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Default Transformers Universe

Paramount Appoints Akiva Goldsman As Its New TRANSFORMERS Czar!
Originally Posted by mrbeaks
Goldsman has a long and illustrious history of writing ****** tentpole movies. If you're a longtime reader of AICN, you've got to be excited that he's re-teaming with his old BATMAN & ROBIN buddy di Bonaventura on a whole slew of potentially awful TRANSFORMERS movies! This franchise is a license to print money for Paramount, so I can't fault them for bringing in the ultimate company man to protect one of their most valued assets. If they're smart, they'll cram the writer's room with a bunch of young, fanfic-happy screenwriters, pay them in toys and cackle all the way to a $1 billion worldwide gross. This is what the TRANSFORMERS franchise deserves. Bon appétit, mother****ers.

Paramount Enlisting Akiva Goldsman To Ramp Up ‘Transformers’ Output
Originally Posted by Mike Fleming Jr
Paramount Pictures wants more Transformers. Taking a page from Fox’s incubation of three Avatar sequels and what Disney is doing to revive Star Wars with a sequels and spinoffs, the studio is negotiating with Akiva Goldsman to work with franchise director Michael Bay, exec producer Steven Spielberg and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to organize a “writer’s room” that will incubate ideas for a potential multi-part Transformers sequel, and come up with potential spinoff films based on the billion-dollar franchise culled from the Hasbro toy line.

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Default Re: Transformers Universe

Paramount Hires ‘Fringe’ Writer To Turn ‘Transformers’ Into A Marvel-Like Cinematic Universe
Originally Posted by MERRILL BARR
It’s hard to say if there’s enough in the Transformers universe to warrant such expansion, but Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe offered this tidbit on Twitter when the news broke:
Originally Posted by elmayimbe
Here is a free tidbit, one of the TRANSFORMERS ideas they're spinning around has one of the films taking place all on CYBERTRON.
A Cybertron-set film could be cool, as it would take the franchise in a new direction it desperately needs to go. Then again, if the new writers room mandates every new film must contain Optimus Prime and other tired plot points, then all of this will have been pointless.

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point blank
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Default Re: Transformers Universe

My issue is that there's no real characters in the franchise.

Bay looks like he's still involved for whatever reason, and his take on his franchises is so date: We don't need a human cypher. For the spinoff, I don't want to follow Marky Mark's neighbor 10 miles away, with his team of bots.

Trust the audience. Let the Transformers be the main characters. Give us their perspective because being CGI props.

After the new Apes movies, along with 'Guardians' people can accept these sort of characters as...characters, not just for quipping during CGI battles.

"For me, I hope people take away when they see 'The Force Awakens' is the sense that in the most ordinary life, the most extraordinary things can happen."

"Star Wars is a western and fairy tale as much as anything else."

-- J.J. Abrams
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Default Re: Transformers Universe

Bay's involved because he was one of the main reasons the film series has been this popular, yeah, the brand was always going to be successful, but Bay's style did bring some more "wow" factor due to the action and special effects, in least for the first 3 films, which always had some kind of hyped set piece. The 4th film had a cool first trailer, but even with the Dinobots, it didn't seem to be as talked about as the other 3 films.

I could see them being able to pull of a prequel, maybe even a Prequel Trilogy (focusing on the early days of Sentinel Prime training Optimus, Megatron being corrupted by the fallen, Fallen making a deal with Sentinel, an explanation about why Optimus has a face taking fetish, etc) but how can they pull an expanded universe with this? All the movies are going to be about the same, it would work better for them if they simply decided to connect TF with TMNT and G.I.Joe, Paramount has those franchises and they kinda have the same tone, with TMNT being produced by Bay himself and G.I.Joe already being rumored as having a crossover with TF.

If i was at Paramount and wanted to milk all of these properties here's what i think would be the best strategy:
-Just finish this new trilogy, if necessary, you could even milk the 6th film for all that's worth and turn it into a two-part Finale.
-Keep making a TMNT movie every two years and market it very well, so that kids will keep flocking to see those things, witht he cartoon also maintaining the strength of the brand. If you can, maybe start trying to deliver some better scripts, if the films stop making money, then a positive critical reception could bring in some interest back, but that's most likely not gonna happen for as long as Bay's team controls the project.
-Make a G.I.Joe film every 3-4 years, bring Channing Tantum back and make one of the next films seem like an event, as you have both him and the Rock starring in the last stand against Cobra.
-Once the TF Sequel "Trilogy" is over, do a prequel trilogy focusing on the past of Optimus Prime, etc. and at the same time, you do a Transformers/ G.I.joe Crossover.
-Then some time after, you insert the TMNT in there too.

I think that's the best way you could make an expanded universe with TF, this would give a boost to the 3 franchises involved and then they could start seeing which characters they could spin-off in order to expand their universe.

Either way, the reception of these properties has been terrible, they realy need to start investing more on quality than simply fast action, if this goes on, they may end up pulling an Amazing spider-man 2 and have to reboot before they even finish this new storyline of theirs.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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