because I'm your father."

The two embrace as Lady Jaye looks on.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

Epilogue: 15 years later

Ambassador Dashiell Faireborn rest his head on his cane as he sits on a bench in a tuxedo.

Behind him his wife Allison in a stunning white and blue dress approaches and says, "Are you okay? Everyone is looking for you especially your daughter."

Without looking up Dashiell says, "I just needed some quite time for just a moment before the ceremony starts."

Allison sits next to him and says, "Penny for your thoughts Mr. Ambassador."

Dashiell looks at his wife and leans back slightly.

He says, "I haven't heard that title in a few years. Things have changed so much in the last 15 years. We found each other again you remember most of your time with GI Joe, I left GI Joe but I helped it get merged into the EDC where it became it's special ops unit. I took the Ambassadorship for the EDC, and I just when I finally got to know my daughter for 4 years she became a teenager and I had to start all over. She went to college, and she joined up with the EDC against my wishes but I admit she's proven to be a great leader within the EDC. Hard to believe that my little girl Marissa isn't so little anymore. She's already a Major and probably will be a Colonel before 30, and now yet one more role for me to get used to."

Dashiell shakes his head and says, "Father of the bride. How did we ever get here Allison?"

Allison says, "I don't know exactly Dash, but I do know this. I'm so glad it's been with you even if there was that 10 year gap in there. I love you."

Dash says, "I love you too. Tell me one thing though."

Allison asks, "What's that?"

He asks, "Do you think we're gonna be okay? Just you and me in that big old house in Pennsylvania as a retired couple waiting around for the grandkids to be born someday?"

Allison stands up and says, "Of course we will. We used to be in GI Joe. We can survive anything."

Dash smiles and replies, "I can live with that reasoning."

Allison says, "You better! You're stuck with me for the rest of your life."

Dash stands up and says, "Well in that case...Yo Joe."

The two smile at one another and share a quick kiss.

Dashiell and Allison Faireborn then walk arm in arm into the Paris Cathaderal...and yes....they lived happily ever after.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread


This world is only one of many. Born from the darkness and chaos that came before it, it has spun around its sun for longer than the humans that call this place home can even conceive. And around it has spun the other universes, all held together by the bonds of the tower.

Humans. They can be a violent, foolish race, but bravery exists within them. Bravery and heroes, when not wrapped up in their own selfish desires. And they will need both in the coming hardships. But they are not alone. There are forces in this Universe that will rise up and defend the light at all costs. Mutants, warriors, angels and demons, and alien species will fight to keep reality intact.

For vast hardships are on the way. The bonds of reality are breaking, and many of the multiverses have fallen into darkness. Only one bond remains for shadow to fall, a bond that resides in this keystone world. And now, the red eye of evil has fallen upon it, and is ready to strike, dispatching its dark emissary to ensure its victory.

But after him rides a knight, shining and honorable, but broken by the past that follows him where ever he goes. This is the one destined to destroy evil's crimson gaze, and after he can finally gain the rest he has desired for so long.

But ka has bound others to him. Four brothers, bound by honor and destiny, will fight, and one will fulfill the destiny he was always meant for. A girl, blessed by the powers of light and darkness, will fulfill a prophecy as old as her line has survived. The demon meant to bring about the end of this world will save it again. And their friends and allies will raise and army that will battle on judgement day.

An army to protect the dawn. The key to the end of this universe and all universes. They will fight together, shed blood together, and die together to protect the key, and to protect the world...

...and to protect the Dark Tower.

One Universe: Independents Edition Presents...

~Forward Unto Dawn~

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Default Re: One Universe: Independents Edition Season 1 IC Thread

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
~Forward Unto Dawn~
Whispers of God
Part 1

The Queen isn’t happy. That much is certain. By the time we reach her, we’ve killed ten or more of her babies. Raph and I have found a reliable way of killing them without splattering ourselves with deadly acid. But there are more forming around us in the reactor room. The large, circular area is like an arena, filled with her eggs, and if our plan goes the way we want it to, it should be able to hold all the aliens that have infected the ship.

God I hope this works,” Raph mutters under his breath as the creatures continue to line the catwalks above us.

It’ll work,” I assure him as I slice clean through another warrior with my blade, making sure none of the acid gets on either of us.

There’s a crap ton,” he responds, firing a few shuriken at approaching creatures.

There were a crap ton of Foot Ninjas that one time. And we kicked their ass,” I smile.

Ya well, if they bleed, it doesn’t hurt,” Raph responds flippantly.
And that’s when the Queen decides she’s tired of toying with us. She screams, and detaches herself from her egg sack and comes after us, ready to kill the ones that have destroyed some of her brood.

She looked massive and slow connected to the sack, but she moves with surprising quickness now, whipping her deadly tail our way. Raph and I hop over it, and I look at Ripley and Picard. They’re in the reactor room’s control area, Ripley picking off the monsters near us when she can, but mostly protecting Picard.

“Data’s given us the all clear,” Picard says into the communication device we’ve all been given. That means all the aliens are now in the area. None have been detected in the ship outside of the reactor area.

They’re getting ready the reactor dump, ready to vent this whole area into space. Our job is to keep them occupied by threatening the Queen. Not exactly the best draw in terms of jobs, but it’s necessary. Father has always said that we would always need to be ready to sacrifice ourselves, and it looks like this may be that time. But Picard is sure we’ll be able to reach the airlock before that happens.

Boy, do I hope he’s right.

A few of the warriors attempt to go after us, but Ripley mows them down with her weapon, a precision laser gun. It kills them without splattering the acid, and also draws a few towards her, leaving Picard alone to get to the reactor controls.

One of the warriors comes up behind me, and I manage to stab it clean through the brain. It eats away at some of my sword, but it also decreases splatter. Another comes sweeping in, knocking me across the room, and I land by a cluster of eggs, “Oh crap.

They begin to open, and I roll away quickly as the facehuggers spring out like party favors from hell. The skittering freaks come after me like an arachniphob’s worst nightmare, but I manage to kill them with throwing stars.

And that’s when the warrior that first sent me over here comes after me. Scratching at me with it’s powerful claws, it drives a deep gash into my left arm, but I manage to stab it in the neck with one of my swords, leaving it in the process.

But as it falls, the Queen manages to snatch me up, in its foul hand. It brings me closer to its face, and the thing snarls at me. It’s the ugliest, most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Whatever created these monsters has to be evil. They’re not natural. They’re engineered. That’s obvious. They’re too perfect. Too evolved.

The Queen opens her mouth, and gets ready to attack with her inner mandible. But as it ejects, a sai slices through it, splattering me a bit with the acid, but causing the Queen immense pain and to drop me to the floor. It writhes back away from me, back towards the egg sack she’s known.

The searing pain from the acid stops after the fire extinguishers goes off in the area, washing the deadly poison off of my body. I look up and nod to Picard, who’s the one that allowed me to survive.

But I don’t know how long that’s going to matter. Dozens of the creatures are now coming directly for us. The disgusting horde of slobbering weapons with their only intent to kill us. I swallow hard and grip my remaining sword tightly in my hand.

Raph then comes to my side, “Bro, he’s ready. We need to find some way to get out of here.

But looking around, we both know that’s not going to happen. The Queen has been weakened, but her warriors are now closing in on us, cutting off any possible escape.

Man…I never kissed a girl,” I say to my brother as the first one reaches me. I slice its head clean off, and the acid that pours out of the wound begins eating through the floor.

Yea, well, I never saw Paris,” he says, trademark sarcasm showing through at this, our darkest hour. “God, Donnie’s gonna go nuts having to be the only one to deal with Mikey.

Hell, Father will too,” I laugh as I cut down a few more enemies. “You were the only one that could keep him in line.

Nah, you could too,” he responds. “You were a hell of a leader bro. And I never gave you the credit for it. Because I was a jealous jerk.

Raph, don’t worry about it. I was never the easiest of brothers.

Picard and Ripley scream for us to get out of there, but I think even they know we can’t. I drown them out as well as the hisses and screams of the warriors, to turn to my brother, "This is it.

I know, bro. I know.

I love you, man. There’s no one I’d rather have by my side.

Yea, me too, fearless leader.

The old, sarcastic nickname brings a smile to my face before I yell to Picard, “DO IT! NOW!

And with that, the floor drops out from underneath us, and the cold, empty grip of space hugs Raph and I.


The next thing I know, I feel like I’m floating in warm water. You know, like a bathtub filled to high so you can’t touch the bottom. My brothers and I snuck into a pool in the city one night a few summers ago, and it was a lot like this. It was great. We had never been in water that wasn’t from the river before. We almost got caught when the cops rolled up, but a nicely timed smoke bomb from Donnie got us out of here.

I only see darkness, which I guess is what it’s like to be dead. I strain my eyes to look for something, anything, but it’s like my head’s been dipped in ink. I call out for Raphael, hoping he’s crossing over with me, but I hear nothing.

Until soft music begins playing. Or at least I think it’s music. It’s ethereal, like the singing of some creature I’ve never heard before.

And before me, a white light begins to shine far in the distance, like gazing at a single star in the night sky, but it begins to slowly grow.

Oh well…at least I get to go to heaven.


My…ka? What is that?


Who are you?


Tower? What tower?


The light fully engulfs me, and I close and shield my eyes from the blinding glare.


And the next time I open them I’m standing next to Raph in the sewer den with all our friends and family. They begin cheering, crying, and hugging us, but I’m frozen in place in shock. Raph is the same, and the two of us lock eyes. He had the same encounter I did. I know it from the look in his eyes.
We were sent back for a reason. That much is sure. Now we just need to figure out what exactly that reason is.

The next morning, we're sitting around the table eating breakfast, and explaining what happened in our absence. Karai sits with steely intensity. April sits in Casey's lap, both of their mouths open in astonishment. Donnie's analytical mind works out the details of my encounter with Gan, writing down all the details I throw out. Mikey says "Dude" every five seconds.

Once I'm done, Raphael chimes in, "He told me something different. He told me that I would be the great protector. That the key would choose me. That I'd go to the ends of the earth to protect it."

"You sure he knew who you were?" Mikey jokes.

"If you want anyone to know who you are, you better shut it."

Father clears his throat, silences us, and strokes his beard, "My sons, we must prepare. This is no hallucination. This is no near death experience. We have been given back Leonardo and Raphael to fight back this great evil. And fight we must."

"Where do we start though?" I ask. "We have no idea what we're looking for. A key? Some kind of weapon? A gunslinger? I mean..."

"I can go talk to the BPRD. Ask a few questions."

"Send them a encrypted email," I say to him as I begin to formulate a plan. "If something big is coming, we need all hands on deck. April?"

"Yea?" our best friend perks up.

"I need you searching all the outlets you have at the news station. Check for anything suspicious or something."

"I know the drill," she smiles.

"Karai," I say, turning to the newcomer. "How many Foot ninjas do you have in the area?"

"Our numbers are depleted after the fight with the mob. Fifty, at the most."

"We're going to need more. Get all you can here."

She bows and heads off, which wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to speak to her, thank her for everything she's done recently.

"Email's been sent. The Bureau should get back to us soon. In the mean time, I think I know of some people that could help."

"Then let's head there now," I say suiting up. "Casey, you coming?"

"You know it."

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